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Call for Authors, Poets, and Spoken Word Artists to Send Tracks for The G-Man's Fifth Album

2005-09-15 | "The word shall be heard!" is the message from Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) who offers a unique opportunity for word artists to appear on his 5th album for Delvian Records, the aggressively independent label distributed by the Gate Media Group.

KJ-ing in the 21st Century....Computerized!!

2005-08-24 | If you have ever tried to run a karaoke show, you probably know how difficult it can be to quickly change discs and search for songs, without having large gaps of time in between tracks. Perhaps you are simply fed up of lugging around karaoke discs and players?


2005-08-20 | Jasun Martz, a New York composer and musician, who was the 'King of Pops' keyboardist, tumbled down the worlds tallest active volcano and that inspired him to compose a 2 1/2 hour symphony for a 115-piece orchestra that has just been released on two CDs.

Record Mogul Position Up For Auction

2005-07-22 | fruitCake-superBeing, a Texas based band, has put record company and executive record producer credits up for auction on ebay in order to fund the initial pressing of their new CD Developmental Texas How Now.

VJ Sound Brew Creates a 3D Music Video for The G-Man's 'Squealorama' Song

2005-07-18 | Extrasolar planets, binary stars, cosmic rays, dark energy, neutron stars, alternate planetary systems, pulsars, quasars, star clusters, and supergiant stars are part of the amazing imagery in the new 3D music video performed by VJ Sound Brew for the trance track from The G-Man's SONIC TONIC album.


2005-07-09 | New Website Re-Designs Music Industry Business Model For Aspiring Artists

MMs3 announces sms reverse billing for ringtone and mobile content affiliates in an additional twenty seven countries.

2005-07-06 | MMs3 announces new international platform adding twenty seven new countries to it's portfolio. MMs3 is Scotland's largest ringtone content provider which resells services to over one thousand clients.

Exciting new novel set in the ancient Roman Republic - adventure, fights, thrills, romance and plenty of action (for 18+ audiences)

2005-07-03 | First novel in a series titled "Barbarians in the Republic" is now available as an ebook!(ebooks on and This is not a dry history book but an exciting, adventurous work of fiction that will be certain to enthrall readers throughout its 400+ pg length.

Banned Live 8 Ticket Sellers Find New Home

2005-06-19 | Just a day after eBay folded under pressure from concert organizers, banning all Live 8 auctions, another online auctioneer welcomed the displaced sellers with open arms. The website plans to donate all profits to the live 8 charity and promises to freely allow the resale of the tickets.

And Glory is her name

2005-06-04 | With a string of hot singles this Puerto Rican beauty is ready for debut...

'Squealorama' Song by The G-Man Sets New Record For Fake-out Endings

2005-04-11 | Unique song structure of the track from The G-Man's new SONIC TONIC album allows dancers to freeze in position or launch into free-form expression each time the song pauses.

The International Bluegrass Music Museum Announces Artist Line Up and World Premiere Film Screenings for 2nd Annual Bluegrass Mega-Event.

2005-04-08 | ROMP (The River Of Music Party) 2005 Promises to be The "Gourmet" Bluegrass Music and Cultural Event of the summer with Multiple Stages, Film Festival, Five World Premiere Films and Four New Museum Exhibits.

Trance Meets Classical in 'Psycho Choir' Song From The G-Man

2005-03-30 | A wild club-dance song on the new "Sonic Tonic" album blends the sounds of rave culture with a choral ensemble. The trance track by Scott G (The G-Man) has received great reviews from classically trained artists and Michael Jackson's recording engineer.


2005-03-27 | Fast-rising Montreal pop/rock power house Black Waters will be performing at Le Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur) Friday April 1st 2005 at 8.30 PM. Half of the proceeds will be donated to abuse centers for women in India. Acoustic indie-rock favorite Patrick Boivin will be opening the show.

Peer-to-Peer Filesharing Launched the Career of Scott G (The G-Man)

2005-03-26 | In view of the upcoming Supreme Court hearing in the MGM vs. Grokster lawsuit, consider the case of Scott G (The G-Man), who got signed, got on iTunes, and launched his own mu

Do you embrace the new iPod culture? Recording artist The G-Man is very much for it.

2005-02-22 | Commercial producer and recording artist Scott G (The G-Man) strongly supports personal mixing as a way to get new music to more listeners around the globe.

Rocks Rising Star Wins National Championship

2005-02-17 | Rock Violinist/Singer/Songwriter - Antonio Pontarelli is NBC PAX "America's Most Talented Kids" Grand Champion

Heavy-metal music anchors the new National Steel and Shipbuilding commercials.

2005-02-14 | In commercials created for National Steel and Shipbuilding, the hard-driving music is from The G-Man, while the voiceover work is from Scott G (yes, the same person!)

Music's Newest Sound is 'Metro Retro'

2005-02-10 | "Sonic Tonic" by The G-Man Combines Moby's Beats with Stevie Wonder's Keyboards, Crystal Method's Synths with Devo's Drums, as Modern Rhythms Meet Beloved 80s and 90s Ba

Put "Trance in Your Pants" by Playing the New Album from The G-Man

2005-01-28 | "Sonic Tonic," from commercial producer Scott G (The G-Man), contains 6 trance and 8 electro-pop songs. Marketing for the innovative album targets DJs and college radio.