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5819 total news stories found. Brings Back the Fun as Listings Surge to Over 400,000

2006-03-16 | Just after midnight on March 14, 2006, a few days into the second week of's Listing Contest, listings soared to an all time high of 409,226. Up from 186,867 less than two weeks ago.

Second to None, Warrior Voices named Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year by

2006-03-13 | Second to None, Warrior Voices, the latest release by Barbara Ann Derksen, contains first person accounts of the Korean combat experience of veterans from the SECOND INFANTRY DIVISION of the Army.

Next Generation Media, Inc. adds HexaLock CD Copy Protection Technology to Their CD-ROM Facility Offerings

2006-03-06 | Virtually any Content Type Distributed on CD-R or CD-ROM can now be protected from Illegal Copying and Use. Hexalock, Ltd., announced today that Next Generation Media, Inc., a DVD and CD-ROM replication facility has become an Authorized Replicator of HexaLock CD Copy Protection technology.

Politics, Bias, Anti-Americanism in the Classroom Drove Seattle Parent to Write History Book

2006-03-05 | Politics, Bias, Anti-Americanism in the Classroom Drove Seattle Parent to Write History Book. Travesty of Colorado High School's "Ranting Teacher" Spotlights Why Book Was Written And Why Kids Need It, Says Author Announces the Launch of the Free Audiobook of the Month Club

2006-01-27 |, an online resource for audio and video educational products, celebrates their first anniversary with the launch of the Free Audiobook of the Month Club (

Author publishes new fantasy series after years of development

2006-01-26 | Emerging fantasy fiction author, Tracy Falbe, whose new series "The Rys Chronicles" was published in January by Brave Luck Books TM, is promoting paperback sales by offering Book I "Union of Renegades" as a free ebook download.

Sibling Rivalry and Infidelity are Key Elements for a Best-Seller

2006-01-25 | Devastating skeletons in the closet and a sibling rivalry that has gone too far are what Gloria Mallette fans will enjoy about her latest novel, What's Done in the Dark

Secrets, Lies, and Politics Collides in Monica Frazier Anderson's New Novel, When a Sistah's Fed Up

2006-01-25 | When a Sistah's Fed Up by Monica F. Anderson is " intriguing tale, with well-developed characters and plenty of suspense." -Cheryl Smith, Dallas Weekly Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with the Launch of MLK Out Loud, a Complete Resource for King's Audio and Video Content

2006-01-15 |, an online resource for audio and video educational products, is proud to present MLK Out Loud, a complete resource for audio and video content related to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ( Celebrates the Anniversary of the Birth of J. R. R. Tolkien with the Complete J. R. R. Tolkien Audio Resource Page

2006-01-03 |, an online resource for audio and video educational products, presents the J. R. R. Tolkien Audio Resource Page ( This web page is a one-stop portal for every audio book by the author.

Self Published Authors now have an excellent Review and Promo source

2005-12-29 | Allbooks Reviews is an excellent promotion site for new authors. Chosen one of 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2004 and 2005.

Give alcoholics hope this Christmas with "Phoenix in a Bottle"

2005-12-13 | The controversial new book "Phoenix in a Bottle" by Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald would make the ideal Christmas present of hope for alcoholics from their friends, relatives and loved ones - say publishers Melrose Books.

Decapitated body found in Avon, Massachusetts.

2005-12-09 | — A quiet little town gets a big shock when a gang of friends finds the headless body of a Brockton teenager. —

Have Your Book Sales Stalled?: Writing Reference Tool Reveals How to Breathe Life Into Your Book Promotion

2005-12-08 | When authors notice a slump in their book sales, more often than not their promotional efforts are to blame. Their media kits may be out of date or lacking critical elements.

Write Your Way to a Better Career in 2006: New Books Shows You How

2005-12-01 | The New Year is coming, and once the holiday dinners are served and the gifts opened, many people start thinking about ways to further their careers. No matter what your career resolution is, good writing skills can help you get there.

Why Is the Publishing Industry Keeping a Watchful Eye on Milton Stern?

2005-11-28 | For the past 18 months, Milton Stern has made an indelible mark on the publishing industry with two historical biographies, a novel, numerous lectures and presentations, and a monthly magazine that highlights up and coming authors. And, he accomplished all of the above while holding down three jobs.

Maintain Enthusiasm by Aligning Communication: Critically-Acclaimed Book Shows You How

2005-11-24 | Many leaders find it easy to inspire their organizations at the launch of a strategy or an initiative. Their detailed communication earns them buy-in and enthusiasm, but that zeal often fades and agreed-upon actions can stall or disappear completely.

'An Eye For An Eye' Wins the 2005 BookAdz Award

2005-11-23 | Alvin Abram, a Toronto author, has won the 2005 BookAdz Award for Best Book with 'An Eye For An Eye'.

How Do Children Spell Love? T-I-M-E New Book Helps Parents Slow Down for the Holidays

2005-11-19 | With all this hustle and bustle, forgetting to spend time with family (the most important part of the holidays) becomes as easy as unwrapping presents.

Uncover the Exploited Rules of the Game in Checkmate: The Games Men Play by Mark D. Crutcher

2005-11-18 | Checkmate: The Games Men Play will have you looking beyond your normal perceptions of reality and seeing the true meaning behind a man's actions and words.