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New Book, "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," Proves That Fun and Business Theory Can Coexist Harmoniously

2007-03-29 | Cristian Mitreanu's book "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," which will be released on April 3rd at, brings the graphic novel format into the business book realm.

Hpsetool - A simple, easy to use disk encryption tool for Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000

2007-03-20 | Hexprobe System announces the release of version 3.0 of Hpsetool, a simple, easy-to-use disk tool that encrypts and password protects your removable and external disks, including USB drives, memory sticks, flash cards, PCMCIA drives and more.

CINVENTION and Instrumentation Laboratory Intent to Jointly Market the Unique Product Portfolio of CINVENTION

2007-02-24 | CINVENTION and Instrumentation Laboratory Intent to Jointly Market the Unique Product Portfolio of CINVENTION's Cultivation Systems for Bio-Manufacturing and Tissue Engineering Launches a Series of Mind Power Experiments

2007-02-15 | A series of combined online and offline experiments designed to verify the existence of human mind's ability to perceive information over distance and to influence events over distance are being launched at website.

New Web Site Presents the Facts About Plastic Surgery

2006-12-28 | There is growing interest in plastic surgery. However, there is more and more confusion about the actual facts regarding plastic surgery. A new web site provides impartial information about plastic surgery for people looking to understand their options.

Consolidating Analysis of "Voltage Breakdown" Data from Sandia National Laboratories

2006-12-23 | Noah Seidman, of Water Fuel LLC, is proud to present consolidating analysis of data produced by Sandia National Laboratories. A Recent article in the Physics Review Online Archive is referenced on the included website at the bottom of this release.

MasterGuard and Genesis Rescue Tools Sponsor The American Rescuer Award

2006-12-17 | The Chief Murry Smith American Rescuer Award was presented to Chief Dell Marstiller at the National Extrication Challenge in Vegas

A Hydrogen Based Fuel Enhancement Initiative

2006-12-16 | The concept of fuel enhancement is a topic of great interest to the general public, small business, and large corporate entities. Its popularity is growing quickly and clear, accurate information is a requirement for factual information to begin dissemination.

Decoding Book Resurrects the Ancient Astronaut Theme

2006-12-04 | Morten St. George's "Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics: A Guide to Cryptic Thinking" expounds theory of alien contact during the Dark Ages.

MasterGuard Sponsors Annual NSEFO Conference

2006-11-29 | James Lee Witt, Former FEMA Director and Executive Director of the International Code Council was the keynote speaker at the awards banquet in the Clinton Presidential Library.

MasterGuard Sponsors National Extrication Challenge at FireRescue Expo in Las Vegas

2006-11-29 | MasterGuard Fire Safety Solutions was the awards sponsor of the National Extrication Challenge held in Las Vegas on November 6-10

Being Listed In The Top Listings Of Search Engines Is No Easy Task. Are You Doing What It Takes?

2006-10-30 | Using A Press Release Within Your Search Engine Optimization Tactic. Something Everyone In Any Industry Can Use.

Business leaders and scholars to debate Leading China's Future - Future Chinese Leaders.

2006-10-11 | China and its breathtaking economic development dominate the headlines all over the globe.

New Vice President to Steer Tugboat Enterprises' Software Sales

2006-09-07 | Award-winning Software Developers Announce Sales Leader

A Fundamental Theory of Business Has Been Developed at Last

2006-08-31 | For the first time in business history, a fundamental theory of business has been developed. It provides a comprehensive and dynamic picture of what happens in business at the fundamental level.

BizBigPic Set to Empower Individuals in Their Quest for Success in Business

2006-08-19 | BizBigPic, an innovative web-based initiative set to help individuals achieve enduring success in business, is being launched today. This initial stage of development is driven by the introduction of a fundamental theory of business, a first in the history of business.

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

Dr. Russell Blaylock Has Just Released A New Informative DVD Concerning The Health Of Our Nations Youth Entitled, "Nutrition & Behavior."

2006-07-29 | Atavistik Pictures is announcing the release its new informative DVD, "Nutrition & Behavior" by neurosurgeon and author, Dr. Russell Blaylock. This new video discusses the mounting evidence that a person's nutrition can severly effect their mood and mental performance.

New Book is Fresh Exploration and Explanation of the Mind-Boggling Universe; Author Speculates on Humans' Future, Existence and Purpose - discovering that World Peace and Prosperity for All cannot be avoided.

2006-06-30 | Though its primary concern is science, the following book is relevant to world peace because it concludes that everyone's life is scientifically unified with all other life beyond the range of our senses and experiences (but within the range of our understanding).