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A Complete Solution for the Busy or Aspiring Virtual Assistant, WordPerfect OfficeReady Virtual Assistant Solution Pack

2006-12-08 | Corel WordPerfect's Office Ready Virtual Solution Pack offers everything a Virtual Assistant needs to start a successful business including a detailed 81 page e-book and over 70 templates of the necessary forms and sample marketing letters needed to operate a business.

Decoding Book Resurrects the Ancient Astronaut Theme

2006-12-04 | Morten St. George's "Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics: A Guide to Cryptic Thinking" expounds theory of alien contact during the Dark Ages.

Finalists announced for Allbooks Reviews Editor's Choice 2007!

2006-12-03 | ALLBOOKS REVIEWS EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD FOR 2007 announces the finalist. Winners will be announced in January 2007. Following are the finalist in all genre categories, we wish them all the best and much success with their books.

Audiobook Publishers and Producers Now Find Professional Voices on Voice123 (

2006-11-25 | Voice123, an online voice over marketplace, offers professional voice over talents for audiobook recordings.

Who Wrote "Book of Business" ?

2006-11-20 | Philadelphian Press Inc. announced the publication of Book of Business, an anonymously written novel of the high-stakes practice of civil law.

Pre-Publication Discount Sale Extended of I Heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration for Living a Humanitarian Relief Product

2006-11-20 | BelleCora Press has extended its pre-publication sale of I Heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration for Living. Scheduled for release on November 30, the cover price is discounted 20% through December 20, 2006. Book Exchange Store Launches New Member Promotion For November

2006-11-14 | New members of book exchange receive free books when they join by November 30th


2006-11-11 | The novel "Edges, O Israel, O Palestine" by Leora Skolkin-Smith and edited by Grace Paley will soon come to life in audio form. Tovah Feldshuh narrates an original audio edition, produced by three-time Peabody award winner, Marjorie Van Halteran. Directed by grammy award winner, Charles Potter.

PinkLight is proud to present Violeta Galagarza and KR3TS.

2006-11-07 | PinkLight announces the release of a Front & Center piece on Violeta Galagarza and her company KR3TS. PinkLight is happy to feature this Spanish Harlem native, her life, her story and her passion for dance.

Pre-Publication Discount of I heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration a Humanitarian Relief Product Offered by Publisher

2006-11-04 | BelleCora Press announces the pre-publication sale of I Heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration for Living. Scheduled for release and shipment on November 30, the spiral bound volume is more than a book of quotes. The cover price is discounted 20% through November 20, 2006.

Being Listed In The Top Listings Of Search Engines Is No Easy Task. Are You Doing What It Takes?

2006-10-30 | Using A Press Release Within Your Search Engine Optimization Tactic. Something Everyone In Any Industry Can Use.

Have you Ever played with a Stranger's Mind?

2006-10-27 | FlapArt Inc. celebrates one year of International success having been featured in Marie Claire Italy and in recent news articles on Fox News and CBC News. FlapArt has perfected playing with people's minds and is celebrating by introducing two new Alternative Book Covers.

The Railroad to Nowhere in a Race with the Lunatic Express - Brandylane Publishers

2006-10-12 | The Railroad to Nowhere proposed by Mississippi evokes memories of another railroad built in Africa in the 1890's, called the Lunatic Express, it had many problems to overcome before becoming a reality, a story told in a new novel by John Gaudet to be released by Brandylane Publishers this fall.

Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif in a Hilarious TV Series - A Total Write-Off

2006-10-07 | A Total Write-Off, a new 13-part television series produced by Panacea Entertainment in Edmonton, Alberta, begins filming the second week of October and Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song (a 2007 Kunati Books release), Divine Intervention and The River will be one of the participants.

NC author donates to association spearheading the restoration of the all-black Pea Island Lifesaving Station

2006-10-06 | VP Publishing, LLC announces that Tom Lewis, author of Sunday's Child, has pledged a percentage of royalties from sales of his book to aide in the moving and restoration of the historic Pea Island Lifesaving Station.

What do Bill Bryson, the Roosevelts, Churchill and the Queen have in Common?

2006-10-06 | The Iron Snake a new novel by John Gaudet out this fall is set during the construction of a railroad in Kenya made famous by the wild nature of the line in the Victorian era, and by newsworthy passengers since then. Called the "Lunatic Express," it changed the lives of millions of Africans.

DK release a cool new PICK ME UP game

2006-10-04 | DK has created a cool new game based on PICK ME UP, the coolest book out this autumn published in October.