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December 05, 2020

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U.S. (Un)Welcomes Chinese Students in 2021

2020-12-05 | EssayEdge Analytical Research

Award-Winning Winemakers Bob Lindquist, Louisa Lindquist, Laurent Gruet Collaborate as Winemaking Team in the Birthplace of the American Wine Experience

2020-12-05 | New Mexico's Vara Winery & Distillery ushers in a new era of winemaking to add to its growing list of accolades.

K-VR/AR Technology Companies Overcoming the Pandemic

2020-12-05 | -Gyeonggi Content Agency holds NRP BIZCLUB Global Business Conference to support 10 VR/AR companies to enter the global market -Helping pave the road to becoming global VR/AR companies during the COVID-19 era

[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Leading Game Company NC Soft Seeks Diversification as AI Powerhouse

2020-12-05 | - 3Q sales recorded 585.2 billion won, a 47% increase YoY - Expanded business areas to AI and NLP to secure next-gen competitiveness of NC

[PangyoTechnoValley] ZEPETO Attracts 5 Billion Won Investment from JYP Entertainment... "Will Expand Global Market Influence"

2020-12-05 | Naver Z (co-CEOs Kim Dae-wook, Kim Chang-wook), the company that provides the global AR avatar service ZEPETO, has attracted a total of 5 billion won worth of investment from JYP Entertainment.

[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Gabia Hiworks has no. 1 Market Share in Groupware and Mail Service

2020-12-05 | - No. 1 market share in corporate mail/groupware in 2019 (27.3%) - Exceeded 130,000 customers using Hiworks in 2020 - No. 1 in the Android OS MAU-based collaboration tool industry in Korea

[PangyoTechnoValley] SK Bioscience's COVID-19 Vaccine Enters Clinical Trials

2020-12-05 | - Synthetic antigen vaccine "NBP2001," non-clinical trials confirm safety and robust immune response to SARS CoV-2 virus - IND approval based on excellent nonclinical trial results. Will quickly verify in vivo safety and efficacy

[PangyoTechnoValley] Hanwha Announces Wisenet 7, Next Generation System on a Chip

2020-12-05 | "Hanwha Techwin concentrated on image quality and cybersecurity when developing Wisenet 7.

[PangyoTechnoValley] CoX Space Soon to Mass-produce Gesture Machine Learning Mouse

2020-12-05 | - Snowl honed for technological completeness with the goal of mass production by next March - Latest UX/UI technology applied, expanding efforts to discover various contents linked with it

[PangyoTechnovalley] EMTAKE Launches a Low-End Human Body Heat Detection Camera

2020-12-05 | - Developed and supplied its heat-detecting thermal imaging cameras since March this year - Prepares to expand markets to healthcare and smart cities beyond heat detection and security field

[Pangyo Technovalley] Edutech Company TagHive Creates Smart Classroom by using Clicker

2020-12-05 | Develops and sells classroom solutions and virtual learning systems for elementary, middle and high school and students - Enhancing effective classroom lessons and academic achievement through interactive communication between teachers and students

[Pagnyo Technovalley] GBSA Strengthens Overseas IR Capabilities to Expand VR IR Program for India

2020-12-05 | * GBSA to attract investment and enter overseas market by running IR pitching and business matching for India/UK VC buyers

Hindu Coalition Expresses Outrage Over a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed's Callous Usage of the Hindu Term "Brahmin" When Discussing Economic Policies

2020-12-05 | Concerns raised that the usage promotes Hinduphobia and unconscious bias against Hindus

Patricia L. Highcove, CRC, CCM, CVE, CEAS, has been recognized as America's Most Influential in Rehabilitation and Counseling by the International Association of Who's Who

2020-12-05 | Ms. Patricia L. Highcove, CRC, CCM, CVE, CEAS, of Lutherville, MD, is honored as America's Most Influential in Rehabilitation and Counseling for her dedication and extensive contributions within the field of Vocational Counseling.

Alysse Daniels Launches Her New Book "Adventures with Mariah: Volume 1- Accra, Ghana"

2020-12-05 | Book Becomes an Immediate International Best Seller

| Video Release

Author Sid Nachman Announces New Video Biopic, Bipolar Me, Now Available

2020-12-05 | The new video, based on his highly praised memoir, 'Bipolar Me', takes viewers though the story of Nachman's experiences as the first person in the US to be diagnosed bipolar

Tampa Clinic Provides Lasting Relief for Chronic Low Back Pain with Regenerative Treatments

2020-12-05 | Dr. Neninger of the Pain and Wellness Institute provides regenerative medicine treatments as an effective solution to help patients find long-term relief from their chronic low back pain.