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Terrorism and Armed Conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo Worsening, Details Maryland International Research Firm Brief

2023-06-15 | Report Includes Section on Mineral Exploitation and Conflict in the DRC

BlackKite sensor flies on U.S. Army Group 4 UAS at EDGE 23 demonstration event

2023-06-08 | Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system tested as payload for Air-Launched Effects platform

Federal District Judge Awards $628 million to 32 Injured Veterans and 40 of Their Family Members

2023-05-04 | The Court found Iran responsible for providing material support to various terrorist organizations

Delve Into The Mystery Behind The Attempted Murder Of President Gerald Ford

2023-04-28 | Geri Spieler announces the release of her book, "Housewife Assassin-The Woman Who Tried To Kill President Ford (Diversion Books)," a fascinating glimpse of a turbulent period in American history.

150 next-generation bionic arm prostheses by the Regenerate Ukrainians

2023-04-23 | Charity foundation «Dopomogator» and Allbionics team have announced the launch of a bionic prosthetics project for Ukrainians Investigative Journalism: Who is the Investigator?

2023-04-16 | The advent of the Internet began the age of electronic media and information platforms, giving out a huge amount of contradictory information. Center for Geostrategic Studies presents the investigation on one of them - online media Bellingcat

Jack Billups, Bestselling Author Of My Vietnam And Christian's Walk, Addresses The Worry Anguished Parents And Grandparents Experience Over The Change In Traditional American Values

2023-04-14 | Author Jack Billups' first book, 'My Vietnam' was a bestseller in the Vietnam War Memoir category. The new book was inspired by John Bunyan's immortal classic, 'Pilgrims Progress'.

Best Christian Books For Women: Christian's Walk: The Journey, By Jack Billups, Achieves Bestseller Status

2023-03-09 | Author Jack Billups' first book, 'My Vietnam' was a bestseller in the Vietnam War Memoir category. The new book was inspired by John Bunyan's immortal classic, 'Pilgrims Progress'.

"We need to start thinking about each other. We need to be human"

2023-02-23 | One year on from Russia's full scale attack on Ukraine, two young women share their stories of the impact that the war is having on the hardest to reach.

Fieldsheer Donates Heated Clothing as Part of Humanitarian Aid to Ukrainian People

2023-02-15 | Company Working with Ukraine Advocacy Organization to Deliver Heated Apparel; Will Help Provide Warmth to Soldiers, Volunteers, and Displaced Citizens

Lombardi: America Needs Answers About Objects Shot Down

2023-02-15 | Classic Biden Nowhere To Be Found During A Crisis

New crime fiction release urges end to world hunger. A new release in crime thrillers, The Hunger Crime

2023-02-08 | The Hunger Crime launches on February 7th on Amazon. The Hunger Crime, calls for shared action to end world hunger.

How Former Pope Benedict's "What Is Christianity?" Misplaces Blame for "Collapse" of Catholic Church Foundation

2023-01-28 | Benedict blamed the sexual revolution of the 1960s for collapse, ( but a mistranslation could better explain it, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy.

United Nations publishes 9th report on the persecution of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam and KAILASA

2023-01-28 | Report on the sale and sexual exploitation of children, including child prostitution, child pornography and other child sexual abuse material on reparation for child victims and survivors of sale and sexual exploitation

The Vasterbottensost Affair by Robert Mucci

2023-01-27 | Secret military mission goes awry, and U.S. soldiers get captured

Bestselling Author Jack Billups Announces New Christian Fiction Novel, Christian's Walk: The Journey, Will Be Available At No Charge In Ebook Form February 1 Through February 3, 2023

2023-01-26 | Billups' first book, 'My Vietnam' was a bestseller in the Vietnam War Memoir category. The new book was inspired by John Bunyan's immortal classic, Pilgrims Progress

Save Ukraine Network using AI-optimized aggregate predictions to guide Civilians in avoiding and recovering from Drone and Missile Strikes

2022-12-23 | Swarm intelligence using online software can improve citizens' ability to survive attacks

Despite the Fighting, Ukrainian Jews Learn Judaism, in Warsaw

2022-12-10 | "These three days are like a fresh breeze for all of us," says Inna Slutskaya, who has been living in war-torn Ukraine for 10 months and is struggling without water and electricity at home.

Failing to Figure Prophetic Sevens May Soon Impact Jews, Christians and Muslims Worldwide Says Dr. Richard Ruhling

2022-12-07 | Dr. Richard Ruhling Biblical is a prophecy expert and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.