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January 30, 2022

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Civilian-Led Peacebuilding; Both Catholic and Islamic Communities Call for Global Peace Law On Annual Peace Day

2022-01-30 | Chairman Lee Man-hee spoke on the "Law of Peace in Heaven and on Earth", at the 8th anniversary of the civilian-led peace agreement in Mindanao, Philippines that had been plagued with 40 years of conflict between Catholic and Islam communities.

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Dubai Witnessed the Opening of the Most Spectacular and Unique Art Gallery "Sama L Ain Gallery"

2022-01-30 | On Jan 15th 2022, Dubai witnessed the opening of the most spectacular and unique art gallery "Sama L Ain Gallery" which is an exclusive showroom of outstanding modern art pieces."

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The La-Z-Boy Asia Team gets ready to become Asia's Furniture Market Leader

2022-01-30 | Opened the new era with the team by holding the event "Beyond the Recliner Experience"

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