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The 4th R Foundation Would Like To Draw The Attention Of Our Leaders To The 5 Words That Are The Key To Becoming Wise: God Said To Moses, 'I Am Who I Am." - Exodus 3:14

2011-07-21 | It is very clear that God is saying that He is exactly what He is supposed to be and He is not what He is not supposed to be. God is His Pure Self. Thus man must become his pure self. We have developed the education means to make this possible.

Los Olivos Private Rehabilitation Centre in Spain Launches New Sufferer-Focused Website

2011-07-20 | Finding the perfect private residential rehabilitation clinic just got easier thanks to Los Olivos rehab centre pairing up with Relevance Web Marketing to create easy-to-use website Reports on Krokodil - a New Street Drug in Russia That Eats User's Flesh

2011-07-12 | A new designer drug called krokodil (crocodile) that is taking Russia by storm. The opiate-based drug literally eats the flesh of the addicts that abuse it.

Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Receives Professional Recommendations

2011-05-23 | New natural stop smoking aid, Quit Tea, provides effective alternative to pharmaceutical smoking cessation aids, endorsed by professionals in chiropractic and addiction treatment.

Former Judge to File Initiative to Regulate Marijuana

2011-05-17 | Retired Superior Court judge wants marijuana strictly regulated and kept away from minors and will file voter initiative Wednesday with Attorney General to regulate marijuana like wine.

THE TRAZ, a Newly-Released YA Novel, is as Daring, Raw and Spirited as the Young Heroine

2011-05-17 | It's exhilarating entertainment but it also contains a vital message for those on the cusp of maturity and for the adults who guide them.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, Matian and Moaddel, Provide Expungement Services to Help Their Clients Have a Better Life

2011-05-11 | The law firm of Matian and Moaddel is extending legal services to expunge criminal charges. Visit for more information about how expunging criminal records can help you have a better life.

Complex Landscape of Third-Party Extended Business Office Services Offerings Complicate Selection Process

2011-05-10 | Expedited cash collections and improvements in revenue cycle processes top providers' list of critical deliverables from Extended Business Office Services (EBOS) firms.

New Technology for Kicking Bad Habits

2011-04-11 | Electronic Vapor Kits are a proven alternative to help you quit. New technology gives people a safe and affordable way to kick their addiction.

Trash City Entertainment Announces Horror Icons Sid Haig, Barbara Crampton, Stuart Gordon & Jeffrey Combs confirmed appearance at premiere of Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong in Selected Cities

2011-04-07 | Horror film icons Sid Haig, Barbara Crampton, Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs have been confirmed as special celebrity guests at the premiere of Charles Band's film in selected cities starting April 9th.

Reverse Essure Procedure Results in Birth; Tubal Reversal Surgeons Successfully Reverse Sterilization Procedure

2011-04-02 | Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center announces the birth of a baby following successful completion of sterilization reversal of the Essure procedure, previously considered a permanent form of female birth control.

Schizophrenia: NAMI Offers Public Education; Discusses New Research on Fish Oil and Marijuana

2011-04-01 | New website and brochure on schizophrenia launched by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Plackers Offers Tax Season Relief with Grind-No-More Giveaway

2011-03-22 | Oral healthcare brand to provide 10,000 free dental night protectors to those affected by tax season stress.

National Relapse Prevention Institute Honors JR Bittleman

2011-01-31 | NRPI every year honors someone who has made significant change in their lives. This year they honor a JR Bittleman.

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal Offered By Bella Rosa Houston MedSpa,

2011-01-27 | It's not often that life presents the opportunity for do-overs. However, for those who are rethinking their decision to sport one or more tattoos, a painless laser tattoo removal service is offered by Houston

Umpf Launches Social Media Campaign for

2011-01-14 | Social media mash-up to monitor and map minor injuries.

Despite Research on Gum Disease Prevention, Treatment is Still a Priority

2010-12-16 | Recent news of a connection between omega-3s and gum disease has made Dr. Alex Farnoosh emphasize gum disease prevention with proper dental care and effective treatment for his Los Angeles area patients.

My Arizona Defense Arizona Medical Marijuana Proposition Passes

2010-11-24 | By the thinnest margin, Arizona passes Prop 203 legalizing medical marijuana.

Daughter of Engle Class Member Awarded $80 Million Against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

2010-11-18 | Florida law firm Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA announced today that a jury has awarded $80 million to the daughter of an addicted cigarette smoker.

Another "Rebel Without a Cause" - Mark N. Greene, My James Dean

2010-11-15 | From movie to real life - Mark N. Greene's mother tells the story of his depression, drug addiction and suicide, through her words and through his, gleaned from his graphic and heartfelt journal.