Multi-Dimensional Marketing - More Than Just Using a Press Release

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May 09, 2016

There are many channels available to market your service or product. As we have previously written in an article from March, 2006 titled "What's the Magic Bullet for Your Marketing?", the answer is 'a conglomerate'.

Distribution of a press release over the internet, whether your distribution plan is focused only online or one that reaches traditional print media, will only get you so far. Unless you are disseminating a press release on a weekly basis with valuable content, reaching journalists appears to be becoming more difficult.

One key reason is that more businesses are turning to public relations--which includes press release distribution--to strengthen their overall marketing and brand management strategy ( There are many more press releases out there, vying for the attention of journalists.

Which is why you should be thinking of combining your PR efforts with other marketing strategies, and you should do this strategically. When you combine the content marketing (which will not be going away any time soon), social media and advertising, you really need to take care and strategize so that everything is integrated seamlessly.

Up until a few years ago, marketing used to be comprised of many different silos. But today, if you don't have an integrated plan spanning across and integrated with your PR channels, you may be left behind by your competition.

Here is an example of how integrating PR with the rest of your marketing and branding strategy might work. Let's say that you decide to distribute a press release as a part of your content marketing strategy. Your press release could also point a link to a landing page for your audience to take action, whether it is filling out a form, or watching a video. The subject of this press release could also be discussed in a Google Plus post or a Facebook Post, pointing to a link to where your press release may be found (where it was originally published). This would in turn direct them to your landing page and or a content page on your website. You could then also do a blog post about your subject. Depending on exactly what you are writing about, a Facebook ad or Google ad could also be potentially worked into the mix.

Things to consider: Do you use Facebook or Google ads? Are you using landing pages? Are you integrating any of these with your content marketing strategy and with a press release? Are you monitoring your results? Is your social media content, which is typically marketing and branding focused, also integrated with the needs of your customer service team?

Facebook ads allow for extremely targeted reach of your advertisement. Your advertisement also has a lot of flexibility as far as when you would like it to be displayed, age demographics, region and areas of interest.

The point of this whole article is to encourage you to start thinking outside the box regarding how you should write, link and integrate your press release with your social media, your blog and your advertising. It is obviously much more in depth and complex than we have discussed here, which means you should get the direct involvement of other stakeholders within your business or organization to determine the best way to integrate everything together.

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