All Press Releases for April 20, 2018

Golden State Killer Has Been Identified

"40-year mystery of who is the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist comes to an end."

    SACRAMENTO, CA, April 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Detectives have been frustrated for years that the California and national criminal DNA database has not been able to make a positive DNA hit on all the incarcerated violent felony criminals, in the attempt of law enforcement to finally learn who is the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist.

The Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist was born on August 2, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1973 Ric VA joined the Air Force in Colorado Springs. Later Ric was transferred and discharged in 1975/76 in Sacramento, California. Standing 6 feet tall, athletic build, sandy-blonde hair and light green eyes, with a clean-cut appearance in 1975-1982, Ric would appear harmless. Only those close to Ric, or those that angered Ric would know what happens when Ric is crossed.

Ric VA selected Kalispell/Big Fork, Montana purposely in 2007 to set up residence far away from any FBI offices (Montana has no FBI offices). Ric lives in Kalispell with his church-going submissive Siberian 6 foot tall Russian-American wife. To this day, Ric has a daughter that went missing in Montana, his wife Lori Kay and mother Cindy will make excuses for Ric.

What does Ric do for a career? For decades Ric VA has been a professional computer hacker by contract for the CIA- no health benefits-no penision. Computer skills Ric VA claims he learned in the Air Force before getting discharged and going into a criminal rage for years in Sacramento, California.

Ric was raised by his biological mother Cindy Stob-Vander Ark who was anything but an overprotective mother. His own mother committed felony crimes in front of him, raised Ric as a "free-range kid" with almost no adult supervision. Ric learned from his mother the importance of going to church to successfully weave a camlouflage appearance to the dark side of their personalities.

CIA agents and later CIA directors were commonplace in Chuck & Cindy's household. Cindy kept the hands of the CIA clean in covert missions, as well as her own hands clean in her "hobby crimes" on the side. When Ric was a baby Cindy would complain that Ric was a colicky baby. Cindy would place Ric in a crib unattended to cry for hours as Cindy would then leave in her neglectful ways of not having to deal with "colicky Ric" as an infant, her infant. Ric always had an emotional connection problem stemming from his childhood.

Cindy's greatest desires, compulsions, were to commit crimes, and then revel in how she outsmarted low-level authorities assigned to the cases. Cindy's first murder was that of killing her younger brother David Stob that made headline news in The Grand Rapids Press back in the day. Cindy's biological father Martin Stob was a butcher in Chicago during The Great Depression and would travel by train killing hobos and brag about "outsmarting Eliot Ness." Ric's biological grandfather on his maternal side is the Torso Killer (Martin Stob), more commonly known in history as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run.

Ric grew-up with his biological parents Chuck & Cindy Vander Ark in the conservative upper-middle class religious suburbs of Grand Rapids, known as the Bible-belt of Michigan. Chuck was a builder by skilled trade who purchased vacant lots and built fine residential new homes. Ric grew-up in ideal subdivisions within statistically low-crime suburbs, and in 1973 Ric graduated from Unity Christian High in Hudsonville, Michigan. Ric had built so many model airplanes in his room within Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan. Dreaming of the day he could finally fly away from his haunting childhood existence and Cindy's ways.

Many wonder if there is a genetic component, a genetic disposition within individuals that creates harmless appearing individuals to then become monsters behind society's discriminating watchful eye. More scientific research should be spent on learning about DNA encoding in relation to natural innate behavioral dispositional traits of humans.

Read more about this interesting subject matter by visiting today, and typing in the book title, I REMEMBER HEAVEN BEFORE EARTH by Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark. The author of the best selling memoir series is the non-biological sister of the GSK/EAR.

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