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Budget Property Styling Devaluing House Prices In Inner Sydney

2008-11-26 | As House Prices Fall in Inner Sydney, The Effects Of Budget Styling Must Be Considered

UK Businesses Feeling the Credit Pinch

2008-11-23 | One in five UK accountants have confirmed that their clients have been refused credit or had funding restrictions imposed in the light of the credit crunch.

JK Harris Reminds Taxpayers of Changes for Upcoming Tax Season

2008-11-23 | Tax season is coming soon, and JK Harris and Company wants to make taxpayers aware of changes that may affect them.

Virgin Money is Urging People to Improve Home Security

2008-11-22 | Virgin Money warns that plans to stop sending burglars to jail risks increasing householders' fear of crime and may prompt more people to take the law into their own hands, despite the recent drop in burglaries.

CCLOGIC LTD Announces Ability to Help business Incorporate in Cyprus

2008-11-21 | CCLOGIC is glad to announce the ability to offer existing and new clients Cyprus company formation and Cyprus personal as well as business bank accounts.

Response To HMRC Child Trust Fund Statistics By Family Investments, The UK's Leading CTF Provider

2008-11-21 | Kate Baker, Head of Savings and Investments, Family Investments, commented: "At first glance the latest figures from HM Revenue & Customs suggest the Child Trust Fund (CTF) has met with a great deal of success but the low take up amongst poorer families is still a big concern."

REBATE! Bailout Alternative Will Save The American Automobile Industry, Stimulate The Economy And Prevent A Deepening Depression. Immediate Implementation By Congress Is Vital to The American People.

2008-11-20 | The implementation of an instantaneous tax rebate of 15% of automobile purchases in the form of gift cards that must be used within 60 days will provide massive economy stimulus. This plan will help dealers, part manufacturers, consumers and the economy at large.

JK Harris Advises Taxpayers Looking for Refund to Tell IRS of Address Changes

2008-11-20 | JK Harris and Company strongly advises taxpayers who have recently moved to tell the IRS or they may not receive their due refund and/or stimulus checks.

Nordic American Smokeless Inc., Taboca A/S and Philip Morris USA Reach Settlement Agreement

2008-11-17 | Danbury, Connecticut and Oslo, Norway - Nordic American Smokeless Inc. and its Norwegian affiliate Taboca A/S announced today that a settlement has been reached with Philip Morris USA regarding use of the "Taboka" trademark in the United States.

UkrGasBank: Safe & Sound

2008-11-14 | In the choppy waters of the current financial crisis flooding global markets commercial bank UkrGasBank of Ukraine stands out as a rock for its customers, ranking the first amongst the group of large banks by net assets.

Financial Translation Services for the FDIC completed by Foreign Translations, Inc.

2008-11-13 | Foreign Translations, Inc. through its General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the federal government, was awarded and recently completed a financial translation services contract with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

New Property Investment Opportunity in Brazil

2008-11-12 |, the leading international property portal, announces a number of new properties in Brazil - Online Publication to Revolutionise Information Flow For Global Institutional Investors

2008-11-07 |, an information and ideas exchange devoted to strategies for the largest pension and other funds, has just been launched by Conexus Financial, an international specialist publishing and events company.

Looking For A Can't Miss Executive Holiday Gift? Give Green Weenies

2008-11-07 | "Green Weenies and Due Diligence", a Humorous Guide to Terms in Vogue in America's Boardrooms, Makes an Original and Fun Executive Gift

Free Credit Report Resources Has Grand Opening

2008-11-03 | A comprehensive, informational site directed toward various age groups with information that can help them develop, manage, and repair their credit. The Website is free and there is also a free E-book to download.

Electronic Filing Enables Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm to Offer a Flat Fee

2008-10-31 | Chicago bankruptcy law firm Team Legal Chicago has taken advantage of electronic filing to lower fees for potential clients. Electronic filing has enabled attorneys to become more efficient and virtually save hundreds of hours yearly which has enabled lawyers to be more efficient.

UK Businesses Need to Get Savings Savvy in Current Economic Climate

2008-10-26 | With the difficult economic conditions persisting, Standard Life Bank is urging UK businesses to be savvier with their hard earned savings, following research that businesses are potentially missing out on significant interest payments by not using a business savings account.

Representatives From Online Land Sales LLC Will Be Available at the 2008 National Association of Realtors Convention, Being Held in Orlando, Florida. A Review of the Website,, Shows that the Company is Offering More Land For Sale With Seller Financing - Despite the Credit Crunch.

2008-10-24 | Online Land Sales LLC will be at the 2008 National Association of Realtors convention. At, Land investors can add value to land while financing the entire balance with the previous owner, as an alternative to the now elusive bank financing.

No Credit Crises at - 100% Financing on Properties All Around the Country

2008-10-24 | Now, because of the prior customer defaults, Online Land Sales LLC has an inventory of raw land that can be sold at much lower prices. These properties can be purchased with 100% financing.

Attorney Wants to Help Consumers Who Have Credit Repair Problems: Offers Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest; Winner Receives Free Legal Help

2008-10-17 | The Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest -- a nationwide contest where entrants will submit their stories telling why they need the help - will award one winner FREE Legal services to help repair credit problems (value: $1,000).