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Patent Search and Market Research Completely Free of Charge for the Individual Inventor Seeking to Launch, Promote, Sell, License, Protect, and, or Advance His or Her invention - is Helping Individuals to Help Themselves

2009-04-06 | During these challenging times we all need to give more. This is our economic invention stimulus plan. New products and services will pave the way to new businesses and growth. Adds Value to Social Networking.....Interactivity That Promotes Successful Pursuit of Life Goals

2009-03-30 | Introducing a social network that aids members in attaining life goals and resolutions.Through Interactive forums, friendships can be established to encourage and support each member's efforts, and mentors to guide the progress toward success.

Eating Disorder Clinical Experiential Training Program

2009-03-28 | New Realities of Southern California is offering an intensive clinical experiential training program in the treatment of eating disorders

If One Flea Bite Drives You Crazy... What Are Hundreds of Flea Bites Doing to Your Pets?

2009-03-28 | Don't let flea bites make your pets and your family's lives miserable. You can learn how to get rid of fleas from your dogs and cats and out of your home. Find out how with the e-book : "How to Protect Your Pets From Fleas," from

Silkin Management Group Helps Dentists Conquer the Recession.

2009-03-24 | Many dental practices throughout the United States and Canada are struggling to keep afloat in this volatile economy.

"Domestic and Family Violence - Still Prevalent and Taboo in 2009" Aired on Social Radio Network BlogTalkRadio

2009-03-23 | iAscend interviews Linda Hughey, President of CAN and former victim of domestic violence, live on "Get the Hell Out" Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 9:00 pm MT.

Mountainside Drug Rehab Announces That Within Ten Years It Has Treated More Than 5,000 People Suffering From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

2009-03-20 | Mountainside Drug Rehab has treated more than 5,000 people in the past ten years. Its treatment program has won widespread acclaim and was honored by the White House for its innovative and effective treatment approach.

Former NFL Running Back Elgin Davis Shares His Story in Entertaining and Poignant New Memoirs: Why Did It Happen To Me

2009-03-19 | Elgin Davis' new book takes readers through early childhood adversity, glorious times with the New England Patriots and the despair of losing a best friend to a murderer's gun

Women's Self-Defense Institute named one of "The 50 Best Safety & Security Blogs" in the Country by "Forensic Science Technician"

2009-03-14 | Women's Self-Defense Institute, a New Jersey based women's educational and personal protection organization teaching nationally and internationally, as having one of "The 50 Best Safety and Security Blogs" in the country.

Serene Location Helps Foster Successful Outcomes for Drug Rehab Treatment Program

2009-03-14 | Mountainside Drug Rehab Provides Secluded and Quality Drug Addiction Treatment At An Affordable Price - Canaan, Connecticut (CT) - People enter this treatment center from across the globe to experience an advanced and clinically integrated treatment program in a pristine and serene environment.

Anger Class Online, Releases Course Log Validation to their Online Anger Management Classes

2009-03-14 | AJ Novick Group, Inc. releases course log feature to its world class online anger management classes available through Anger Class Online. These courses are ideal for court, legal, Human Resource and personal growth needs and requirements.

Oprah Says "Love Doesn't Hurt!" Reconciliation not Uncommon says Abuse Survivor but Rhianna Should Testify

2009-03-12 | Young Woman shares story of Love, Violence & Reconciliation now Advocates with her Abuser and pleads with Rhianna to testify against Chris Brown

Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc. Biometrics Joins Forces with the University of Central Florida to Fight Diversion and Help Combat Prescription Narcotic Drug Abuse

2009-03-11 | Pilot Program in Fort Lauderdale helps to Leverage Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc. with the University of Central Florida. Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc., will utilize UCF's biometrics, elite technology and other programming techniques in an effort to establish the best prescription monitoring program.

Corporate Cartoonist Unveils Serious Stimulus Program to Help Corporations Combat Downhill Market

2009-03-07 | Cartoonist Jenifer Jurden and her character Jurdy officially launch humor filled stimulus package for companies, including the well-touted Employee Idea Generation Program.

PARW-CC Awards Lisa Parker, CPRW the Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) Credential

2009-03-07 | A Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) is trained to prepare their clients for the critical employment interview, and receive the ultimate prize - a Job Offer!

Author of Diet Book Reveals All Ideas of Book on Google Video in order to Spark a Global Health Movement

2009-03-07 | The Pen and Paper Diet is so basic that a person does not have to buy the book to begin the program.

Mountainside Drug Rehab - Celebrates 11 Years of Providing Drug Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Rehab

2009-02-28 | Mountainside Drug Rehab celebrates 11 years of operations. More than 5,000 people from around the world suffering with addiction have been treated by the drug rehab program at Mountainside in Connecticut

A Trailblazing Book for Women Named Among the Best in Family-Friendly Media

2009-02-28 | Mom's Choice Awards honors The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living as a Silver Award Recipient. This makes the third national award for first time author, Corrie Woods, and reflects the big buzzing building about this little book.

In This Time of Massive Lay-Offs - Plan Your Career Now!

2009-02-24 | "Plan Your Career Now! The survival Guide for the American Workplace," is a unique eBook, which will provide you an understanding of what employers are looking for and how you can best match your strengths, skills, competencies and passion, in preparing for a new or revitalized career.

Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery Center in San Diego, California

2009-02-24 | New Realities of Southern California is a multifaceted Healing Center that treats eating disorders and restores healthy mind and body connections.