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Stars are Aligning for the Hollywood Apes NFT

2021-12-01 | This massive NFT project supported by NFL and NCAA Athletes and Pro MMA fighter @saintlion predicted to blow up NFT world with mega returns.

GameTruck Names HyperX Official Gaming Peripherals Sponsor

2021-12-01 | Fully-Equipped GameTruck Parties to Include HyperX Gaming Headsets and Controller Chargers to Enhance Overall Experience

Wemade Holds Spectacular Event to Celebrate 100 Days Since Global Launch of MIR 4

2021-11-30 | Event – Divine Dragon's Blessing – will commence on November 30th.

American Coin Tops 500,000 Global Holders

2021-11-26 | Have you ever held GREEN cryptocurrency? When you try American Coin, you will see big differences in low cost, instant speed and huge energy saving! Becoming a holder, enjoy low cost transactions, and make a great profit….

Inflation is not the only Problem, there will be be Critical Problems with The Supply Chain This Holiday Season

2021-11-25 | Supply chain failures 2021, how difficult is it going to be

Korea Metaverse CG Global Business Roadshow Open

2021-11-24 | The 2021 Metaverse CG Global Business Roadshow that started on November 8th and is going to be held for 3 weeks, has the main aim of constructing a global business network based around the US, Europe and the Middle East.

LDPlayer Reaching Millions of Downloads over Globe as the Best Android Emulator

2021-11-18 | LDPlayer is an android emulator which lets worldwide players play mobile games on PC. As the most user-friendly Android emulator, it's ranked number one in the South East Asia region and now makes its way to the US, including the European markets.

Wemade Adds More Dramatic Updates to its 'MIR4' Masterpiece

2021-11-16 | The era of global war begins with the introduction of the 'Bicheon Castle Siege'.

Premiere Indoor Throwing and Amusement Venue Expands to Inman Park to Celebrate Grand Opening of Their New Location

2021-11-03 | Atlanta City Council Candidate and Atlanta-based Non-profit to Join for Ribbon Cutting

Wemade Introduces New Updates to 'MIR4'

2021-11-02 | 'MIR4' introduces 'Arbalist', a crossbow specialist with destructive powers.

[Pangyo Game & Contents] Smilegate Investment Forms a 47 Billion Won "2nd XR Content Fund"

2021-11-01 | For funding, fund of funds was used as the anchor financier, and KOBACO, LG U+, Realies Pictures, and Smilegate Holdings participated.

[Pangyo Game & Contents] Wemade Tree to Complete Registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider

2021-11-01 | Kim Seok-Hwan CEO of Wemade Tree said, "as the Act on Reporting and Use of Certain Financial Transaction Information has taken effect, we have completed not only obtaining ISMS certification but also registering as a virtual asset service provider."

[Pangyo Game & Contents] Krafton RisingWings Globally Launches CastleCraft

2021-11-01 | CastleCraft is a mobile real-time strategy game in which the player strategically constructs buildings and produces troops through real-time face-to-face battles to destroy the opponent's camp and expand the player's realm.

[Pangyo Tech] Bitcoin Exceeded 65 Million Won... Nexon Sighs in Relief

2021-11-01 | Nexon's Japanese subsidiary invested about $100 million (113 billion won) in bitcoin on April 28. The average purchase price was $58,226 (about 65.8 million won), and the number of purchases was 1717.

[Pangyo Technovalley] 92% of Pangyo Technovalley Companies are in High-tech Industry with 109 Tril Won in Revenue

2021-11-01 | Pangyo Technovalley 1 and 2 will connect with each other to provide a better environment for resident companies. We will continue support to develop Pangyo Technovalley the center of Korean and global techno valley.

Lightailing Unveils Custom Light Kits for LEGO® and LEGO® MOC Sets

2021-10-26 | Make your brick sets more beautiful with some lights.

The Smartest Fun Your Kids Will Ever Have: How X-RobotX Is Reshaping STEM Education on Long Island and Beyond

2021-10-19 | In this fast-paced, technology-led world, having an in-depth understanding of all things digital is more important than ever. X-RobotX is an innovative, new provider of STEM and Lego Robotics education to equip your child for the world of tomorrow.

Cypherpunk Holdings Announces Purchase of Shares of Animoca Brands | CSE: $HODL

2021-10-12 | Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. (CSE: $HODL, OTC: KHRIF) ("Cypherpunk" or, the "Company"), a sector leader for cryptocurrency, privacy and cryptography focused investments.

"MIR4" Releases Updates with Exciting New Battle Content

2021-10-05 | Great news for fans as Wemade Co., Ltd., released MMORPG "MIR4" - 'Attack of the Living Wraiths', October 5.