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Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

Sue Paulson on Authors' Row at the Edmonton Woman's Show

2006-08-03 | The Fall Edmonton Woman's Show will once again feature Authors' Row, promoting some of Alberta's finest authors, including writer and speaker Sue Paulson.

Award-winning novel set in pre-1967 Israel/Palestine "Edges, O Israel, O Palestine" by Leora Skolkin-Smith Edited by Grace Paley

2006-07-23 | "Edges" is set in a pre-1967 Israel, during the Cold War. Characters are drawn from Israel's long-forgotten past, members of the 1940's Haganah and Jewish underground who find themselves displaced amidst the chaotic and complex tensions of an Israel just beginning to modernize and expand.

YEH KAHAN AAGAYE HUM in Post production, one of the uniqe films this year from bollywood.

2006-07-19 | A classic bollywood film written produced,edited, starring & directed by K. RAJ SRIVASTAVA, produced by Amit Gill and Dinesh Kalia with the official website,

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group holds Book Club and Author Conference in Charlotte, NC

2006-07-09 | The Reading and Writing SISTAZ Literary Group, aka RAWSISTAZ, celebrate 6 years of literary service and will host their fifth annual event for readers and writers in Charlotte, NC., September 8-10, 2006

Taking Time to Understand the Elderly Author Recalls the Value of Time with. Grandmother in New Memoir

2006-07-09 | Robert Gillis spent many years of his life caring for his grandmother, and he recounts what he gained from his experiences with a remarkable lady in his new memoir, Nana: My Grandmother, Anne Gillis (now available through AuthorHouse) and

Christian Fantasy Just Got Very Interesting. Are You Ready?

2006-07-09 | Never Ceese, published by Journey Stone Creations, is officially in stores after being introduced to book sellers at the BEA in Washington this past May.

Bangladeshi Supporter of Israel Facing Death Penalty Publishes American's Book-Length Poem

2006-07-02 | Shoaib Choudhury's support for the State of Israel has earned him stiff opposition in his native Bangladesh, where Islam is the official faith.

New Book is Fresh Exploration and Explanation of the Mind-Boggling Universe; Author Speculates on Humans' Future, Existence and Purpose - discovering that World Peace and Prosperity for All cannot be avoided.

2006-06-30 | Though its primary concern is science, the following book is relevant to world peace because it concludes that everyone's life is scientifically unified with all other life beyond the range of our senses and experiences (but within the range of our understanding).

The Conductor - Leading Business and Technology Teams To Success - just published.

2006-06-29 | The Conductor is an executive's guide for managing large-scale, multi-million dollar projects using the best practices of delivery management. Delivery management is a much broader scale of project management.

Fiction Thriller Sledgehammer Receives Excellent Reviews - This Is One book You Don't Want to Miss

2006-06-28 | Fiction thriller, Sledgehammer, is receiving outstanding reviews as a must read fiction thriller. You go inside the ER and journey though 6 days where the plot thickens as an ER Doctor tries to save his hospital, and the nation from a small pox epidemic.

Promoting Your Book Just Became Easier…

2006-06-19 | Your Book Is Complete And Now You Need To Promote It, But Where Do You Start?

Are You Doing What Is Required To Retain Your Web Site Visitors?

2006-06-15 | Retain Web Site Visitors With Sticky Content On Your Web Site

My Life is All I Have by V. Anthony Rivers, the New Intoxicating Story of Unconditional Love with Staggering Consequences

2006-05-12 | Main character Leesha Tyler's goals for herself are something of an enigma. She wants to be a bitch, a princess and a queen, and there are people in her life giving selflessly to help her capture each goal. So what does she have to lose? Everything! launches Resources Section

2006-05-10 | launched a Resources Section featuring its eponymous book and the first ever series of downloadable audio recordings on Latinos and how to reach them effectively with marketing and public relations tools

Author Wants Liza Minnelli to Play Lead in "On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg"

2006-05-09 | When asked who should be considered for the part of Florence Kennoff in the movie based on his latest book, "On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg," Milton Stern answered without hesitation, "Liza Minnelli, of course."

Tovah Feldshuh narrates "Edges, O Israel,O Palestine"

2006-04-14 | Grace Paley writes: "EDGES takes the reader to an Israel before high walls formed a border, when, instead, metal wires hung "like hosiery lines" across the land.

Penguin releases Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson

2006-04-09 | Penguin has just released Everything Bad is Good For - How popular culture is making us smarter by Steven Johnson

Penguin to publish Victoria Beckham's new book fashion, style and beauty bible

2006-04-05 | Penguin are set to publish Victoria Beckham's new book fashion, style and beauty bible, That Extra Half an Inch

New Book Release "Wannabe Partners In Crime"

2006-04-04 | A new novel published in 2006, second book published by author Marilyn Oakley. Authors accomplishments and a brief bio.