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O'Connor Marketing Review the True Power of Face to Face Marketing

As specialists in Face to face marketing, O'Connor marketing has investigated the benefits this niche marketing approach can bring to both large and small enterprises.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, December 29, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- O'Connor Marketing is an innovative event and B2B marketing firm that offers some of Australia's leading brands the opportunity to connect with consumers through personalised face-to-face communication. The company creates and manages interactive marketing campaigns - tailoring each campaign so that it accurately reflects their clients' brand values and fully engages with their target demographic. These campaigns are delivered to customers in person through personalised presentations and promotions, and allow consumers to communicate confidently with brand representatives face to face. By taking the time to interact with customers one-on-one, O'Connor Marketing can secure their clients' increased customer loyalty and a higher percentage of quality sales, as well as a more positive market reputation.

About O'Connor Marketing:

Face to face marketing is a niche direct marketing solution which is quickly growing in popularity across Australia. The reason for this fast growth is that for many consumers, brands are becoming faceless entities, with marketing and sales strategies designed to target as many people as possible. Unable to form a meaningful connection with brands, and with mass marketing techniques glossing over the need for personalisation an increasing number of consumers are turning their back on brand loyalty which is hitting many companies hard. O'Connor Marketing has been helping brands to repair these fraying consumer relationships by offering services that engage with consumers and deliver unique personalised experiences.

There are many reasons why O'Connor Marketing favours face to face marketing over all other forms and believe brands can gain more by investing in the niche. Here the firm has shared their favourite arguments for implementing a face to face marketing strategy.

Saves time and money
It's no secret that Print and broadcast ads can be costly, and marketing online requires time and constant evaluation to reach a substantial audience. Despite this investment, taking this 'one size fits all' approach to marketing doesn't necessarily guarantee a high return either. Meeting and engaging with people in person means that messages can be tailored and have a greater impact.

Builds trust and confidence
O'Connor Marketing believes meeting people in person is crucial for building and maintaining strong customer relationships, as it allows a consumer to gain a better understanding of the people behind the company and its ethos.

Instant visibility
While having an internet presence is important in this day and age, with so many competing businesses out there it can be incredibly difficult for a brand to stand out and generate customer interest. By meeting consumers in person brands instantly gain greater market visibility, and while consumers may not be ready to make a purchase during the initial meeting, the brand is likely to remain in their mind and become the first port of call when they are willing to commit.

Due to the ever growing demand for face to face marketing solutions, O'Connor Marketing is keen to build their workforce in 2017. Working on face to face marketing campaigns can be hugely rewarding as it opens up a world of opportunity and fast-tracked professional progression. As well as offering people the chance to meet with people from all walks of life and boost their confidence in their communication skills, the growth of the industry has led to a high demand for leaders and those willing to upskill. As such, O'Connor Marketing is always keen to hear from ambitious and driven professionals looking to make waves in the face to face marketing industry.

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