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Chiropractor in Burke, VA - Dr. Todd P. Sullivan Announces the Introduction of the LightForce PRO Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

2014-01-22 | NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Burke, VA adds deep tissue laser therapy.

Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test Awarded Prestigious USAID Pioneers Prize Honorable Mention

2014-01-22 | The Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is recognized as a major breakthrough in science and technology that delivers an accessible solution that meets the urgent need for ongoing water quality monitoring to help solve the global water crisis.

Oklahoma City Podiatrist Helps Faulty Foot Biomechanics With Custom Orthotics

2014-01-22 | Dr. Darren Elenburg makes custom orthotics for Oklahoma City patients to improved function, comfort and protection.

Comfort Dental Offers Cone Beam CT Imaging For Improved Diagnosis

2014-01-22 | Dr. Paresh Shrimankar and Dr. Rohit Reddy, dentists in Ann Arbor, MI, utilize cone beam CT imaging to properly diagnose and treat many dental problems.

Podiatrist in New York City, NY Shares Tips For Patients With Heel Pain

2014-01-22 | Dr. Kenneth Meisler offers helpful tips for patients in New York City with heel pain to find relief.

Dentist Serving Columbus, OH Provides Informative Educational Tools Online For Easy Patient Access

2014-01-22 | Dr. Dawne Slabach, Columbus, OH area dentist, invites patients to take advantage of available educational tools via the practice website.

Tiffin Family Dental Shares Important Videos With Patients Through YouTube

2014-01-22 | Dr. Christopher Tiffin, a family dentist in Shelby Township, utilizes improved technology to reach his patients.

Foot and Ankle Specialist Serving North Shore Helps With Fungal Removal

2014-01-22 | Dr. Gary Rogers, North Shore area foot and ankle specialist, provides patients with helpful tips for fungal removal.

Garland Family Dentist Is Grateful For Positive Patient Reviews

2014-01-22 | Dr. John Burnett, a family dentist in Garland, is now accepting reviews from existing patients online.

Dentist in Boynton Beach Joins Newest Social Media Trend For Increased Web Presence

2014-01-22 | Tomalty Dental Care encourages patients to connect with their office through Google+.

Smooth Out Wrinkles And Folds With JUVEDERM VOLUMA(TM) XC in Sarasota, FL

2014-01-22 | At Sarasota Facial Aesthetics is now offering JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC for improved, more youthful appearances.

Dentist In White Lake Generates Increased Online Presence Through Social Network

2014-01-22 | Dr. David Campbell keeps patients "in the know" with access to a growing social network with Facebook and Twitter.

Austin Podiatry Invites Patients To Join Their Social Network

2014-01-22 | Dr. Mark Robson and Dr. Brent Wood, podiatrists in Austin, expand their practice online with new social media channels.

Visit Lancaster Skin Center On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

2014-01-22 | To share important information with patients in Lancaster, Dr. William Andersen and Dr. Holly Gunn have launched an interactive social network for Lancaster Skin.

OrthoMatrix Corporation Elects Ben R. Shappley to Chairman of the Board

2014-01-22 | OrthoMatrix Corp. operates Express-Smiles, an innovative manufacturer of orthodontic growth appliances and cosmetic dentistry devices. The company markets its products throughout North America and Canada

Steven C. Nunn is an Expert in Tarantula Species and Arachnology

2014-01-22 | Mr. Nunn is the owner of Steve Nunn's Australian Tarantulas

Global Plano Sunglasses Market To Reach USD 19,944.3 Million By 2020: Grand View Research, Inc

2014-01-22 | Grand View Research has announced the addition of " Global Plano Sunglasses Industry Trends and Market Segment Forecasts To 2020" Market Research report to their Database

Global Portable X-Ray and CT Scan Devices Market Will Reach USD 8,408.0 Million by 2020 - New Research Report by Grand View Research

2014-01-22 | Rapid substitution of stationary devices by portable X-ray and CT scan devices in compliance with changing dynamics of the healthcare industry will open up new avenues for this market.

ALERT: What to Avoid in Natural Skin Care Products This Extreme Winter Season

2014-01-21 | Choosing the best skin care products for skin doesn't have to be hard - one just needs to know what to look for and what to avoid.

Atlanta Chemical Injury Attorney Speaks Out About Chemical Exposure and Hazardous Elk River Spill

2014-01-21 | Because it is an industrial cleaner, the chemical in the spill, 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, has not received a significant amount of safety review. Residents are right to be concerned about the effects of exposure to MCHM.