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An Opal Treasure Discovery Gives a 4500% Return

Yesterday's excitement in finding treasures can now be found by going online. No need to buy treasure maps or digging in foreign countries. Now you can do your research and find treasures online.

    GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, February 12, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In every child's fantasy is to discover lost treasure, and for many this wonderful dream continues even in their adulthood. We can all say that at some point of growing up that we've been facinated about pirates, hidden buried treasures or shipwrecks with treasures lost deep at sea that are worth and valued at unimaginable prices. But something that many people seems to miss is that in this day and age you don't have to go through immense effort and spend a lot of money to go digging in foreign countries or scuba diving in the ocean in search of sunken lost treasures, or even buying old relic treasure maps that only lead you back to the same place you started. There is an easier alternative out there for treasure hunters, by simply going ONLINE.

An inspiring treasure find is seen in Opalauctions where an opal rub was purchased for $45 and after polishing the opal piece revealed a dramatic transformation as it became an amazing and bold 5.5 carat multi-coloured exquisite gem now worth even more at $2000, that is an incredible 4500% return. What at an amazing treasure find! To view the auction click here

Opals are a great option for treasure hunters, as a simple rub and polish can open the possibility of unearthing treasure. This opal buyer mentioned in the story above did some research, as it is the key! Our treasures auctions site allow buyers that opportunity to look for bargain purchases. The opportunity is endless, as an example, GemRockAuctions have gem cutters who buy gemstones that appear to be poorly cut, however after re-cutting the gemstone or opal, they may loose a few carats in weight, yet they result is a valuable product.

Many rubies that are from Asia in the past have been known to display poor quality cutting and after re-cutting and polishing, result doubling their money. In many instances buyers do some valuable research on ancient Greek and Roman coins so they are well versed and can identify these specific coins. If an ancient coin is identified and dated it is worth 2-3 times the value.

There are many stories around the world of people who purchased paintings to later find out it was rare and valuable, or other instances where people buy a a silver dish or pottery that was considered a lost treasure. I guess the moral of this is that most of these people had a good product knowledge first. An art enthusiast appreciates art, knows what to look for in paintings and may even study art. Buying the right pottery or silver with the correct stamp or makings, need a certain product knowledge.

Find an area of interest that is enjoyable is a great way to start, as it will be fun and easy to read in order to learn product knowledge, so when you view an item of your interest you can have a general appraisal of its estimated value if it's a good purchase or not.

Product knowledge is essential to find these attainable Treasures Online!

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Video of the $45 treasure before it's magical transformation