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Second Annual Holiday Fashion Show Benefit in New York City

2011-12-23 | Long Island Exchange columnist Cognac Wellerlane interviews celebrities during a benefit for kidney transplant awareness.

Facebook Marketing Strategist Shows Chiropractors How to Get Endless New Patient Referrals from Social Media

2011-12-23 | In-demand Facebook marketing strategist and chiropractic coach, Dr. Matthew Loop, announces his continuing commitment in helping fellow chiropractors create a flood of monthly new patient referrals from Facebook and other social media.

More Men Seeking Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles

2011-12-23 | Dr. Grant Stevens and the team at The Stevens Institute are noticing a new trend: laser hair removal in Los Angeles is not just for women.

VECTRA 3-D Imaging Available at Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Practice

2011-12-23 | Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, a Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, now offers VECTRA 3-D imaging to help patients see how they might look after surgery.

National Talk Show Features Phoenix Area Plastic Surgeon

2011-12-23 | Dr. Robert Cohen recently appeared on The Wellness Hour to talk about Mommy Makeovers and breast augmentation. The Phoenix area plastic surgeon is dedicated to educating the public about cosmetic surgery advances and safety. Educates Consumers About Health Insurance Deduction for Self-Employed

2011-12-23 | There are affordable options available in the market, which, brought to light in a recent article published by the company while addressing the issue of health insurance deduction.

Atlanta Women Joining Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trend

2011-12-23 | Like many surgeons around the country, doctors at Plastic Surgery Center of the South have seen an upswing in women older than age 40 having cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation in the Atlanta area.

Experience is Key to Successful Cosmetic Treatments, Professionals Say

2011-12-23 | Even for minimally invasive procedures such as laser hair removal and BOTOX, Worcester Dermatology Associates stress the importance of seeking a skilled provider. They also caution that laser devices be used only for their intended purposes.

Virginia Beach Dentist Makings Appointment Requesting Easier Than Ever

2011-12-22 | Dr. Christopher Hooper, dentist in Virginia Beach, invites patients to request appointments online for greater convenience and ease.

Cincinnati General Dentist Receives Award To Showcase His Dental Work

2011-12-22 | Dr. Stuart Levy, general dentist in Cincinnati, accepts honorable award for third year in a row.

East Hartford Family Dentist Spends More One-on-One Time with Patients

2011-12-22 | Dr. Robert Katz, family dentist in East Hartford, generates online patient forms to expedite first-time visits.

Vienna Dentist Encourages Patients to Leave Reviews of Practice

2011-12-22 | Patients can leave reviews for this cosmetic dentist in McLean via popular search engines Google, Yelp and Yahoo!

Dentist in Boulder Commits to Several Hours of Continuing Education Each Year

2011-12-22 | Dr. Mark Barnes, Boulder dentist, keeps up-to-date with dental advancements through continuing education courses.

Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago Extends Office Hours

2011-12-22 | Dr. Carolyn Belke, Chicago cosmetic dentist, offers extended office hours for increased patient care.

Atlanta Dentist Joins Online Community for Increased Patient Communication

2011-12-22 | Dr. Donald Rozema, dentist in Atlanta, creates online social media websites and blog to share dental health care knowledge with patients.

Acclaimed Life Coach Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Presents: A New Year...A New Life...It Is Possible!

2011-12-22 | Many have the best intentions when it comes to their New Years resolutions. So what happens? Simply put, they just do not have the right tools, motivation, guidance, and direction to get there. Many are turning to a professional life coach for help!

Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Presents: Keeping Your New Years Resolutions...It is Possible!

2011-12-22 | Every year people make new years resolutions to fix their health, career and relationship. Many of these aren't met. What can you do? Many are hiring a professional life coach for assistance!

New Upright Vacuum from Advance Delivers Exceptional Cleaning Performance for the Hospitality Market

2011-12-22 | The Advance Spectrum 12H provides a valuable carpet care solution with better dirt pickup and superior filtration.

Clarke BEXT Pro Portable Extractor Delivers Superior Cleaning Power with Enhanced Cleaning Flexibility

2011-12-22 | Clarke, a brand of Nilfisk-Advance, Inc., introduces the latest addition to the company's line of carpet extractors, the BEXT Pro Portable Extractor

Meals to Live Offers Healthy Holiday Tips for People Living with Diabetes

2011-12-21 | Simple seasonal strategies help consumers fight holiday cravings and pitfalls.