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Mobility, Penetration, and Image Quality Distinguish Ultrasound Vendors

2012-07-10 | With technology improvements broadening appeal, ultrasound volumes are projected to increase.

Mark Fisher Commits himself to the Health Care Industry with Vigor

2012-06-28 | Mr. Fisher exhibits a forward-thinking attitude as he completes a bachelor's degree in pre-medical studies

All Imaging Systems Partners Up with UltraLinq Healthcare as an Authorized Distributor for Medical Practitioners and Dealers in the US and the UK

2012-06-18 | UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions announces a new agreement allowing All Imaging Systems to provide multiple services customers' facilities.

KLAS Announces 2012 Best in KLAS Awards for Medical Equipment and Infrastructure

2012-06-15 | Overall performance sees a shake-up with number one Fuji, number two Toshiba.

Controversy and Confusion Surround Proton Therapy

2012-05-21 | With proton therapy's estimated price tag of $150-$200 million, debates about ROI and effectiveness remain unsettled.

Enhancing Business Relationships: Expanding CRO Services

2012-05-09 | ALANDRA Medical's CRO Division is expanding its service offering for Clinical Trials Outside the United States

Reimbursements Are Top Concern of Providers in Breast Imaging

2012-04-10 | Providers rave about Hologic tomosynthesis' cancer finding potential and vent about reimbursement and PACS integration issues

DeJarnette Provides Vendor Neutral Archive Technology for Ontario's GTA West Diagnostic Imaging Repository

2012-03-21 | DeJarnette Research Systems announced a seven-year contract with CGI Group, Inc., to provide Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) software technology in support of CGI's contract with University Health Network (UHN), representing the GTA West Consortium.

Summit Soapbox: Near-shore Outsourcing and the Case for Capital Efficiency

2012-03-18 | Contrary to popular belief Asia is not the only economically-viable solution for outsourcing in support of the medical device industry. Viable outsourcing options in North America are capable and support the concept of capital efficiency.

Mclean Family Dentist Offers Advanced Technology for Increased Patient Care and Treatment

2012-03-07 | Dr. Rouben Yedigarian, McLean cosmetic dentist, invites patients to experience improved treatment with new dental technology.

EMR Functionality Gaps Present Challenges to Healthcare Organizations with Multiple Specialties

2012-02-23 | Hospitals and large multidisciplinary practices search for EMR systems capable of comprehensive coverage rather than relying on a patchwork of systems to meet physicians' needs and manage patient care.

North Fort Myers Dentist Now Offers Digital X-Rays for Greater Detail and Less Exposure

2012-02-15 | Drs. James Holloway and R. Allen Chumbler, dentists in North Fort Myers, invites patients to make their dental appointments to experience new technology in their office.

Integration Technology Aids Healthcare Providers in Improving Patient Care and Reducing Costs

2012-02-14 | Vendors of medical device integration systems (MDIS) offer a variety of interoperability and workflow efficiencies for hospitals.

A New Urgent Care Center Has Opened Its Doors in The Bronx - MedcarePlus, PLLC

2012-02-13 | MedCarePlus is a walk-in urgent care center in The Bronx. It is an ideal solution for all patients with minor illnesses or injuries; a cost-efficient alternative to the long wait in the ER for minor medical conditions. Digital x-ray, digital Rx.

Rheumatology Experts in Indiana Address Growing Osteoporosis Concerns as Baby Boomers Age

2012-02-02 | Fractures, pain, spinal deformities and even death can be prevented with detection and treatment; Medical Specialists rheumatology providers in Northwest Indiana offer advice to patients.

Real-Time Location System Early Adopters Experience Varied Benefits, but Continue to Pursue Location-Technology ROI

2011-12-27 | While providers are focusing on meaningful use, ICD-10, and a myriad of other pressing areas, many wonder if real-time location systems (RTLS) are a worthwhile investment right now

KLAS Report Examines Radiation Dose

2011-12-14 | Providers share dose reduction best practices and reveal the perceived low-dose industry leader

Hospitals with Over 1000 Beds More Likely to Seek PACS Replacement

2011-12-01 | Though the largest hospitals may be looking to replace their PACS system, other facilities continue to focus their attention on meaningful use, ICD-10.

KLAS & RSNA Collaborate on Ground Breaking Radiology and Meaningful Use Study

2011-11-27 | Radiologists seek meaningful use guidelines that improve the practice of radiology

New Technology Ignites the MRI Market

2011-11-23 | Major Imaging vendors introduce a slew of new magnets including more wide-bore options.