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How did the Wise Men in the Bible Know what His Star Meant? Find out in Magi Apprentice!

2023-10-31 | Written with enough action and adventure to give you an adrenaline rush. Painstakingly researched for Biblical, historical, and astronomical accuracy, this story is both believable and exciting to read.

Kiss Your Money and Your Dreams Goodbye- The Song About The Cruise In A War Zone

2023-10-23 | "Norwegian takes your money, they took our money honey… Booked on a cruise to where they cannot go… Kiss your money and your dreams goodbye!"

Wilkins: Biden As Usual Tries To Have It Both Ways

2023-10-22 | Weak Policies Have Led To Disaster In The Middle East

Phillips: No Money To Gaza

2023-10-22 | Middle East Disaster Is A Result of Biden's Weak Policies

Ukrainian Project HELPTOWIN Launches Fundraising Initiative for International Community to Donate Directly to Volunteers

2023-10-21 | HelpToWin will send funds directly to volunteers at the frontline. A social project - rather than a commercial or government-led one - HelpToWin is fully transparent and places a strong focus on helping ordinary citizens and fighters

Spotter Global Unveils A Cutting-Edge Tactical Mobile Kit for Swift and Effective Radar Security

2023-10-05 | Spotter revolutionized radar security with a compact and versatile solution for rapid deployment, exceptional tracking, and enhanced situational awareness

Phillips Condemns Iranian Cash For Hostages Deal

2023-09-21 | Biden Has Endangered Americans In Dealing With Terrorist Regime

Compassion and connection needed to achieve gender equality and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2023-09-15 | On Monday, September 18th, Footage Foundation begins a campaign calling for prioritization of compassion and connection to accelerate achieving gender equality.

The GTTAC Counterterrorism Brief: Focus on Nigeria

2023-09-13 | This brief focused on Nigeria's sources of violence and conflict and contains analysis, data, and statics compiled by the Global Terrorism Trends and Analsysis Center (GTTAC).

Call for Accountability: Global Petition To Revoke Eduardo Manalo's Appointment as Special Envoy for Overseas Filipinos

2023-09-07 | An Unprecedented Global Movement That Is Raising International Movement And Solidarity Against Religious And Political Corruption

Bestselling Author Jack Billups Announces My Vietnam: A Gift To My Daughter Audiobook Has Debuted As An Amazon Hot New Release

2023-08-25 | Billups' book is a stunning piece of writing that will likely take its place as one of the best Vietnam memoirs ever written.

Unpacking America, Trump, and the New Rise of MAGA: "Take It or Leave It" Podumentary Unveils Third Season Premiere, Finding Host Dr. Barbara Taber In Top Form

2023-08-16 | The much-anticipated conclusion of "Justice Is Coming" delves into Trump's impact, vital political shifts, and the need for awareness. Explore Dr. Barbara Taber's influential insights and autobiographical book as her website garners 1.3M+ visitors.

Letters from World War II

2023-08-09 | "Uncovering an Extraordinary WWII Story of Strength and Resilience"

Geostrategy.Rs Director General, Dragana Trifkovic: Why don't events in Ukraine concern Russian elite descendants?

2023-07-29 | The news about the Ukrainian elite hiding away from the military conflict is spread by Russian propagandists again. But how is the Russian elite itself doing?

Federal District Judge Awards $321 million to 19 Injured Veterans and 16 of Their Family Members

2023-07-28 | Iran Held Liable for Material Support of Terrorist Groups

For prosperity, Afghanistan requires sustainable peace, not war

2023-07-10 | The CEO of Taleam, Ahmadzai, firmly believes that Afghanistan desperately craves everlasting peace, rather than the relentless continuation of war.

GTTAC Publishes Counterterrorism Brief on Wagner Group

2023-07-06 | This brief focused on Wagner PMC contains analysis, data, and statics compiled by the Global Terrorism Trends and Analsysis Center (GTTAC).

Rebuilding Ukraine matches Startups with Funders, begins 24 hour Hackathon for War Recovery

2023-07-06 | Also initiates programs in Mental Health, Women's Empowerment, Childhood Education and Health Care

Bestselling Vietnam Memoir By Jack Billups, My Vietnam A Gift To My Daughter, Offers A Riveting And Unprecedented Account Of The Vietnam War

2023-06-29 | Billups' book is a stunning piece of writing that will likely take its place as one of the best Vietnam memoirs ever written.