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Chantal Announces National Teakettle Trade-in Program - Green Cookware Company Teams With Retailers to Recycle and Donate Old Kettles

2009-09-01 | Customers can trade in their kitchen clunkers for cash off a new teakettle during the month of October

Flexible Lifeline Systems Provide Innovative Fall Protection Solutions Around Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

2009-09-01 | Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. today announced the recent completion of the design and installation of fall protection systems around a large solar panel installation in Hanover, NJ.

Knight Center of Digital Excellence partners with the Miami-Dade Broadband Coalition to Create Community Broadband Initiative

2009-09-01 | The Knight Center of Digital Excellence and the Miami-Dade Broadband Coalition draft plan for a model open carrier neutral broadband network that will connect underserved communities and Miami-Dade's 900 anchor institutions.

Beverly Hills Fire Protection Systems Company Announces Grand Opening Offer

2009-09-01 | Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. opened a satellite location in Placentia earlier this month and as part of its grand opening festivities, the company is offering 10 percent off hood cleaning services through Oct. 31.

What's Next After Cash for Clunkers? EasyCare and Transitowne Automotive Group Report Record Car Sales Thanks to Innovative Car Warranty Program

2009-08-30 | Dealership partnering with car warranty leader EasyCare sends used car sales skyrocketing; bucks economic trends

Innovo Publishing, LLC Releases Life Is A Journey, Drive On... a New Book and Thoughtful Tribute To The Hard-Working Truck Drivers of America

2009-08-30 | Innovo Publishing, LLC, has released Life Is A Journey, Drive On.... This thoughtful and often intimate book by Nasandra Wright—the wife of a truck driver— is a tribute to the truck drivers of America who keep our economy rolling.

86% of People Fail Test to Make Energy Bill Add Up

2009-08-29 | A straightforward test to see whether consumers can calculate an energy bill correctly has thrown up some shock results - with 86% of people getting it wrong.

The Last New Homes at Upscale Derby Hill in Coastal North San Diego County Now Selling

2009-08-29 | Pardee Homes is selling the last five homes at Derby Hill, one of its most successful and luxurious new home neighborhoods. Derby Hill is located in the coveted Carmel Country Highlands in coastal North San Diego County overlooking Carmel Valley.

A Fuel's Game: 2p Fuel Duty Increase Will Cost Drivers GBP1 Billion Extra in the Next Year

2009-08-28 | Next week's 2p fuel duty increase will force UK drivers to spend over GBP36 million more on petrol in the next month alone, totalling GBP1 billion by September 2011

Offshore Group Client Company to Manufacture Aircraft Parts for Embraer

2009-08-27 | Complex aerospace parts are being manufactured in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. Office in Placentia Makes Servicing Fresno Fire Protection Systems More Convenient

2009-08-27 | Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. has served the entire state of California since its inception in 1989, but a Placentia satellite location is making California service calls more convenient and cost effective for customers.

Tecate Taps CCL Container to Cash in on Bottlecan Demand

2009-08-27 | Tecate, one of Mexico's most popular beers, and a leading Mexican export for more than 60 years, has enhanced its image and dramatically increased demand by offering its "cerveza" in aluminum bottles produced by CCL Conatiner.

Syngenta Stands Behind The Safety Of Atrazine

2009-08-26 | Crop protection products play a crucial role in bringing abundant and affordable food to our dinner tables

Insights with host Hugh Downs welcomes US Green Building Council Represented by the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter as Content Advisor

2009-08-26 | Story collaboration with the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the US Green Building Council as Content Advisor for Educational Awareness

Atrazine Celebrates 50 Years of Effective Weed Control

2009-08-26 | Throughout these years, growers have relied on atrazine for efficient, cost-effective control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Economical Weed Control from Atrazine Boosts Ag Productivity

2009-08-26 | Yield Increases and Costs Savings from Products like Atrazine Help Growers Meet World Demand for Commodities

Water Quality Studies Show Atrazine Levels Meet Federal Standards

2009-08-26 | US drinking water is safe where atrazine is concerned

Atlanta Charity Finds New Way To Raise Money-Not With Cash

2009-08-25 | Girls Night Out Party Extravaganza Gives Back To The Community GOLD and Chocolate A big Hit with the girls

Chicago Charity Finds New Way To Raise Money-Not With Cash

2009-08-25 | Gold Parties Now A Hot New Way To Help Charities In A Down Economy

Atlanta Charity Finds New Way To Raise Money Through Gold Buying Parties

2009-08-25 | Gold Parties Now A Hot New Way To Help Charities In A Down Economy