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What are Workers' Compensation and Third Party Workers' Compensation?

2010-01-28 | Workers' Compensation is a program implemented by every state in the U.S. to cover medical treatment, lost wages and other compensation for workers who are injured or become sick while on the job.

Interest Rates Are Held, But Mortgage Lenders Hike Their SVRs

2010-01-28 | 2010 has started with yet another interest rate hold by the Bank of England - the tenth consecutive hold decision since Bank Rate was cut in March to an all-time low of 0.5%.

Otherworld Publications of Louisville, KY is Thrilled to Announce the Signing of Author Nik Korpon for the Release of Stay God in December of 2010

2010-01-28 | Otherworld Publications of Louisville, KY is thrilled to announce the signing of author Nik Korpon for the release of Stay God in December of 2010.

New York City Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations Helps Fight Insurance Claim Fraud In NYC

2010-01-28 | Statistics show that New York City business owners suffer great losses from insurance fraud. Icorp Investigations plans to prove it and help local businesses.

Ashland University Teacher Education Program Provides Students 'Southern' Exposure

2010-01-28 | Ashland University teacher education students now have the option of taking their student teaching semester at locations in South Carolina and Florida through a program in which students live with host families.

Securities America Announces 2010 Advisory Council

2010-01-28 | Securities America has announced the members of its 2010 Advisory Council. The Securities America Advisory Council is made up of 11 financial advisors who serve rotating three-year terms.

Ireland's National Debt Doubles While Irish Families Increase Savings

2010-01-27 | With a large portion of Ireland's taxes going to the interest on a EUR150 billion debt, Irish families are stretching their income and saving more with affordable financial solutions.

Milmueble Launches Luxor - 2010 Modern Bedroom Collection

2010-01-27 | Luxor bedroom collection by Milmueble welcomes 2010 in style.

Recession Forces More Couples To Live Together After A Breakup

2010-01-27 | 1 in 4 cohabiting couples who split still living together in negative equity

MuniMarket Pulse Podcast Interviews Jim Towne of DerivActiv on GASB 53 and How It Applies to Governmental Entities

2010-01-27 | MuniMarket Pulse, has recently posted a podcast interview with Jim Towne, Senior Vice President of DerivActiv, LLC on "Explaining GASB 53 and How it Applies to Governmental Entities."

Overspending at Christmas Leaves 4 Million People in Debt

2010-01-27 | Almost 4 million people have entered into debt to pay for Christmas 2009, according to a new report.

A New Year 'Stop Smoking' Resolution Could Save You Money on Life Insurance

2010-01-27 | The start of a new year is when many smokers resolve to quit their habit for health reasons. However, there are also financial gains for doing so.

British Boarding Schools Witness Increased Diversity Amongst International Students

2010-01-27 | According to British boarding school Alexanders International School, students are privy to a lot more than just learning about life in England.

Roger Day Gets Kids Using Their Noodles With His New CD "Why Does Gray Matter?

2010-01-27 | Parents' Choice Gold Award winning musician Roger Day, renowned for his wit, whimsy, and wordplay, scales the pinnacle of braininess with the February 9 release of his fourth kids' CD and first "theme" album: "Why Does Gray Matter? ... And Other Brainy Songs for Kids!"

Handmade Gifts Make Valentine's Day Special

2010-01-26 | Michaels survey shows homemade gifts are more meaningful to recipients

CNMEX Announced This Week That They Are Preparing A Campaign To Rebuild 14 Schools In The Tibetan Cities

2010-01-26 | The Deputy Press Officer for CNMEX, Mr. Liu Wong Huiliang has announced recently the intention of CNMEX to get involved in the development of 14 schools in the Tibetan cities of Nagqu, Nyingchi and Lhokha.

Smartway Advisors: Begin the Year With a Fresh Start Through Trust Funding

2010-01-26 | For the past year, Smartway Advisors has offered an innovative solution for credit challenged people needing to purchase a car - through their new program called - Trust Funding.

Take Control of Your Health Care with Molly's Med Minder: Make a Resolution for Better Health Care

2010-01-26 | Molly McCabe was diagnosed with lupus several years ago, and her personal battles against the health care establishment led to the development of this revolutionary Medical Organizer.

UK Credit Cards, Mortgages & Loans Now Exceed the Value of the UK Economy

2010-01-25 | Household debt in the UK has now exceeded Britain's GDP, leaving families struggling with a high debt load and seeking affordable financial solutions.