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Helping Youth with Serious Mental Illnesses Find a Life in the Community

2009-08-31 | The National Council introduces the Transition Age Youth Project, which will aid youth with serious mental illnesses- helping them to lead productive lives in the community.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab uses Holistic Approach as well as Others to Treat Alcoholism and Addiction

2009-08-21 | A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Connecticut offers several conventional and some non conventional treatment methods to help treat alcoholism and addiction.

Insights with host Hugh Downs Features Martin Sheen

2009-08-13 | Martin Sheen appears as Part of the Interstitial Programming for Public Television

The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Calls to Protect Substance Abuse Prevention in Schools

2009-08-03 | The National Council is working to prevent Congress from passing a proposal that will eliminate funding for the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities State Grants program.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Caused by Several Different Drugs

2009-07-25 | Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a condition that causes cell death and the separation of the epidermis (skin) to separate from the dermis.

Burn Personal Injuries

2009-07-22 | Burns are the second leading cause of death in the United States. The painful and often life changing occurrence of a burn injury be extremely traumatic for the victim. If your injury was a result of negligence you may be entitled to compensation.

Michael Jacksons Passing Can Serve To Save The Lives Of The Millions That Are On Their Way To Join Him In Death Because His Personality Is The Personality Of Many Millions...

2009-07-02 | Remember Michael Jackson, he either passed from us leaving only his music, or in death he can remain an icon to set millions of sheople free from slick drug advertisements and the resulting drug dependency. Which will he be to you?

Valley Forge Medical Center Achieves Milestone as First Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence and Will Host Three Day Pain Management Professional Training Seminar

2009-06-09 | Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital has reached full Certification and is being officially recognized on June 9, 2009 as the first facility in the nation to obtain the Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence Designation

Karen Smith, MS, CADAC II, Honored for Excellence in Mental Health Counseling

2009-06-04 | Karen Smith is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor II for Branchville Correctional Facility's Substance Abuse Re-Entry Department

Tena S. Feagan Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | With 20 years of healthcare expertise, Tena S. Feagan now pursues law

Jennifer Meller Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | Cambridge Who's Who honors Jennifer Meller for 13 years of accomplishment in women's health

Drug Rehab Identifies Common Misconceptions Regarding Underlying Medical Risks Associated With Substance Abuse And Alcoholism

2009-06-04 | Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside announced has identified common misconceptions regarding underlying and peripheral medical risks associated with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Clinical Trial for Healthcare Professionals with Opioid Dependence

2009-05-20 | Seeking healthcare professionals with opioid dependence to participate in a clinical trial.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Admissions by Intervention Increased 38% Year Over Year at Connecticut Treatment Facility Mountainside Drug Rehab.

2009-05-17 | Drug rehab and alcoholism treatment center Mountainside Drug Rehab announced that the numbers of drug rehab admissions at its facility that were the result of an independent interventionists rose 38% on a year over year basis.

Drug Rehab in CT Sees an Increase in the Number of Admissions for Prescription Drug Abuse

2009-05-16 | Drug Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment Center Mountainside after an analysis of its admissions states that there has been an acute increase in drug rehab admissions for prescription drug abuse.

'Norma Jean's Sun', Memoir by Kris Courtney

2009-05-05 | Available on Now! Back in 1928 when a small town of Indiana collected its folks every year for a celebration at the local Fair, a gathering of strangers would join together to shape a new parallel of lives.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside Announces Family Treatment and Education Component

2009-05-02 | Mountainside Drug Rehab in CT has announced it has expanded its drug addiction treatment offerings to include a family addiction education component. To help families learn how to help a family member suffering from addiction.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside Expands the Scope of Addiction Treatment by Appointing a Continuing Care Coordinator

2009-05-02 | Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside has expanded its drug addiction treatment services to include an Aftercare Coordinator.

Report Calls for Healthcare 'Home' to Address Health Disparities for Persons with Mental Illness

2009-04-29 | National Council report finds that mental health homes are critical to help people recover from serious emotional and behavioral disorders and avoid co-occurring diseases, which are responsible for three out of every five mental health patient deaths