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Former NFL Running Back Elgin Davis Shares His Story in Entertaining and Poignant New Memoirs: Why Did It Happen To Me

2009-03-19 | Elgin Davis' new book takes readers through early childhood adversity, glorious times with the New England Patriots and the despair of losing a best friend to a murderer's gun

Why I shut down 22,000 Foreclosure Consultants to Prevent a Foreclosure Scam by Thomas Tom Tsilionis

2009-03-18 | The term "Loss Mitigation" has become a common term with home owners and real estate professionals throughout the country. Loss mitigation, meaning to mitigate, or minimize loss, is traditionally a department maintained by most mortgage companies to do just that; minimize their loss.

Snitch Tells on Nation's Troubled Urban Schools

2009-03-18 | Author of new book, Snitch, anonymously reveals latest problems plaguing urban schools. Problems are now starting at lower levels. Obama's new policies should target them to reduce high school dropout rates.

Don't Be Bitter, Get Better

2009-03-17 | Why do bad things happen to good people?

Exporting Great Sex To China

2009-03-12 | A new translation of a popular Christian book on sex is being released this month in one of the most widely-read languages on the planet - Chinese.

12 Year Old Reads The Pen And Paper Diet And Understands All Concepts

2009-03-11 | Marissa Silva, 12 year old from Tucson, understands (after reading the book) that all one needs to do is track calories to control weight while they eat what they want.

New Handbook Compares Calorie Info for World's Foods

2009-03-10 | The new handbook compares calorie info for the large majority of the world's foods and some beverages. All calculations are referenced to 1 gram or 1 milliliter for simple comparison.

Synergy Discovered When A Person Combines Pen, Paper, Calorie Budget And Monthly Weight Measurements

2009-03-10 | Synergy happens when something different occurs when combining individual things together. The synergy referenced in the headline is similar to the personal freedom associated with the automobile.

Author of Diet Book Reveals All Ideas of Book on Google Video in order to Spark a Global Health Movement

2009-03-07 | The Pen and Paper Diet is so basic that a person does not have to buy the book to begin the program.

The Girls from 'On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg' Are Back in 'Michael's Secrets' by Milton Stern

2009-03-03 | Riding on the heels of the hilarious, yet disturbing, ON TUESDAYS, THEY PLAYED MAH JONGG, STARbooks Press releases MICHAEL'S SECRETS by Milton Stern, bringing back those menopausal, Jewish women who proved popular with book clubs from New Jersey to Texas to Las Vegas.

A Trailblazing Book for Women Named Among the Best in Family-Friendly Media

2009-02-28 | Mom's Choice Awards honors The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living as a Silver Award Recipient. This makes the third national award for first time author, Corrie Woods, and reflects the big buzzing building about this little book.

Chimp Attack Digital Novel Released By Vellum Publishing, Inc.

2009-02-28 | Vellum Publishing, Inc., the e-book publisher for the Digital Generation, announces the release of a novel in which a chimpanzee is implicated in a series of brutal killings.

"The Crowd Dreams of Love" Receives Praise from Authors, Screenwriters and Academics

2009-02-27 | "The Crowd Dreams of Love," a new novel by author and screenwriter John Leone, published by Blithedale Books, is receiving widespread praise within the writing and creative communities as a timely and prophetic message on the importance of love in a world consumed by political and economic chaos.

A Supernatural Encounter with God, A Story Of Faith, Healing And Survival - Written By Charles and Saundra Stewart

2009-02-25 | In this tender read we are privileged to enter into the world of, Charles and Saundra, a world that like most of ours, has indeed its trials and tribulations. The couple share with you their lives, their journey with the Lord, and the battles they encountered.

Amazon Kindle Document Conversion Service Aids Entrepreneurs, Authors and Small Businesses in Leveraging the Power of Amazon

2009-02-19 | Company guides authors and entrepreneurs in publishing and promoting how-to guides, non-fiction and digitized fiction on the Amazon Kindle platform.

A Publishing Company Just For The Digital Generation

2009-02-18 | Vellum Publishing, Inc. establishes a new line of digital fiction books for Amazon Kindle.

The Windsor Festival Spring Weekend with

2009-02-14 | LateRooms is offering up to 70% hotels discount during The Windsor Festival Spring Weekend

Pittsburgh to Host Writers Conference with Best-Selling Author Lisa Scottoline

2009-02-10 | New York Times best-selling author Lisa Scottoline will deliver the Friday evening keynote address at Pennwriters 22nd annual writers' conference, scheduled for May 15-17 at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.

Mark Ryan's Musical Adaptation of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" Now Available on iTunes

2009-02-09 | Six songs inspired by the gothic love story are now available for purchase at iTunes Music Store and CDBaby, featuring Mark Ryan, Jenn Korbee, Jessica Keenan Wynn and Katie Boeck with musical performances by Tina Guo and Brad Fernquist.