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289 total news stories found. Gives You New Options to Store Your Jewelry

2014-11-20 | is an online shop which specializes in selling jewelry.

Art! Vancouver to Support the ArtBomb Project, an Online Movement to Democratize Art

2014-11-13 | Art! Vancouver and ArtBomb online auction; a bright future for Canadian art scene.

An Enormous Three Day Auction of Antique Advertising, Country Store, and Coin Op Beginning on October 31st

2014-10-29 | Rich Penn Auctions is excited to offer the entire collection of Mr. Mark Wilson on and Sedwick Coins Poised to Set Record in an Auction of Mexican Numismatic Treasures

2014-10-17 | One of the most important coins in Mexican and North American history up for auction November 6th could set a record.

Most Significant Coin Sale in 40 Years Exclusively on, Bid on your Mobile Device Today!

2014-09-26 | Historic Canadian legacy auction to include rare coins, tokens and banknotes from the collections of Robert Kril & Ronald Greene. Online bidding will be available exclusively via's newly released live auction technology.

Online Gemstone Gamblers Always Lose!

2014-09-22 | "We are constantly amazed at intelligent people buying Gemstones online who get scammed," according to Wayne Sedawie, founder of Gemrockauctions.

7th Annual Classic Car Auction Broadcasting From Red Deer Alberta to Electrify Collectors

2014-09-17 | World renowned collector car auctioneer, Electric Garage Auctions, will be showing over 270 cars up for auction to the highest bidder.

John Lennon Self Portrait up for Auction along with Music and Movie Legends Memorabilia

2014-09-11 | Leading Auctioneer from the UK, Cooper Owen, joins with to bring legends to auction on September 14th, 2014. Stocks a Range of HP, Dell and Toshiba Products

2014-08-23 | is an online shop which auctions some of the world's most coveted electronic products including laptops from high-end manufacturers like Dell, HP and Toshiba. Awards 12 Bids to its Customers for Every Referral

2014-08-23 | Like its name suggests, is a different kind of store which runs auctions for its shelved products instead of retailing them conventionally.

Chinese Buyers and Government Policies Push Up Black Opal Prices

2014-08-20 | The Opal industry in Australia has experienced steady sales over the last few years and government regulations have held back the industry so production has been low across Australia.

Collection of Hand Signed Artworks from Artists Such as Matisse, Dali, and Picasso Up For Auction

2014-08-18 | Leading European Art Auctioneer bringing hand signed works from Picasso, Warhol, Chagall, Miro, Dali, and more to auction this week.

Western and Native Art and Collectibles Come to Auction in Santa Fe

2014-08-13 | The number one auctioneer of western and native collectibles are holding their annual auction.

Historical Collection of Canada's Finest and Rarest Coins and Banknotes Up for Auction

2014-08-12 | Prestigious RCNA auction brings a significant collection and group of consignors to auction.

"Be inspirED" with Debbie Phelps

2014-08-12 | Debbie Phelps signs on with Community Coalition for Haiti to celebrate their education efforts in Haiti and to kick-off the next phase of projects.

Auction Technology Leader, Unveils Their Latest Bidding Platform

2014-08-06 | launches next generation auction technology catering to the rapidly expanding mobile user base.

Internet Startup Was Told the Internet is for War Not Opalauctions!

2014-07-28 | 10 Years ago when Opalauctions went online, the response from buyers was so negative from statements that the Internet was designed for war not for selling opals and that people have to hold the opal in hand to buy.

Gold Coins, Toy Trains, and Antique Firearms Highlight a Diverse Auction with One Dollar Start Prices

2014-07-25 | This auction has it all! Exclusive collection of US gold coins, unique jewelry & sports memorabilia.

A Fine Collection of Hand Signed Artworks from Artists Such as Picasso and Warhol Up For Auction

2014-07-14 | A special contemporary & classical art auction featuring over 150 lots; from signed original lithograph and prints to graphical artworks & rare signed catalogs.

The Spectacular Summer Auction is an Event for all Collectors

2014-07-07 | Reata Pass Auctions present an outstanding Modern and Antiques Firearms Auction, featuring lot 182 a Furr Arms Minature 1974 Gatling Gun. Online bidding will be available exclusively via