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Robert Nettles M.D. Extends Practice with Newport Beach Locations

2010-01-22 | From Millionaire Matchmaker to Real Doctor of Orange County, Robert Nettles M.D., world renowned hair restoration expert and pioneer of non-surgical aesthetic facial procedures, has extended his practice into Orange County, CA.

Ariel Laboratories Produces Formulas that Overcome Challenges Generic to Production of Natural Cosmetics

2010-01-22 | When it comes to color cosmetics, "elegance" is the watchword and the consumer's number one consideration in product selection.

Natural Skincare Company Sponsors Skincare Products for New York Fashion Show

2010-01-21 | Leading natural skincare company in New York, JUARA, sponsors beauty products for a New York fashion show, featuring Auguste Soetrisno's haute couture line, on Thursday, Jan. 21.

Renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon Dean M. Toriumi says, "Injectable Fillers Used in the Nose Can Be Devastating!"

2010-01-06 | Dr Torium's advice to patients is that if they are not planning on having surgery on their nose and would like to undergo treatment with a filler material, they should consult a physician who is knowledgeable of the nasal anatomy and aesthetics.

Courthouse Clinic Announces Christmas Treatment List

2009-12-24 | What with the constantly changing world of cosmetic treatments, UK cosmetic chain Courthouse clinics announces updates in treatment list with a festive feel. Whilst still keeping the focus on their most popular treatment botox.

Natural Skincare Company Launches "Escape to Bali" Cosmetic Body Care Kit

2009-12-14 | Leading natural skincare company in New York, JUARA, is launching an "Escape to Bali" body care kit for a limited-time only, which contains travel-size Candlenut Hand and Body Balm and Candlenut Rollerball Perfume Oil.

Questions about Latisse

2009-12-12 | Latisse is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment for hypotrichosis to grow eyelashes.

The Scent of Online Success: A New Option for Purchasing Perfumes and Colognes Online

2009-12-11 | A new option for purchasing perfumes and colognes online at fantastic discount prices is set to go live just in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

Popularity of BOTOX - What Studies Show

2009-12-10 | BOTOX should only be administered by a qualified cosmetic physician. The doctor injects small doses to the treatment area using a tiny needle. There is very little pain associated and a topical anesthetic is sometimes used to make it less painful.

Biggest Loser Contestant from Columbus, Ohio Received Teeth Whitening from Columbus Dentist Office

2009-12-08 | Erinn Egbert appeared for a surprise visit on the Dec. 1 episode of NBC's Biggest Loser - received Zoom!Teeth Whitening from Grove City Family Dentistry as part of her weight loss makeover.

According to Dr. Rick Nappi, "Swine Flu and H1N1, Move Over for the H5N1! Bird flu & Avian flu is coming to your city!"

2009-12-02 | Dr. Rick Nappi is one of today's leading authorities in homeopathic and naturopathy medicine. He has written an informative and interesting article on viruses that are on our minds today. Dr. Rick Nappi is sharing information vital to your health!

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

2009-11-22 | Laser skin rejuvenation is a popular procedure that can reduce the effects of the sun, aging and some facial disorders. Treatments are safe, effective and convenient, while diminishing the appearance of imperfections on the surface of the skin.

Dental Veneers

2009-11-22 | Many people have minor issues about their teeth that reduce their self-confidence. Discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps between the teeth, or slight misalignment can make you uncomfortable enough to keep you from smiling.

Empire Medical Training Watch New Video Testimonials with Real Interviews from Attendees at Live Training Seminars

2009-11-22 | New to Empire Medical Training and would like to see what other Physicians are saying about Empire's training programs, please watch some of the video testimonials from the latest workshops. These are unscripted personal responses from attendees.

Is Dysport the New BOTOX Cosmetic?

2009-11-20 | Dysport has been called a virtual twin of BOTOX. It is made from the same type of botulinum toxin as BOTOX and it works the same way BOTOX does by paralyzing the muscles. Offers Latest Jessica Simpson Pony Extension by Celebrity Stylist Ken Paves

2009-11-17 | is now offering a new line of Jessica Simpson extensions for fall.

New York Natural Skincare Company to Participate in Holiday Shopping and Kissing for Charity Festival

2009-11-16 | JUARA Skincare, a modern Indonesian skincare company in New York, is one of the beauty entrepreneurs hosting a two-day beauty event in New York for "Beautiful New York."

Dr. Zein Obagi MD Launches November Promotion, the Ultimate Anti-Aging 1-2 Punch!

2009-11-14 | ZO Skin Health and Dr. Obagi are offering a limited time November promotion on the ultimate 1-2 punch anti-aging skin care products to combat wrinkles and lines.

Bigger, Easier, Better - Reaches for the Next Level

2009-11-11 | Relaunch of combines greater ease of use with an even more informative resource in the search for cosmetic improvement.

Is BOTOX Safe?

2009-10-14 | BOTOX has been in use for over a decade to treat people suffering from conditions related to overactive muscles. Recently, the most common use has become very successfully treating those with facial lines and wrinkles.