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Green Maui Guide Surpassed A Milestone Of Over 30,000 Readers A Month

2008-12-02 | The Green Maui Guide, the sustainability online magazine of Hawaii, has surpassed a milestone of over thirty-thousand readers a month since launching last May.

The Makena Group Envisions A Bright Green Future

2008-12-02 | The Makena Group Sustainability Consultants headquartered in Maui, Hawaii have a vision of the coming "Green Age." They show organizations that doing what's right for the planet and making money go hand in hand.

Newtechbio Offers WHITECAP(TM) SC Aquatic Herbicide with Fluridone

2008-10-19 | Newtechbio, Inc. announced today that it has expanded its product offering line with the addition of WHITECAP SC herbicide with Fluridone for the control of aquatic weeds in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals.

The Service Program Continues to Grow with a New Appointment

2008-10-18 | Service and Routing Software Company Expands to Meet Demand for Service and Routing Solutions

Clear Water Compliance Services Created a New Industry and Set the Standard for Stormwater Treatment Solutions; Company Celebrates 10th Anniversary

2008-10-10 | It began as a vision - take innovative stormwater treatment technologies and match it with a passion for customer service to help growing economies while protecting the natural environment. Today global industry leader Clear Water Compliance Services is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of service.

National Lien and Bond Claim Systems States Without A National Lien Verification Process The Efficiency of A Mortgage Bail Out Is At Risk

2008-09-24 | The last government bail out failed to protect the employees and owners of the construction companies collaterally damaged by the banking industry's bad lending practices. Will the proposed bail out repeat the same mistakes or create the mechanisms needed to flow down dollars to the trades?

Juanita Torres Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-18 | She is focusing on becoming a licensed Laboratory Technician level II and III.

J. Everett Mitchell Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-18 | His professional accomplishments include creating two programs in Missouri and Kansas and introducing the first regional HHW program in the Midwest.

New Biodegradable Products to Treat Stormwater Runoff Announced by Washington State Company at StormCon Water Quality Conference

2008-08-07 | Construction contractors, home builders and managers of industrial sites finally have an affordable and completely environmentally responsible resource to meet today's stringent discharge standards thanks to ChitoVan LC, an innovative product launched nationally today by Cascade EcoSolutions.

Going Green - Brooklyn Style

2008-03-30 | Habana Outpost, New York's First Solar Powered Ecoeatery re-opens April 19th by bringing Brooklyn groups together for a fun-filled Earth Day celebration

Visage Marks 5 Year Company Anniversary

2008-02-06 | Visage Solutions, LLC is proud to announce that it has achieved a significant milestone by marking the 5th anniversary of its founding.

CorrBan Technologies Inc. Names Jeanne Haner Vice President of Sales & Marketing

2007-10-22 | CorrBan Technologies, Inc. has announced the appointment of Jeanne P. Haner as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for North America.

15- Year Old Hip-Hop Star J Xavier Headlines Megafest Unplugged 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya Benefitting Educational Reform for Girls and Local Waste Management.

2007-10-10 | Young Hip Hop Star J Xavier headlines a star-studded benefit concert in Nairobi, Kenya to fund waste managment for over 10 million residents of the country. J Xavier becomes the youngest rapper in Hip Hop industry to become an international philanthropist and headline an international concert ever.

New Website Promotes Dialogue on Agricultural, Environmental & Artistic Issues

2007-06-20 | Seed to Plate is a non-profit, informational blogsite dedicated to providing a forum for the discussion of global agricultural, environmental, and artistic issues with the goal toward community participation and positive action.

The SK500 BackSaver Commercial Auger Gets a New Back Saving Feature.


Scottsdale, Arizona Luxury Condo Development Opens With Purified Water For Every Unit.

2006-10-22 | Optima, Inc Taps PureHomeRO For Soft, Clean, Safe Water For All 720 Units.

Aeration Systems increase with 4 to 8 percent. The Worldmarket is expected 4.8 bn euro by 2010

2006-10-06 | Innovation in aeration technologies lead to greater application and will result in more removals. Aeration is a Best Available Technology (BAT) for the removals in water and waste water today. A new Study by shows that there is potential and room for innovations.

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