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WSI Net Advantage Launches New Website, Expands Portfolio Coverage In Landscape Management Industry

2009-07-17 | WSI Net Advantage announces the launch of a client's new website,, a leader in commercial landscape management and water conservation services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BlackHawk Gutter Defense Incorporated of Raleigh North Carolina (NC) Introduces a New Concept with a State-of-the-Art Micro-Mesh Gutter Protection System

2009-07-16 | This micro-mesh system has qualities far superior to common gutter helmet, reverse curve systems, and foam systems

PipeTechs Plumbing of Durham North Carolina Provides Inline Video Diagnostics for Plumbing Service and Repair

2009-07-15 | Inline video enables problems to be identified and reduces costs

Houston Based LEED Facility Maintenance Manager Expands

2009-07-09 | GreenEfficient has offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Denver and Corpus Christi.

Craftsman Direct Handyman Home Improvement of Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina Now Available for Plumbing Repair

2009-07-01 | Small to medium plumbing projects - toilets, sinks and dishwasher installations and repair - Craftsman Direct will come to your house to give you a guaranteed quote.

US-Made Stuffed Animals Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative

2009-06-22 | Maggie's Organics releases stuffed Barnyard Animals made from Organic Cotton Fibers

Actual Example of Cost Savings of 61% with Keidel Software's DrainStar Siphonic Calculator

2009-06-11 | DrainStar is the cost-effective, intelligent siphonic drainage calculation technology that offers simplicity and real cost savings.

Discovery Channel / Green Planet features the Shower Manager as an Eco-friendly Device to Save Money, Water and Energy

2009-05-26 | In a segment called Wa$ted, the Shower Manager was provided to a family to curb excessive teen showering and take Mom and Dad off shower patrol.

Texas Businesses Combating Outbreak of H1N1 (Swine Influenza)

2009-05-08 | Due to a high number of correspondences over these health issues, [Green Efficient], the only US LEED-based building maintenance company, widened their services to help the CDC and health official combat the problem.

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

Linatex Releases New Unvulcanised Rubber For Hot Bonding

2009-04-09 | Linatex has released Linatex VS - a new unvulcanised natural rubber that will provide the differentiated wear performance that customers have come to expect from Linatex Premium Rubber but with the benefit of being suitable for hot bonding.

Going Green Through Cleaner, Leaner Practices: GreenEfficient LEED Services Steps Up the Stakes in Texas

2009-04-08 | "LEED-based green building is an excellent step towards better indoor air quality for health benefits, as well as significantly superior energy efficiency and cost savings," says Rick Walker, a LEED-AP in Houston Texas.

Miami Housing Crash Causes Windfall For A Few Local Water Damage Contractors

2009-04-06 | With home foreclosures on the rise, there is one service around the country that has become an invaluable service for contractors to offer: board up.

Color Copies Giant Now Offers 100 percent Recycled Paper

2009-03-28 | Customer demand, common sense spurred the progression to more eco-friendly paper stock for color printing projects.

Planet Protect Sportswear and EarthShare Oregon to Launch Series of T-shirts

2009-03-25 | Planet Protect Sportswear is proud to announce a new series of T-shirts designed with EarthShare Oregon's goals and values in three eye-catching designs

Matthew Perry to Head Chemidex North America Marketing & Sales

2009-03-17 | Executive Led Early Market Expansion Efforts

Deconstruction Network Elects Green Building Expert To Board Of Directors

2009-02-04 | Miranti Ojong joins board of directors for Deconstruction and Building Materials Reuse Network, Inc.

Incorporating a Press Release Into Your Marketing Plan Can Help Boost Your Visibility During Tough Times

2009-02-03 | Press Release Distribution Service Advises the Advantage of a Press Release

A.C.T. Remediation: A Crime Scene Cleanup

2009-01-30 | Specializing in crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and Meth lab cleanup announces new technicians to service clients better in more cities nationwide.

Environmental Systems Has Developed Cost Effective Bioremediation Technology for Remediation of Petroleum/Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Residential and Commercial Sites. The Use of this Product Greatly Reduces Remediation Costs and Along with the Time Needed to the Project

2009-01-08 | Environmental Systems ( is a full service environmental co. which provides site investigation, due diligence, geoprobe/drilling, phase I property services for commercial and homeowner sites. As a NJDEP approved clean-up star contractor, Environmental Systems can provide a total remediation package.