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New Review Site on Best Tanning Lotions Launched

2009-08-23 | ( - A new review on some of the best rated tanning lotions in the market has just been launched. When buying tanning lotions, there are several factors that a consumer must consider.

Sidewalk Injuries in Arizona

2009-08-23 | Poorly maintained sidewalks can cause numerous damages to you and your family. While you may be caught off guard with being the victim of a sidewalk injury, there are some safety measures you or loved once can take.

Northern Virginia Breast Enhancement Patients Opt for Younger Look

2009-08-23 | More breast enhancement patients are seeking plastic surgery techniques in Virginia that promise a dramatically younger look. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Goldberg and Dr. Mitchel Krieger highlight "age-defying" enhancement options.

Clinique Launches New Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 Mineral Rich Formula

2009-08-22 | Clinique has announced the launch of its new Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 Mineral Rich Formula

Clinique launches Skin Supplies For Men Age Defense For Eyes

2009-08-22 | Clinique launches new Skin Supplies For Men Age Defense For Eyes, the latest defense for men who want to effectively address the look of the multiple signs of ageing around the eye area

Types of Anesthesia for Dental Implant Surgery

2009-08-22 | The most well-known form of dental anesthesia, some dental implant surgeries are done using only a local anesthesia, usually lidocaine. The lidocaine is inserted by a syringe into the surgical area to numb the area.

Tips On How To Tell People About Mesothelioma

2009-08-22 | Telling people that you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma can be difficult for many reasons. Your own shock and disbelief may make it difficult to discuss with others.

The Benefits of Saline Implants

2009-08-22 | Over the past few years, there has been an increase in breast augmentation patients considering having their breast enhancement surgery performed with alternative breast implant options.

Andrew B. Wachler Presents for the American Bar Association, Discussing RAC, the Recovery Audit Contractor Demonstration Program, and the Appeals Process Strategy

2009-08-22 | On August 13, 2009 - Andrew B. Wachler presents for the American Bar Association, discussing RAC, the Recovery Audit Contractor Demonstration Program, and the appeals process strategy.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab uses Holistic Approach as well as Others to Treat Alcoholism and Addiction

2009-08-21 | A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Connecticut offers several conventional and some non conventional treatment methods to help treat alcoholism and addiction.

West Los Angeles Dentistry Expert Calms Nerves, Dulls Pain with Sedation Therapy

2009-08-21 | West Los Angeles dentist Dr. Neda Naim is including sedation therapy in her treatment to help patients cope with anxiety towards appointments.

Increased Risk of Accidents for Obese People

2009-08-21 | A study by an insurance policy provider has shown that obesity is not only bad for your health, but also your safety.

Botox Has The X-Factor For Simon Cowell

2009-08-21 | Known as much for his gleaming smile as his high-waisted trousers, music-mogul Simon Cowell has now thrown his hat into the BOTOX ring.

RealLipo - New Gold Standard Technique for Liposuction in Louisiana

2009-08-20 | Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. of The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery announces a revolutionary liposuction technique called RealLipo.

Prominent Los Angeles Liposuction Surgeon Authors Chapter in Plastic Surgery Textbook

2009-08-20 | Dr. David Stoker, a liposuction authority in Los Angeles, has authored a plastic surgery textbook chapter focusing on effective liposuction planning and techniques.

Key to Protecting Yourself during a Flu Pandemic

2009-08-20 | By the end of a pandemic, about 30% of the world's population will have been affected. Though most people don't believe they or their families are likely to be affected, the probability for contracting the flu is high.

A UK Cosmetic Surgery First: An Eyelash Transplant Procedure

2009-08-19 | A breakthrough in UK cosmetic surgery with the announcement of the first ever eyelash transplant, allowing women and men to regain their eyelashes through a micro-surgical transplant

Doctors And Patients Consider Surveys Important To Achieve Excellence In Patient Care

2009-08-19 | Report For Doc interviews with doctors and patients suggest that continuously conducting patient satisfaction surveys is important to achieve and demonstrate excellence in patient care.

Cystex "Know Your Bladder Better" Video Explains the Sex and UTI Connection

2009-08-17 | Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D., Board-Certified Urologist, Discusses Honeymoon Cystitis in New Online Video

Solution to the Mother-of-All-Math Problems Found

2009-08-17 | The Olduvai Theory and its predicted Malthusian catastrophe may be considered the most complex and important mathematical problem every devised since it affects the future generations of all those currently living. A solution has been found.