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Fat Injections through fat grafting provides permanent, natural looking results, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Law of Raleigh North Carolina discusses Structural fat grafting, microfatgrafting, lipostructure and fat transfer as essential to natural looking plastic surgery of the face.

2008-07-25 | Fat Injections through fat grafting provides permanent, natural looking results, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Law of Raleigh North Carolina describes the role of lipostructure (microfat grafting) in facial plastic surgery alone or in conjunction with a facelift.

Global Health Trax Admires Jenny McCarthy's Fight Against Autism; Sponsors Generation Rescue

2008-07-16 | Global Health Trax (GHT) flagship specialty probiotic product, ThreeLac, into her autistic son's nutritional regimen and shared her experience in her recently published book

Health Care Crisis Looms For Baby Boomers: Time to Integrate Natural Solutions.

2008-07-13 | U.S. faces an impending health care crisis according to newly released (April 14, 2008) Institute of Medicine report, 'Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce.'

Sleep Apnea Dentist: Comfortable CPAP Alternatives are provided by Sleep Apnea Dentists. Dental Sleep Medicine provides Great solutions for patients who Hate CPAP. CPAP Intolerance and CPAP Failure are Major Problems of Sleep Medicine.

2008-07-06 | CPAP saves lives and has long been the gold standard of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Chicago dentist, Dr Ira L Shapira is improving lives and marriages in Illinois by treating Sleep Apnea and Snoring. helps patients across the United States find Sleep Apnea Dentists.

Country's first Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School Opens in Encinitas, CA

2008-06-24 | The first Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School opened in June in Encinitas CA. Founder. The school was formed to set and maintain a high standard of practice in this modality that is exploding around the country and utilized in many arenas of holistic health.

Health Care Crisis Looms For Baby Boomers: Fundamental Changes Needed to Avert Crisis.

2008-06-09 | 'Doctor Wild About Health and Healing' audio programs and blog explore integration of natural therapies that promote health, and that may minimize baby boomers' burden on health care.

Global Max Company Offers Free Trial of New Health Product, MaxGXL, to All New Customers and Potential Distributors

2008-05-27 | Global Max Company, distributor for Max International, has started offering a free trial of the MaxGXL product. Interested new customers and distributors can request a one week trial on their web site, or by phone.

Integrity Hypnosis Announces Their Newest Program, "Go Green, Go TeleGroup Hypnosis!" - A Hot Ticket During a Time When CO2 Levels and Gas Prices are Soaring to Record Highs.

2008-05-22 | Owners Michael Kostyzak and Vikki Zilonis of, connect clients to Clinical Hypnotherapists across the United States.

New Book, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide," Provides Sufferers With Physical, Emotional and Lifestyle Strategies for Healing

2008-05-17 | A new book, The Lyme Disease Survival Guide, provides a single, comprehensive resource that describes conventional and alternative treatments, plus real-world, practical solutions for dealing with the lifestyle and emotional difficulties of this now-epidemic disease.

Dr. Aileen Gonzalez, Pharm D presents a new approach to disease and healing

2008-05-06 | PSEMIAMI unveils the REBA test device from Europe to detect and treat the root cause of illnesses

Ileostomy Surgery News: Olympia Medical Center Is New Home for Surgery Focused on Patients Experiencing Poor Or Failed Outcomes with J Pouch or Kock Pouch Procedures

2008-04-26 | Ileostomy surgery for patients who have had a poor or failed outcome with J Pouch or Kock Pouch procedures is now available through Olympia Medical Center. The operation eliminates the need for ileostomy patients to wear a bag or other external appliance.

A New Asthma Treatment Introduced by Russian Scientists

2008-04-21 | A new asthma treatment without medication has recently been announced and claimed effective by a group of Russian researchers from Dinamika company ( who have found and tested it, and are now ready to introduce the invention to the world market.


2008-03-25 | Customizing Lifestyles and Eating Habits Through DNA Analysis. Taking the Guess Work Out of Dieting and Supplementation

Autism: The Next Generation

2008-03-24 | As the epidemic of autism continues, more autistic patients are becoming of marriageable age and beginning to have children. The fate of these children needs to be addressed as a major public health concern. Support is needed for enrolling children of autistic parents in an ongoing clinical trial.

GF Culinary Productions, Inc. Launches the First 2008 Gluten-Free Baking Invitational at Johnson & Wales University in Denver this April

2008-02-21 | Featuring some of Colorado's preeminent experts in the field of gluten-free baking, the 2008 GF Baking Invitational is a two-day conference of gluten-free baking lectures, demonstrations, and tastings at Johnson & Wales University in Denver.

Diabetes Breakthrough: Finally Revealed - The Real Cause Behind Diabetes and How to Overcome It

2008-02-01 | Here's important news for anyone with diabetes. A remarkable E-Book is now available that reveals scientifically tested principles that can help trigger your body to produce more insulin naturally, reversing diabetes symptoms without the need for medication.

"THE WORLD FAMOUS TURBO HERBAL TEA" 13,000 People Join Dr. Millers Holy Tea Club! In 12 short Weeks! FIND OUT WHY?

2007-12-19 | Dr.Miller's Holy Tea was formulated 25 years ago to address the primary causes of disease. The Herbal Tea is now proving to be today's most exquisite, and effective, total body cleanse and today's most fundamental health tonic. WHY BECAUSE ITS PROVEN TO WORK HEALTH STARTS WITH A CLEAN COLON.