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The Laser Warehouse, the Industry's Leading Reseller of Used Cosmetic Lasers, Implements Business Green Strategies

2010-11-11 | The Laser Warehouse, leading provider of used cosmetic lasers, has designed and implemented a corporate environmental sustainability policy, aptly named "Business Green".

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - The Better Alternative

2010-11-10 | Innovative substance abuse treatment centers are leading the way in the fight against drugs and alcohol.

Grinstead Consulting & Training Presents a Clinical Skills Training in Addiction-Free Pain Management November 11-13, 2010 in Sacramento, CA

2010-10-11 | Clinicians are on the front line to accurately assess, intervene upon and treat impaired clients with chronic pain and prescription drug abuse/addiction. Learn skills that are vital to working with these clients as well as improve your marketability.

SelfQuest Self Healing CD: Unique New Way to Heal Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Shame, and Relationship Conflict

2010-10-04 | After 12 years in development, bestselling authors Dr. Margaret Paul and Dr. Erika Chopich released a totally unique software program that helps people heal. Called a 'psychologist in a software program', this is a powerful self-healing program.

Family Practice In Lewisville Doctor Offers Exceptional Care Without The Wait-time

2010-09-24 | Urgent Care doctor in Lewisville, Dr. David Zahaluk, is making a bold promise to his patients: be seen by the doctor within an hour or your visit is free.

Key to Relapse Prevention Treatment for Addiction? Think Outside the Box

2010-09-17 | Challenges addiction treatment specializes in relapse treatment and relapse prevention. The Fort Lauderdale center uses highly individualized treatment plans.

Park West Gallery Donates Over 3,500 Items of New Clothing to Local Nonprofit Organizations

2010-08-11 | Grace Centers of Hope will receive more than 600 pieces of merchandise on August 13

Why Transformations Treatment Center Wants to Help in the Battle against Alcoholism

2010-07-12 | The National Academy of Sciences estimates that alcoholism and alcohol abuse, costs American society between $40-60 billion each year because of health and medical care, loss of productivity in the workplace, accidents and violent crimes.

Transformations Treatment Center: Saving Lives from the Tragedy of Drug Overdose

2010-07-10 | With the recent rise in the number of drug overdose deaths, Southwest Florida alone has experienced a 30 percent increase over the past year; residents of the state are dealing with some sobering substance abuse problems.

Fourth of July: Biggest Relapse Days for Recovering Alcoholics, Substance Abusers

2010-07-04 | Fourth of July holiday is tough on people battling drug and alcohol addiction. Tips from the Turning Point Recovery Services offers tips to prevent relapse.

Federal Court Grants Class Certification to Class of Marlboro Smokers for Landmark Trial Against Philip Morris

2010-06-29 | Federal Court in Massachusetts allows case brought by class of Marlboro smokers to proceed to trial. The class seeks a medical monitoring program to provide low dose CT scans that can detect lung cancer at an early stage and increase survival rates.

Dermatologist in Westchester Discusses BOTOX Cosmetic Alternatives

2010-06-10 | Recent statistics show that use of BOTOX Cosmetic is still on the rise. But the real news, says New York dermatologist Dr. Rhoda Narins, is that other non-surgical treatments are gaining in popularity.

Substance Use and Trucking

2010-06-05 | Substance use and trucking seem to be very prevalent as drivers try to get the edge on driver fatigue and boredom.

Dentist in Bergen County Explains Dental Conditions for Untreated Teeth Grinding

2010-05-27 | Many Bergen County residents think grinding of the teeth isn't a serious factor, but if it's left untreated, serious dental complications may occur.

Netsmart Supports HITECH Amendment Act to Add Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Provider Eligibility for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Funds

2010-04-19 | Legislation Corrects Oversight That Excluded Key Entities from Medicaid and Medicare Funding Eligibility. Donates $1,000 to Residential Treatment Facility

2010-03-27 | The web's leaders in discount color copies and printing pride themselves on supporting local non-profits.

Pat Moore Foundation Announces Two Sober Living Houses

2010-03-27 | Two gender specific sober living homes open under the care and guidance of Pat Moore Foundation.

Caffeine Awareness Association Names 2010 "Worst Caffeinated Product" - Annual Recognition Bestowed During National Caffeine Awareness Month

2010-03-12 | As part of its National Caffeine Awareness Month public education campaign, the Caffeine Awareness Association annually chooses a product on which to bestow recognition as the "Worst Caffeinated Product" in order to draw attention to the problems of caffeine abuse and addiction.

Troubled Teens Wizard Announces Parenting and Teen Issues Blog

2010-02-26 | The addition of an education blog to Troubled Teens Wizard enables the website to provide timely, ongoing guidance and information to parents and families of struggling teens in crisis.

President Obama Backs National Council Position on New Federal Definition for Community Mental Health Providers

2010-02-25 | President Obama calls for a new federal definition for Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) - much like the definition the National Council has been pursing.