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First Optics Valley Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum to Open Today

CBEC shall bring together well-known E-commerce platforms from 30 countries and regions

    WUHAN, CHINA, November 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The First Optics Valley Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum (CBEC) is to open today at the East Lake International Conference Center, Wuhan, China. With the theme of "Accelerating Cross-Border E-Commerce Development in the Era of Globalization", CBEC shall bring together well-known E-commerce platforms from 30 countries and regions, upstream and downstream companies of cross-border E-commerce and world-leading e-commerce experts, to explore new opportunities for the development of global cross-border E-commerce.

CBEC is sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government and the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province and organized by the Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and TRANSN (China) Technology Co., Ltd. The goal of the Forum is to help the E-commerce industry increase its role as an engine for optimizing industrial restructuring, improving the quality and efficiency of economic operation and promoting economic transformation and upgrading, thus increasing the innovation capacity and brand bargaining power of Chinese enterprises and even those from all over the world in the new era of E-commerce.

The right time for Optics Valley, Wuhan to develop cross-border E-commerce

Against the backdrop of the Big Data and Mobile Internet era, the Chinese E-commerce market is showing tremendous potential. As of December 2013, there were a total of 618 million Chinese Internet users and the Internet access rate reached 45.8%. The E-commerce turnover for the year broke through US$1,630 billion, quadrupling in total value over the 5 years prior to that, with retail trade values increasing at an annual rate of 80% on average.

As one of the cities in China's first group on the Yangtze River to open up to the outside world, Wuhan is the country's geographical center; an important air, river and road transportation hub that links the east up to the west and the south up to the north. Moreover, Wuhan has the largest number of higher education institutions in the world, which provide a strong backup force for Wuhan in terms of talent supply.

On the eve of the 21st century, Optics Valley, Wuhan set up the High-tech Industrial Development Park, which has grown into Central China's gathering place for emerging industries and branded enterprises following more than two decades of development. In 2013, the park generated a total industrial output of US$ 82.9 billion, ranking 3rd in China and 1st in Central China.

On account of the sound E-commerce environment and favorable geographic location and talent resources of Optics Valley, E-commerce giants have settled their Central China headquarters, regional operation centers and logistics distribution centers in Optics Valley, the E-commerce industry of which shall welcome another wave of development. Currently, Optics Valley is in urgent need of a communication and exchange platform that can allow E-commerce operators home and abroad, governments, trade associations and trading businesses to gather to discuss the development paths of cross-border E-commerce. It is in this context that the First Optics Valley Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum has come into being.

Overseas platforms gather to discuss key issues in cross-border E-commerce
CBEC is one of the most influential, most appealing and highest standard forums of its kind in the world to date. It shall introduce excellent enterprises and projects to E-commerce operators from all over the world while showcasing the charm of the Chinese market and the image of Chinese enterprises. It will be a grand event, with overseas E-commerce operators playing the major role for the first time ever in China's history of cross-border E-commerce. The Forum will have the following features:

1. Unprecedented number of renowned overseas E-commerce platforms

The Forum shall gather some 30 famous B2B and B2C platforms as well as upstream and downstream E-commerce enterprises from foreign countries. The participating E-commerce platforms cover various parts of the world, North America, South America, Europe, the India-Pakistan region, Russia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. The participants are mainly senior executives of the companies and they shall bring first-hand data of their local markets. The Forum shall be a platform for direct talks and in-depth cooperation between E-commerce operators home and abroad. The organizing committee has also invited other types of enterprises from rapidly developing e-commerce markets such Russia, including its largest search engine Yandex, the largest online payment platform PayU and other upstream and downstream enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce industry, connecting up the entire industry chain.

2. Focusing on key issues, summit dialogues, and leading the trends of E-commerce

Against the background of China's massive demand for cross-border E-commerce and its rapid trade development, the Forum will consist of keynote speeches, high-end dialogues and discussions, as well as exhibition areas, so that E-commerce platforms, upstream and downstream enterprises and relevant companies from around the world shall be engaged in this grand event. Centering on the theme of "Accelerating Cross-Border E-Commerce Development in the Era of Globalization", they are expected to share operating experiences and trade ideas with the elites of the industry, motivating E-commerce businesses to take responsive actions, and will explore globalization trends, tackle some of the bottlenecks of development in the industry, and discuss ways to solve them with leading experts and enterprise leaders. The forum is also expected to promote industrial chain cooperation, integrate E-commerce platforms and upstream and downstream enterprises and lead the trends of cross-border E-commerce.

The specific topics of the forum cover all points of cross-border E-commerce. A lot of issues shall be discussed, such as how international E-commerce operators can welcome Chinese customers and deeply analyze the Chinese market as it shifts in its form of foreign trade, how to open up the lifelines of cross-border E-commerce and analyze credit and payment (the two hang-ups in the process of E-commerce going global); how to overcome cross-cultural language barriers, how Chinese sellers make use of cross-border E-commerce operators to transform and upgrade and focus on the problems domestic enterprises encounter when pursuing transformation and upgrading. All these prospective issues, which E-commerce operators are particularly concerned about, shall be dealt with one by one at the Forum. The audience shall have a long-anticipated feast of E-commerce.

3. Covering the broad Chinese market, with far-reaching impacts

CBEC will engage with more than 30 provincial, municipal and local governments of China, directly impacting two million potential customers and 400 industrial leaders, enabling participants to have face-to-face contact with 1,000 representatives of outstanding Chinese companies. The Forum shall provide delegates with opportunities to expand their international horizons, share the achievements of global E-commerce development and set up a communication and cooperation platform to discuss the economy, assist in development and promote trade.

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