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deVere and Partners Opens New Office in Maputo, Mozambique

2009-09-10 | deVere and Partners, the world's largest independent international financial consultancy announced today the opening of its fifth office in Africa.

Prudential Reveals Pensioners Own GBP654 Billion Property Equity

2009-09-10 | Prudential Equity Release Index shows gains for over-65 homeowners in Scotland, London, West Midlands, North West and Wales

8.1 Million Broadband Customers Do Not Know Their Limits

2009-09-10 | New research from shows that over 6.7 million broadband users could still be exceeding limits set on 'unlimited' packages. Despite calls for greater clarity and transparency, just three major broadband providers currently their limits.

What Exactly Is Debt Settlement? Credit Answers Looks to Explain the Benefits and Pitfalls of Debt Settlement

2009-09-10 | Credit Answers, a leading debt settlement provider, located in Plano, TX, wants their clients to understand exactly what debt settlement entails.

Sam's Club Awards "Everyday Item" Status to Newhall Coffee -- Growth in Wholesale is Catalyst for a Competitive Offensive

2009-09-10 | What does being branded an "everyday item" at Sam's Club really mean to a small company? It acknowledges that company's viability as a worthy competitor to larger brands by giving it an ongoing presence -- a right to sit at the table, so to speak. Partners With WeddingBook To Help Couple Find Guest Accommodations

2009-09-09 | The new partnership with means discounted group rates can now be requested directly through Offering Motorists Quotes Without Personal Information

2009-09-09 | Many individuals do not feel secure providing certain information when shopping for auto insurance. provide free quotes without the need for personal information.

Sexual Harassment in Schools

2009-09-09 | School is meant to be a place of learning, of bright futures. For victims of sexual harassment in Arizona schools, it changes. It becomes a place to fear. Victims of these crimes are often entitled to and deserve compensation.

IMDB Aids Release of the Harvest Project Movie to Stop Homelessness and Illegal Organ Transplants

2009-09-08 | Harvest Project Films Inc. and agree to release a free preview of The Harvest Project movie in aid of homelessness and organ awareness.

Groovy Stores Launches

2009-09-08 | Groovy Stores launches, a new coffee outlet offering a stellar selection of gourmet coffee at discount prices.

Listen Up! Tales of Time Online Audio Stories for Children Has Arrived

2009-09-08 | Created by professional actress, Abigail Rice, these audio stories are told with real passion; each character and emotion coming across in audio 3D, perfect for children aged 4-9yrs.

Clergy Sexual Abuse in Arizona

2009-09-08 | Sexual abuse by members of the clergy, including priests, is an unthinkable crime. For victims of these crimes, the cases are can change a life forever. In cases of abuse, finding the right Arizona attorney to represent you is key.

Sunday Press Turns Comics World "Upside-Down" with New Book on Gustave Verbeek

2009-09-08 | Sunday Press Books announces the latest in its highly-acclaimed series of comic strip reprints. "The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek" offers a complete run of the artist's most famous creation and a sampling of his other work in comics and art.

Get It Straight Orthodontists in Pittsford NY Award Eleven College Scholarships to Patients in the Rochester NY Area

2009-09-07 | Get It Straight Orthodontics awarded eleven college scholarships to their patients in the Rochester NY area. The scholarships were given to offset the rising cost of education for their patients who contributed to others in the Rochester community.

Excel Sports Group Launches Full-Service Student-Athlete Recruiting and Marketing Division

2009-09-07 | Student-Athletes and families looking for help in understanding and navigating the often complicated college recruiting process can now get full service student-athlete recruiting and marketing assistance from Excel Sports Group, and increase their chances of getting a college athletic scholarship

Wrongful Death and Celebrities

2009-09-06 | Wrongful death is a legal term that basically means that someone died as a result of some other party's negligence or wrongdoing.

Nature's Formulary Expands Ayurveda + InfoLink

2009-09-06 | Nature's Formulary, the natural product industry's oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products today informed the media about the rapid expansion of their Ayurveda + InfoLink program.

Texas and Houston Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyers Help Fight Carnage Of DUI Deaths

2009-09-06 | Drunk driving car accidents in Texas will claim many lives this Labor Day weekend. Victims can fight back with a drunk driving accident lawyer or auto accident attorney who can gain compensation in the legal arena.

Summer Ends with a Boom at Clarke Auction Monday, Sept 14, 2009

2009-09-06 | 400+ lots of antiques, decorative arts, fine furniture, spectacular antique mirrors, midcentury modern, Irish & English Georgian silver, oriental carpets, vintage toys, decoys, antique pistols, scrimshaw, sporting pieces, historic African-Americana, and fine art.

Death Care Industry Reacts As Popularity Of Cremation Grows

2009-09-05 | As divergent interest groups express a growing demand for cremation services, North Dallas Funeral Home responds by taking steps to simplify the process of making arrangements, offering a greater variety of cremation-related products