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Why 1st Class Medical Opted for Voluntary Accreditation

2014-02-01 | 1st Class Medical seeks to improve service by voluntarily participating in Florida's accreditation program for home health equipment.

Patient Communication Services Help Clinics Meet Stage II Meaningful Use

2014-01-29 | Help patients find education services by text messaging reminders.

Specialists in Alternative Medicine at Atlanta Southern Environmental Suggest Using Melatonin to Treat Insomnia

2013-12-02 | Atlanta natural health clinic Southern Environmental Medicine Center notes taking melatonin supplements is effective for treating frequent insomnia. This is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that regulates the sleep cycle.

Nobel Prize (2013) for OMICS Publishing Group Editor Dr Arieh Warshel

2013-10-18 | Dr Arieh Warshel, editor of Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis, receives 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Open Access Journals and Healthcare Information: Indexing and Archiving

2013-08-30 | Strive for the best sources for indexing and archiving medical research.

IFMC, Inc., Announces New Contest for Snore Free

2013-06-20 | A social media campaign, which rewards Snore Free customers for creating funny or creative pictures, that show how they are using the product.

O2 Concentrator Company Thriving in Challenging Economic Times

2013-05-24 | Associates at the largest oxygen concentrator distributor in the world give their opinion why they have sustained unprecedented growth in the past few years.

1st Class Medical Partners with American Lung Association to Send Kids with Asthma to Champ Camp with Bowling for Better Breathing

2013-04-03 | Champ Camp is an educational summer camp to teach kids with asthma to better manage their condition. 1st Class Medical partnered with the American Lung Association to fund this camp.

1st Class Medical Now Offers the New Inogen One G3

2012-11-17 | 1st Class Medical is now offering the newly released Inogen One G3. It is smaller and lighter then its predecessors offering more freedom and independence for oxygen patients.

The Hilton President Kansas City Helps Travelers to Breathe a Little Easier with PURE Rooms

2012-07-11 | PURE creates a safer environment for sensitive travelers through its patented conversion process. In each PURE Room, all the surfaces have been sanitized and specially treated.

Residence Inn Times Square First Hotel in Manhattan to Offer PURE Fitness and Conference Space

2012-06-28 | The Residence Inn Times Square has announced that they are introducing Allergy Friendly Rooms, Fitness center and Conference Space. They're the first hotel in the Manhattan area to offer guests an Allergy Friendly Fitness center and Conference space.

BedBug Chasers Franchises its Bed Bug Killing Business

2012-05-08 | BedBug Chasers, a World Class provider of heat remediation services and manufacturer of US made bed bug heat remediation equipment is franchising its service business.

Denver Allergy Specialist Helps Patients Brace for High Pollen Counts

2012-05-05 | An unusually mild winter has given way to an early and severe Colorado allergy season for 2012. Dr. Michael Menachof, a Denver allergy specialist, explains what sufferers can do to combat pollen from cottonwoods and other trees and grasses.

A New Urgent Care Center Has Opened Its Doors in The Bronx - MedcarePlus, PLLC

2012-02-13 | MedCarePlus is a walk-in urgent care center in The Bronx. It is an ideal solution for all patients with minor illnesses or injuries; a cost-efficient alternative to the long wait in the ER for minor medical conditions. Digital x-ray, digital Rx.

Healthcare Leaders Learn How to Drive Rapid Improvement at Upcoming Workshop

2011-09-01 | BMGI, a management consultancy specializing in problem solving methods and tools, is hosting a one-day workshop in which healthcare providers will learn how they can drive rapid improvement, become more efficient and improve quality.

Allergy and Pulmonary Doctors in Indiana Address Rising Asthma Cases

2011-06-16 | New statistics show asthma is rising. However, resources abound at Medical Specialists to help asthma patients better manage their symptoms.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeter PC-60D2 Designed Specifically for the Oximetry Needs of Children

2011-03-10 | Pulse Oximeters Plus, the leading manufacturer of Pulse Oximeters introduces the PC-60D2 Pediatric Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: one of the first Pediatric Pulse Oximeters specially manufactured for monitoring the health problems of children.

Colorado Allergy Specialist Suggests Drops as Alternative to Shots

2011-03-05 | As the allergy season gets underway, Dr. Michael R. Menachof, a board-certified otolaryngologist serving Denver, suggests allergy drops as a more comfortable alternative to traditional allergy shots.

Four Awarded Binaytara Foundation Medical Research Grants

2011-01-31 | Binaytara foundation (BTF) has selected four research proposals for its 2010 medical research grants. Each year BTF awards such grants to young researchers to encourage them to understand and practice evidence-based medicine early in their careers.