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162 total news stories found. More Software Reviews and New Computer Forum

2011-10-07 | New added forum with support for various topics such as hardware, software, drivers and other general computer issues. eReviewGuide puts a focus on computer news with regular updates including rss feed. Helps Illustration Artists Save Money

2011-08-06 |'s illustrators' software guide helps you pick the right package for your needs, thereby saving you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars through the years.

WSO2 Presents Workshops on Enterprise Integration and Security in the Cloud

2011-08-01 | One-day workshops in Silicon Valley and New York explore SOA best practices and open source technologies for addressing top enterprise IT challenges.

WSO2 Wraps Up Free SOA Summer School Program With Class to Revisit the Top SOA Implementation Topics of 2011

2011-07-21 | Webinar-based training on July 27, 2011 revisits proven techniques and technologies for solving enterprises' most important SOA challenges

Castellan Provides IT Consultants in Beverly Hills Who Can Help Establish a Secure Internet Presence for Marketing Purposes

2011-07-20 | With the Internet growing in importance for all businesses needing to market their products and services, finding a qualified IT consultant in Burbank is more important than ever.

WSO2 Presents Two Workshops on Optimizing Cloud Implementations

2011-07-19 | One-day workshops by WSO2 CEO and CTO offer IT professionals best practices for deploying a PaaS and managing data in the cloud.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on WSO2 Stratos Approach to PaaS for Enabling an Enterprise SOA in the Cloud

2011-07-14 | Webinar-based training on July 20, 2011 compares alternative PaaS approaches and examines how to seamlessly deploy applications on-premise and in the cloud.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Optimizing Master Data Management in an Enterprise SOA

2011-07-06 | Webinar-based training on July 13, 2011 explores best practices, solution patterns and technologies SOA developers and architects can employ to leverage existing master data.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Optimizing SAP Integration Using WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

2011-06-15 | Webinar-based training on June 22, 2011 explores different integration scenarios using SAP technologies and WSO2 ESB in business and enterprise systems.

WSO2 Will Demonstrate How to Build Seamlessly Integrated On-Premise and Cloud Applications at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2011

2011-06-14 | WSO2 will show IT architects best practices and open source technologies for building applications capable of running on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. Empowers Web Surfers to Benefit From the History of Web Browsers

2011-06-14 | Learn from the tumultuous history of web browser development. has released the definitive guide on web browser selection that effectively knocks the teeth out of security issues arising from bad browser selection.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on End-to-End Governance in the Enterprise

2011-06-08 | Webinar-based training on June 15, 2011 explores strategies and advantages of implementing governance practices at varying levels.

The Dedicated Server Handbook to Participate in World IPv6 Day on June 8

2011-06-03 | Provides free video training to increase public awareness and participation in ISOC "Test Flight" for IPv6.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Identity Management in the Cloud

2011-06-01 | Webinar-based training on June 8, 2011 explores how to move identity management to the cloud while mitigating challenges imposed by heterogeneous systems.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on SOA Security Policy Enforcement for the Enterprise

2011-05-24 | Webinar-based training on June 1, 2011 explores how XACML enforces role-based access control and can be used to define fine-grained authorization policies Exposes Moral Hazards Present in Data Backup Software

2011-05-24 |'s Data Backup Software guide identifies key factors that defeat the effectiveness of some data backup software packages and helps readers prevent future data recovery costs and hassles.

TechConnect Ohio Announces The Hiring Companies In Search of Technical Talent for the Inaugural Fast Pitch Networking Event

2011-05-09 | Technology Event Provides Ohio-Based Companies with an Unprecedented Opportunity to Connect with the Best Local Talent Proves FTP Software Selection is Not Just for Geeks Only

2011-05-04 | New eReviewGuide guide on File Transfer protocol (FTP) software demystifies remote server file management for corporate and average users.

Castellan Can Provide a Qualified IT Consultant in Hollywood to Set Up and Maintain a Small or Large Network of Computers

2011-04-27 | Before calling an information technology consultant in Hollywood regarding the wireless router for your home computer, check out a few troubleshooting tips, courtesy of Castellan.

New WSO2 Solution Architecture Blog Shares Real-World SOA Implementation Best Practices

2011-03-23 | WSO2 architects provide strategies and tactics for using lean open source middleware to meet business and IT objectives.