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Unique Children's Detective Series is Making a Stir. It is Interactive and Fun for Children of All Ages and Reading Abilities. A Great Way to Get Children Involved in Reading.

2008-11-07 | The Crypto-Capers series is unique, new and interactive. The series can be used in many different ways and levels. Great for the classroom or at home. Readers will have fun with this series, why at the same time, learning about various topics. But most of all, the reader is involved with the story.

Breakthrough Management Group International Releases the Definitive "How-To" Guide to Innovation

2008-11-05 | THE INNOVATION GUIDE for business leaders, managers and new product developers, "The Innovators Toolkit: 50 + Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth" is now available.

Award-winning Author Releases Results of Independent Presidential Poll

2008-11-01 | Award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James has released the results of an independent Presidential Poll she conducted, calling the results 'very revealing.'

Photos Come To Life as Video in New Digital Book From MediaTechnics Corporation

2008-11-01 | MediaTechnics Corporation releases non-fiction World War II title using multimedia digital publishing system

Fresh Frozen - The Chilling New Medical Thriller Release by Darden North, M.D.

2008-10-31 | This new novel by Mississippi doctor, Darden North, chills you to the bone

Writer Explores a Previously Hidden Slice of Irish and German History

2008-10-24 | 'Hitler and Mars Bars' author, Dianne Ascroft, discusses her historical fiction novel and the intriguing period it's set in on her upcoming Virtual Book Tour.

Design Visionaries Releases "Advanced Simulation Using Nastran NX5 / NX6"

2008-10-23 | New Book Offers Alternative to "Build 'em and Bust 'em"

Texas Teacher Admits She Drew on Personal Experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Pen Courageous Novel. "It's High Time I Stop Hiding," Author Says.

2008-10-20 | Beth Fehlbaum, a long-time English teacher, drew on her experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to craft her debut novel, Courage in Patience, which released September 1, 2008, from Kunati, Inc.

Christopher Flach, Filmmaker and Photographer is Featured in The New York Times Style Magazine

2008-10-20 | Featured in The New York Times Style Magazine, Christopher's new documentary deconstructs the designers lasting legacy.

Connecticut Author Invited to Share Novel of Strength at American Cancer Society's 15th Annual Breast Cancer Event in New York City

2008-10-17 | Linda Merlino, author of the recently published novel Belly of the Whale, is pleased to announce her participation in the American Cancer Society's 15th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and survivor's celebration held in Manhattan's Central Park on Sunday, October 19, 2008.

Roccie Hill's Highly-Praised Debut Novel THREE MINUTES ON LOVE To Be Released in U.S. Bookstores October 17, 2008

2008-10-15 | Roccie Hill's highly-praised debut novel, a bittersweet love story, THREE MINUTES ON LOVE, is set in the California desert, San Francisco of the rock 'n roll 70s, and the music business of the late 20th century. It will be launched in US bookstores October 17, 2008 and is in pre-release on Amazon.

Linda Lee Landon Honored by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

2008-10-12 | She wrote 10 books including 'Earth Angel Child,' 'The Courage to Heal' and 'The Courage to Live.'

Paul Rebillot Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | Founding Director of the North American School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching.

William J. Morgan, Th.D., Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | With 16 years of experience as a Christian author, Dr. Morgan focuses his talents on helping new Christian converts make life-changing decisions.

Eve Jeanette Blohm Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | A published writer since 1965, Ms. Blohm specializes in writing haiku and has published countless haikus throughout her career.

Kathryn Starke Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | An elementary school reading specialist, Ms. Starke specializes in teaching primary literacy for students from the kindergarten through second grade.

Canadian Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif Writes a Novel Titled 'Finding Bliss' on the New iPhone 3G

2008-10-10 | Critically acclaimed author Cheryl Kaye Tardif plans to use the Notes application on her new iPhone 3G to write a novel titled 'Finding Bliss'. She may be the first author to ever attempt this.

Agatha E. Carroo, Ph.D., JD, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-10 | Dr. Carroo published an article entitled "The Psychology of Acculturation and Globalization: Implications for Global Security" in the journal of the Oxford Round Table.

Debut Author's Abuse Recovery Novel Nominated for 2008 Cybil Award

2008-10-10 | Courage in Patience, a story of hope for those who have endured abuse, has been nominated for a Cybil award in Young Adult Literature.

Whale Song, a Bestselling Novel by Canadian Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif, to be Gifted to Celebrities at Dallas Rocks 2008 Gala Benefit Dinner and Afterparty

2008-10-03 | Tardif's critically acclaimed novel Whale Song will be in 125 VIP gift bags that will be given to celebrities and special guests who attend Dallas Rocks 2008, a fundraising event in support of Russel Simmons' Diamond Empowerment Fund that helps bring education to people in Africa.