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Pentair Industrial Versaflex Series Meltblown Polypropylene Filter Cartridges Deliver High Flow Rates and Process Compatibility

2010-04-06 | The meltblown polypropylene filter cartridges provide high flow rates and process compatibility for oil, finish machining, food and beverage, solvents and additional applications.

Water Damage Services Now Serves Miami Water Damage Victims

2010-04-01 | 5 star water restoration company now serves flood and water damage customers in the deep south of Florida. Investigates How Mobile Phone Recycling Helps Protect Endangered Species

2010-03-31 | Aside from the cash and landfill benefits, mobile phone recycling schemes may well have another important role to play, researches further.

Nova Vita Salon & Spa Goes Green & Gorgeous On Earth Day

2010-03-31 | Nova Vita Salon & Spa is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day by going green!

New Technology, Old Ideas Solve Texas Water, Resource Problems

2010-03-31 | Texas Farm Bureau Public Relations Director Gene Hall's new blog post on the Texas Farm Bureau's Texas Agriculture Talks blog focuses on water.

Gap Adventures Announces Earth Month Initiatives Including 10% Off Voluntours

2010-03-31 | Tour operator dedicates efforts to raising awareness of water shortages in Africa

Aqualine Liquid Filtration System from Pentair Industrial Features Robust, Cost-Effective Fiberglass Housing

2010-03-30 | The Pentair Industrial Aqualine Liquid Filtration System reduces equipment and labor expenses, as well as floor space.

Corporate Cartoon Character, "Jurdy" Is The New Undercover "Underboss " To Get Companies In Touch With Employees

2010-03-29 | March 2010/Cartoonist Jenifer Jurden and her character Jurdy launch Jurdy as the "cartoon underboss" for organizations to help keep management in touch with employees and their ideas for efficiencies and improvements.

Carbflex Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge from Pentair Industrial Efficiently Reduces Hydrocarbon Contamination, Additional Pollutants

2010-03-25 | The Carbflex OAC-20BB Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridges reduce up to 95% of hydrocarbon contamination in just one pass.

REEG Lawyers: Another Frivolous Atrazine Class Action Lawsuit Only Harms U.S. Farmers

2010-03-12 | In these tough economic times, one may wonder why anyone - other than class action lawyers - would seek to destroy what EPA estimates is a $2 billion annual economic benefit to the nation

New Digital Newsletter for Enagic Kangen Water

2010-03-11 | Enagic's monthly newsletter, entitled "E-Friends," will go digital in April 2010.

Long Island Plumbers, Abstract Mechanical Provides Valuable Plumbing Tips

2010-03-10 | Long Island Plumbing Company, Abstract Mechanical gives tips to new and excising homeowners about Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

New Enagic Information Center (EIC) Fields Massive Interest in Kangen Water

2010-03-09 | Enagic has implemented a brand-new Enagic Information Center (EIC) in order to field massively-growing interest in Kangen Water.

Weight of Evidence Supports Atrazine Safety and its Economic Benefits

2010-03-05 | Growing body of research shows no effects on amphibians, specifically atrazine and frogs.

No New Findings in Atrazine Study Promoted by Discredited Researcher, According to the Hudson Institute Center for Global Food Issues

2010-03-03 | "Scientifically Flawed," "Insufficient Data," "Results Problematic if not impossible" describe past critiques of studies done by Dr. Tyrone Hayes

TurboCare, Inc. Selects LT Technologies to Provide Advanced Compliance and Ultrapure Water System for Production Facility Expansion

2010-02-17 | Contract win underscores LT Technologies' ability to provide custom Systems for clients' specialized water treatment requirements

Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. Announces Initial In-Water, Off-Shore Testing of Patent Pending Turbine Prototype Successfully Demonstrates Proof of Concept

2010-02-16 | Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. Announces Initial In-Water, Off-Shore Testing of Patent Pending turbine prototype Successfully Demonstrates Proof of Concept for use in planned Commercial Tidal Water Power Applications

Enagic Forms Proactive Marketing Division

2010-02-15 | Enagic USA is pleased to announce the formation of its proactive Marketing Division. Don Prosser has been nominated to serve as the Director of Marketing.

Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. Announces Acquisition Of Water Power Technology Patent Rights

2010-02-03 | Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. a renewable energy company, announced today that it recently acquired all U.S. and international patent and intellectual property rights to certain water power technology.

Minnesota Affirms Atrazine Regulation Is Protective

2010-01-25 | State review finds atrazine regulations protect human health and the environment in Minnesota