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"Bark Obama Effect" Expected To Lead To Surge In Demand For Portuguese Water Dogs

2009-03-26 | Sainsbury's Bank warns against choosing a pet on the basis of fashion or trend

Silkin Management Group Helps Dentists Conquer the Recession.

2009-03-24 | Many dental practices throughout the United States and Canada are struggling to keep afloat in this volatile economy.

StemEnhance Facts ~ An FAQ on StemEnhance

2009-03-14 | StemTech Health Sciences was founded in 2005 in order to bring a new breakthrough product technology to the marketplace. This Product is called StemEnhance and is the beginnings of a natural, phytoceutical dietary supplement. Pet Photo Contest To Benefit New Horizons Service Dogs

2009-02-12 | Makers of Vectra 3D To Award $1,000 To One Pet Owner This Valentine's Day

A Revolutionary All-natural Spray is Now Available for Dogs with Rough Paw Pads

2009-01-07 | Natural Paws LLC. Debuts With Sweet Pea's TenderPaws, The Only All-Natural Nutritive Paw Spray Made With The Finest Organic Herbs And Essential Oils.

UK Pet Owners To Be Fined For Not Playing With Their Cat! Move Welcomed By West London Cat Vet

2008-11-10 | A new DEFRA Code of Practice that states you must play with your cat and dictates how many litter trays you need in the house has been criticised this week but London's only cat vet welcomes the new rules and says it could have gone further.

Katheryne Kasper Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional & Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | She is considered an expert in treating animal injuries.

Rafaela Miett Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-26 | Ms. Miett became involved in her profession because of her love for pets and her belief in holistic medicine.

London Cat Vet Finds Purrrfect Home For Popular Feline

2008-09-25 | A cat who became a minor Internet celebrity when London cat veterinarian, Zeta Frasca posted her videos on a feline social networking site, has finally found her purrrfect home - thanks to a local Richmond newspaper who reported her tendency to lash out at their unsuspecting photographer.

Carreen M. Kiely Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | She considers her love for animals to be the driving force behind her success.

Cynthia A. Lauby Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-17 | Ms. Lauby is responsible for assisting in surgery, overseeing the care of surgical patients, the sick animal ward, and organizing "Second Chance" shelter animal adoption programs which focuses on recovered sick cats.

LOCAL PET DISTRIBUTOR HELPS POLICE DEPARTMENT Zeus and Company Supports Bayport Minnesota K-9 Unit

2008-08-11 | Owner of Zeus and Company, David Levy is asking that people remember his beloved Rottweiler, Zeus by making a donation to the Bayport Police Department. Zeus passed away on Sunday, August 3, 2008 after living with cancer for three years.

NEW BOOK RELEASE! - "Breeds of Cattle, 2nd Edition" is Now available, the highly anticipated second edition of Breeds of Cattle by Herman R. Purdy, R. John Dawes, Dr. Robert Hough and Don Hutzel.

2008-07-19 | This marks the 21st anniversary of the 1987 publication.The association authorized, completely revised, updated, and expanded volume includes 12 additional breeds, bringing the total to 45, all of which are illustrated in full color formal portraits of a mature bull and mature cow of each breed.

CTL introduces Confirm-IT2, a low-cost Virtual Assistant that Automatically provides Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

2008-07-14 | Confirm-IT2 is a non- calendar based application that interfaces with Scheduling Software to provide Voice, Email and Text Message appointment reminders to your patients and customers.

London's Only Cat Veterinarian Uses Cat Social Network to Avoid Cat-astrophe

2008-07-05 | London's only cat vet posted videos of a homeless cat on a feline social networking website last week and has been overwhelmed by thousands of responses from around the world sparking an international manhunt, or "cat-hunt", to reunite Betsy (as she has been named) with her owners.

Million Dollar Pet Pix Calling All Budding Paw-Pawratzi to "Make Your Pet a Star"!

2008-06-30 | Million Dollar Pet Pix have extended their "Make Your Pet A Star" special membership drive through to July 31st! Each person who "makes their pet a star" in the 10-year pet time capsule by this date will help to assist Guide Dog and Therapy Dog charities and have a chance to win cash prizes!

CTL introduces Confirm-IT , a low-cost Virtual Assistant that Automatically provides Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

2008-06-20 | Confirm-IT is a multi-featured calendar based application that includes an Appointment Scheduler and Customer Database Manager. It also sends Voice, Email and Text Message appointment reminders to your customers. Industries: Personal Care, Animal Care, Medical, Leisure, Service & Business


2008-06-18 | Kowa introduces its new VK Digital Slit Lamp imaging solution for third-party medical diagnostic manufacturers. The system adds video and still image capture capability to all Marco, Zeiss, HS 900BQ, Topcon SL-2EF, SL-7EFT and SL-7E slit lamp systems.

Canadian Veterinary Technicians Endorse the Be a Tree Dog Bite Prevention Program for School Children

2007-02-11 | The Be a Tree dog bite prevention program is an innovative and interactive dog bite prevention education program aimed at primary grade children. It is endorsed by the Canadian Association of Animal Health Technologists and Technicians (CAAHTT).

Pet Dental Health is as Easy as 1-2-3

2007-01-19 | National Pet Dental Health Month is approaching quickly. Sponsored by a number of well known organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pet dental health month is designed to bring awareness among pet owners of the importance of their pet's oral health.