Press Release Ideas - Overcoming the Writers Block - A Few Ideas to Help

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May 15, 2017

Whether you are working for a large company in the marketing department or a sole proprietor who is looking to promote your local community business, coming up with an idea for a press release can be a challenge. In addition, marketing strategies are changing quite rapidly. Today, everyone is talking about content marketing. What is it, what is the right approach, and where does one begin?

This article will give you some thought starters.

Before you come up with a press release, marketing idea or concept, you need to understand why you want to tell your marketing story and then distribute it in the first place. Is the purpose of the press release to announce a new product or service? Is it to educate your audience about an existing product or service, and in doing so demonstrate your expertise (content marketing)? Or is it perhaps to drive traffic via some type or promotion? These are just a few things to think about before writing your press release.

Keeping the media up to date on what has been going on in your business can be a good thing. But in doing so, you need to make sure your content is valuable--not just to your business, but to your audience. Trivial or irrelevant news will only alienate people who want to know what you're doing but don't want to waste their time on unimportant information.

So what are some news ideas that are worthy of distributing to the media?

Any time that anyone or any business receives an award, recognition or has reached a milestone can be an opportunity to toot your own horn.

Part of the reasoning behind this is because 'someone' or 'some group' has found value in either a product or service that you provide. When you distribute your press release to the media announcing this, it builds your reputation and demonstrates credibility within your industry and in the eyes of potential customers. When the press release is picked up by a journalist and the story is furthered in a local newspaper where your business resides, because your information is now in a recognizable publication, the credibility and business profile are raised, because your information is in a credible source.

When your profile is raised through a publication, particularly if it is an established publication that is recognizable by the general public, this can increase your online visibility within search results. That being said, does not recommend distributing a press release for the sole purposes of trying to gain search results. This is a practice that went by the wayside years ago and is frowned upon by leading search engines. The purpose should be to increase visibility and credibility by distributing valuable content that is likely to be picked up by publications relative to your industry.

Think outside the box. For example, if an individual or business that you are affiliated with (perhaps you carry their product line) has received some type of meaningful recognition, this could also be newsworthy of a press release because it demonstrates you are affiliated with a competent company--it's recognition by association.

It doesn't matter whether you are a local independent BBQ grill reseller or a large conglomerate business, you have an audience and customers. What does everyone like? Useful freebies. This can also potentially assist with your content marketing.

Here is an excellent example. You're the local community store that sells BBQ grills. When a special date like either Father's Day or Mother's Day approaches--perfect for a backyard BBQ--you could submit your press release mentioning a new BBQ grill line that you are proud to carry because it has won some awards. Perhaps you can include some free recipe ideas that will work well with this new line of grills.

Or, perhaps you are a painting company that is announcing expansion into a new geographic region. Expand your message further by being the expert and offer some no-cost advice. This could include such content as tips on how to prep before painting or choosing colors. In this way, you offer something that your audience can take away. Local media may be more inclined to re-publish your press release if they see something of value being offered to the public. This is because it will receive more readership, and more readership means more eyeballs for them.

Stories that explain how a business is helping to better our environment seem to be newsworthy. A press release about a new product or service that does this are usually looked upon favorably. Again, this goes back to the eyeballs. Everyone likes a news story about how the environment is being helped.

Three or four weeks out before a special event, submit your press release about a wonderful charitable event that your business is putting on. Include the obvious, like the date, time and location and what the event is for. Then take it a step further and include any celebrities who may attend and add highlights of the event--prizes, contests, giveaways, auctions, and so forth.

After the event, keep that press release train running. Make sure you do a follow-up press release and include details like prize winners, celebrities, and other important accomplishments. Tell how much money was raised from the event and what that money will be used toward. No details are too small because this is an excellent opportunity for some press visibility.

Any time that a lawyer wins a legal case is a feather in their hat. And so it should be, as some legal cases can drag on for what seems like an eternity and represent an immense amount of work by the law firm. When the case has finally closed, this can be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise with a news release, sharing whatever details can be appropriately shared. When you distribute your press to the media, particularly if the case has been a hot topic in the news previously, there can be a greater chance of your press release being republished. For lawyers, this can be one of the most efficient ways of increasing visibility and reaching potential new clients.

We suspect that most people are not aware of this, but the legal profession pays some of the highest pay-per-click ad rates of any other industry. Internet Lava has an article that mentions some lawyers paying $50 per click. At, we have heard even higher rates being paid out per click, some as high as $75 per click. So if your press release announcing the successful outcome of a trial can generate some client interest, your only outlay has been the cost of distributing your press release to the media, making it an excellent value.

If you are representing a law firm, when you submit your press release, most press distribution companies including will require proof of information. This may include, but not limited to a copy of the time stamped docket and perhaps other information. You are best to inquire with each individual press company for their requirements.

Companies like Forrester and are names in the industry that individuals can relate to. When they publish information, the information published is recognized as a credible source. However, these reports may also be quite pricey. Sharing tidbits of research results with the public, as they relate to your business, industry, product or service can lend credibility to your business. Survey results can draw a lot of attention, because people want to keep up with current attitudes and opinions. An example for a baby product company could be "XYZ Research Company confirms 87% of parents sleep better when they use a baby monitor to keep an ear out for their kids." This data speaks to why people should purchase baby monitors.

As mentioned in some of our previous articles, becoming an expert in your industry on a particular subject can earn you press publication in the media. The example we love to use is of a home inspector, John, who was very passionate about his job. He would constantly write blog posts about his findings through his home inspection travels (some of them quite entertaining and interesting).

When John decided to write a press release about changes in the industry, this piqued the curiosity of the media, who immediately did some research on John and his business. Because of all the articles he had published, combined with the news release he submitted, he was able to earn himself a media spot on local television.

Because of this exposure, John has built a clientele that trusts his work and he has never looked back. He has built trust in a number of ways. How has he done this?

First, his press release announcing changes to the industry demonstrates he is an expert and on top of things. Second, the exposure he has gained by sharing his findings and publishing articles shows he knows his job and industry well. Third, being featured on a local television network, and his association with this, gives him added credibility and helps builds trust. Not a bad deal for a single press release. His business is solidified, moving forward, as many customers are coming back to John again 4 or 5 years later as they continue to move on and buy and sell their second home.

With companies like, distributing your press release to the media is the easy part. Coming up with the idea and concept can certainly be more of a challenge. Hopefully, some of these ideas and concepts will be able to help you with your next press release.

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