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Separating EMR Fact From Fiction: Are Technology Platforms Predictors of Clinical Success?

2013-12-05 | KLAS looks at the impact of technology differences on clinical capability.

Nexalin Technology Featured on CBS News

2013-12-05 | Bringing results for anxiety, depression and insomnia patients without medication!

The Indexing of Journal of Molecular Biology Research by CAB Abstracts

2013-12-04 | The most comprehensive database now offers the best research for academic community.

Off-Ramp Donations Launched by San Diego Charity Helping Homeless Individuals and Cancer Survivors, One Bag at a Time

2013-12-04 | In an effort to help homeless individuals and raise money for various charities, San Diego-based Cancer for College has created Off-Ramp Donations.

$35 Gift Puts Dr. Ben Carson Draft Committee Over the $1 Million Mark

2013-12-04 | John Philip Sousa, IV announced today that the fundraising program of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has topped the $1 million mark.

Sterling Heights Dentist Operates Biolase Dental Laser

2013-12-04 | Dr. Salvatore Aragona utilizes state of the art equipment, such as the Biolase dental laser, to give patients a "No Fear" dental treatment.

Columbus Dentist Volunteers Dental Expertise To Better The Oral Health In The Columbus Community

2013-12-04 | Dr. Tyler Myers is more than happy to offer his dental services to the people in need of dental treatment in his community and abroad. Check it out below!

New Port Richey Dentist Utilizes Lightwalk Laser At Dental Practice

2013-12-04 | Dr. James Lewis provides state-of-the-art equipment for his patients-check it out below!

Sleep Apnea Sufferers Get Help From Jeffersonville Dentist

2013-12-04 | Dr. Michael Kirchner offers sleep apnea treatment, so patients may rest easier during the night. Read below for more information!

Springfield Dentists Boost Patient Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry Services

2013-12-04 | Drs. Thomas Meyer and Andrew Johns are excited to restore smiles and help give patients a better outlook!

Leander Dentists Offer A Wide Range Of Leading Dental Services

2013-12-04 | Drs. Loftus and Anderson, dentists in Leander, TX, treat issues from malocclusion to sleep apnea. Their extensive training and education has cemented them as leading dentists in Leander and surrounding areas.

Providers Rethinking Teleradiology Strategies

2013-12-04 | KLAS uncovers which teleradiology vendors are helping meet providers' new strategies.

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products Launches Intuitive New Website

2013-12-04 | Pain and injury prevention solutions company uses new online portal - located at - to further expose its products to physical therapists, athletic trainers and athletes.

Medi-Dyne Announces Sponsorship of Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy

2013-12-04 | Medi-Dyne Announces Sponsorship of Salt Lake International Speedskating Academy: As Medi-Dyne is a leading producer of medical products in the industry, this partnership is a natural fit.

Harrisburg Surgeon Among the First to Offer New Dermal Filler

2013-12-04 | A specialist with facial fillers in Pennsylvania, plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Gayner has been selected by Allergan to provide JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC. He will also train others to inject the FDA-approved treatment for loss of volume in the cheeks.

Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Scottsdale Releases New Research

2013-12-04 | Dr. Robert Cohen, well regarded for breast augmentation in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, recently had a scholarly paper published on a 5-year study of ways to reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a common complication with breast implants.

Surgeon: Twin Study Shows Premature Facial Aging Worse for Smokers

2013-12-04 | Dr. Timothy R. Miller, a facial cosmetic surgery specialist in Aliso Viejo, says a recent study established that twins who smoke have significantly more premature facial aging than their non-smoking twin counterparts.

Each Year, Tens of Thousands of Americans Lose their Life Savings Trying to Overcome Fertility Issues to Have Children

2013-12-04 | Fertility treatments often require 2 to 3 cycles to be successful. At over $15,000 per cycle, the bill is unacceptably high for most Americans.

Sound Physicians Enters Agreement to Provide Hospitalist Services at John Peter Smith Hospital

2013-12-03 | Organization will help drive results for 537-bed acute care hospital.

KLAS Investing in the Future of Medical Imaging

2013-12-03 | KLAS announces board expansions and increased focus.