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The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC Has Expanded Operations to Help With the Deferred Action Process

2012-08-03 | The Lozano Law Firm has expanded operations by expanding offices and hiring additional staff to help with the new Deferred Action process.

Teleflex Marine to Begin Marketing Detwiler Jack Plates

2012-08-02 | Teleflex Marine acquired Detwiler Industries, LLC earlier this year. All Detwiler products now have their own Teleflex Marine part numbers and stock is available for shipping from the company's distribution center in Litchfield, IL.

9-Year-Old Author, Ruchi Bhalani, Published Her 156-Page Young Adult Fiction Book "TWIN SPIES and the Destiny of Earth" on 14 July 2012

2012-08-01 | This is an action and adventure sci-fi mystery of 14-year-old twin spies, who save the world from Martians. As they try to stop the chaos caused by Martians, a deadly countdown is ticking. Can they save the human race? Maybe? Read to find out...

Blue Tax Provides Instant Tax Solutions to Those in Need... Call Them Today!

2012-08-01 | Blue Tax is the authority of tax services!

Surgical Errors

2012-08-01 | Surgical errors are unfortunately common. Although classed in the category of "never events," or types of medical malpractice that should never occur, surgical errors such as amputating the wrong body part persist.

Child Custody

2012-08-01 | Child custody can be one of the most embittering aspects of a divorce, or it may be an amicable agreement reached between both spouses.

Breast Health Before and After Implants

2012-08-01 | Breast health is essential for overall health and should be a consideration before breast augmentation surgery.

VII Peaks-KBR Co-Optivist Income BDC II Declares First Regular Cash Distributions

2012-08-01 | Annualized rate of 7.35% based on VII Peaks-KBR Co-Optivist Income BDC II's current $10.00 per share public offering price.

August 4th, 2012 is Friendship Day

2012-08-01 | Friendship is about sharing, talking, laughing and being accepted for who you are. Friends help us bringing out the positive when everything seems negative.

Video Release: How to Win With Medicare Supplemental Insurance

2012-07-30 | New video released by Centaur Medicare Solutions LLC titled "How to Win With Medicare Supplemental Insurance". Centaur Medicare Solutions is an independent agency helping seniors find low- priced Medicare Supplemental insurance. Explains Why Motorists are Turning to Used Cars

2012-07-30 | comments on a recent press report that Honda's are the most reliable second hand car to buy and why more and more people are turning their attention to purchasing a used vehicle over a new one.

Greene & Greene Discusses the Importance of Being a Savvy Residential Landlord

2012-07-30 | Long-established Suffolk solicitor firm, Greene & Greene outlines the important steps a savvy residential landlord should take to prepare for the possibility of encountering a problematic tenant, with lawyer Julia Cardy's five-point plan.

Seatbelts and Car Accidents

2012-07-29 | Research shows that seatbelts routinely save lives during car accidents.

Dementia Link to Abuse

2012-07-29 | There are many causes of dementia, but one of the most debilitating, studied, and documented is Alzheimer's disease.

Charged With A Crime You Can Feel Alone in Shark Waters; Houston Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll Shares War Stories

2012-07-29 | Many people are arrested for crimes they didn't commit. Where do you turn for help? A defense attorney with 20 years experience has some tips to increase your odds for a favorable outcome.

Universal Distribution Forge House Group Appoints New Unit Manager to Vercet LLC

2012-07-28 | Material and Electronics Research Unit welcomes Mike Anderson as Manager (CEO).

Aussie Officially Has Most Qualified Brokers in the Industry

2012-07-28 | Australia's largest retail mortgage broker, Aussie officially has the most highly qualified team of any large mortgage brokerage in the country.

Aussie John Applauds RBA Optimism About Housing Market Conditions

2012-07-28 | John Symond has come out in agreement with Governor of the RBA, Glenn Stevens', position on the state of the Australian housing market in his Anika Foundation speech at Macquarie Bank on 24 July.

Foresters UK Sponsors 'A Grand Day Out'

2012-07-28 | It's all about fundraising while enjoying the fresh air, as the family dog walk of the summer - 'A Grand Day Out' - kicks off again for the second year, raising much-needed funds for both children and dogs.