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Scott Ginsberg on Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical Podcast

2007-05-09 | Jim Canterucci's May guest is the Guy with the Nametag Scott Ginsberg on the Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcastl.

Novel Considered Too Graphic for Teens

2007-04-27 | Controversy over the content of the recently released novel, "Edgewise: An Assignment to Remember" provokes the question, What is too graphic for teens?

A Great New Chapter-book Series for Children Starts Up That Features Characters That Travel Around the World and That Are From Florida

2007-04-24 | The Incredible Journey Books, a new chapter-book series for children ages 7-9, has started up with its first two books, The Criminal in the Caymans and Treasure in Tahiti.

"Cynthia von Buhler: Show & Tell" On Exhibit at the Staten Island Museum in New York City. Surreal three-dimensional works blend Renaissance inspired portraiture and messianic figures with natural objects.

2007-04-24 | Cynthia von Buhler's enigmatic paintings impart their meaning through symbol, design, and narrative. Butterflies, snakes, birds, and plants are set into cages, boxes, and peepholes to serve as metaphors for the human condition. "Show and Tell" is akin to a trip down an ornate rabbit hole.

Mark Sanborn on Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical Podcast

2007-04-11 | Jim Canterucci's April guest is Bestselling author Mark Sanborn on the Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcastl.

Harriet Lane, the Most Admired First Lady, Not Featured in Coin Series

2007-04-04 | "It may be called First Spouse Gold Coin Program," but that does not excuse the omission of Harriet Lane," states Milton Stern, the author of "Harriet Lane, America's First Lady."

The Secret of the Secret is that it is not new. It's been modernized and put into a Hollywood-type book & video. Napoleon Hill, Wallace Waddles, James Allen, Al J Scaglione, the Hicks, Shakti Gulwain (Oprah endorsed her book years ago)have been sharing the "Secret" for close to 100 Years.

2007-04-04 | Oprah recently had a show dedicated to the "Secret" and millions watched Oprah and her panel of "Secret" professionals talk about the "Law of Attraction".But the fact is unless one embraces the hard work attached to its principals, the "Law of Attraction" doesn't work.

Jacko's Giant Robot Escapes from ZANESVILLE

2007-04-02 | Did Michael Jackson read ZANESVILLE by celebrated author Kris Saknussemm? It appears so!

Talking Celebrity Fiction Web Site Now Gives You A Virtual Look into the Minds and Bedrooms of Celebs

2007-03-30 | Puzzlekiller Talking E-Novel enters the CelebWeb to address the insatiable curiosity of the public for everything Celebrity.

New Book, "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," Proves That Fun and Business Theory Can Coexist Harmoniously

2007-03-29 | Cristian Mitreanu's book "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," which will be released on April 3rd at, brings the graphic novel format into the business book realm.

Literary Agency Announces The Art of Brevity: An Unusual Short Story Competition

2007-03-24 | The Ocean Cooperative Literary Agency, one of the online world's oldest editorial services, has announced the creation of a new literary awards program to support and encourage short story writers. The"Art of Brevity" prize is awarded regularly on the basis of a single submitted story.

A Killer of a Whale Launch - Assisted Suicide Novel Hits Shelves

2007-03-23 | It will be "a killer whale of a launch party" on Saturday, April 7, as author Cheryl Kaye Tardif's highly anticipated assisted suicide novel Whale Song hits the shelves.

Karen Post on Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical Podcast

2007-03-14 | Jim Canterucci's March guest is Branding Diva Karen Post on the Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcast.

Bookseller of Year is featured speaker at book show in Atlanta

2007-03-13 | Gayle Shanks, named Bookseller of the Year 2007, will be featured at sessions for Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance at March 23-25 trade show at Georgia World Congress Center.

Successful independent bookstore owner tells secrets of survival

2007-03-05 | Gayle Shanks, co-owner of one of Arizona's most successful book stores, says the secret to competing with chain and big box store is to mix up the offerings.

"Edges, O Israel, O Palestine" by Leora Skolkin-Smith, edited by Grace Paley will be featured at this year's Northern Arizona Book Festival, 2007 and the LA Time Festival of the Book.

2007-02-27 | The author will be appearing at the Orpheum Theater on April 21, from noon to 1:30. Book-signing at the LA Times Festival of the Book is on the UCLA Campus on April 28th, sponsored by he Author's Coalition, Booth #610 Zone F

Spring Book Show founder discusses remainder book market

2007-02-27 | Larry May, founder of Atlanta's Spring Book Show, the largest bargain book show in the South, discussed the state of the bargain book business in recent interviews in the Southern Review of Books and the Associated Book Exchange (AbeBooks) newsletter.

Local History Written for Children

2007-02-18 | Shirley Nelson's goal was to write a history book that children would enjoy reading and learn from at the same time.

Bloggers' Literary Awards Announced

2007-02-15 | More than 80 volunteers have wrapped up two rounds of judging in the first-ever Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards (Cybils). Bloggers sought a balance between literary quality and "kid appeal" among the 482 titles nominated by the public.

New author shakes up Sci Fi with 2012 doomsday novel

2007-02-11 | Philadelphia native Lawrence Johnson has managed to combine the Mayan Calendar, Crop Circles, and Stonehenge into one science fiction story that is getting attention from the conspiracy theorist on the web.