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246 total news stories found. Gives You the Opportunity to Get the Best Prices on the Coolest Items This Black Friday

2012-11-21 | Black Friday will be even better at are now beating prices from retailers and giving users more opportunities to buy what they want for the lowest price possible. Better yet: everything is done completely online.

Online Pawnshop,, Takes the Royal Cake with Winning Auction Bid

2012-11-11 | Pieces of cake from the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer and Prince William to Kate Middleton sell for a staggering $7100. Announces Great Savings for Cyber Monday

2012-11-06 | Company offers coupons to online shoppers for the Internet's busiest shopping day.

Explore Bhutan with G Adventures & David Suzuki

2012-11-02 | Limited spaces, proceeds to benefit Planeterra & David Suzuki Foundation.

Land Under First Building Hit on 9/11 Sold - for $9,000 - - World Trade Center Documents at Auction

2012-11-02 | A researcher has recently discovered original antique documents for the land under the World Trade Center. They are part of a unique 200-piece World Trade Center collection, in the Nov. 13th auction of Cohasco, Inc., Yonkers, N.Y.

A Rosewood By Any Other Name: Arne Vodder, Eames, and Evans at Clarke Auction's October 21st Sale

2012-10-18 | Rare set of 10 Arne Vodder chairs, set of five Charles and Ray Eames chairs, and multiple lots of Paul Evans to be featured alongside important and beautiful African American art at Clarke Auction's October 21st Sale.

Auction One Las Vegas to Conduct Auction of Commercial Building in Henderson, NV Located Within Minutes of the Las Vegas Strip

2012-09-21 | Hired by a national lender to conduct the sale, Auction One Las Vegas will Auction the commercial building October 5th at 1 PM PDT live on-site. Internet pre-bidding is provided by Proxibid and will continue during the live process.

StayGreen Oil Launches Its Revolutionary Used Oil Marketplace

2012-09-15 | The web-based solution greatly increases efficiency, reduces cycle time, and provides a centralized database for recording used oil and used cooking oil collection data in the US and abroad.

Another Cropsey Discovered in New York

2012-09-07 | Another Jasper Cropsey Oil on Canvas Landscape has been discovered in New York and will be sold at auction on Monday, September 10th 2012 at Clarke Auction in Larchmont, NY.

GemRockAuctions Suspends All Synthetic Gemstones From Their Online Sites

2012-09-03 | We have increased our Certified Gemstone profiles with now over 1,600 certifications and is further aiming to have the largest certified collection of gemstones online. Sales have increase 250% from May-July as buyer have more confidence. Online Pawnshop Starts a Newsletter Subscription Program

2012-08-25 | online pawnshop now offers website visitors the ability to subscribe to their newsletter, to be aware of the latest company news and regularly receive special offers that are available only via the newsletter subscription.

ReadySetAuction Live Helps Fundraiser Auctions Ride the Mobile Technology Wave

2012-08-09 | Pace, productivity and profits of silent auctions accelerated by new approach to bidding.

FeedVisor Launches Actionable Analytics To Help Sellers Measure Their Repricing Performance

2012-07-18 | FeedVisor, the fully automated repricing platform that has revolutionized competitive pricing for the e-Commerce market, is now taking its offering to the next level with the introduction of actionable analytics.

Focus on the '50s : Clarke Auction's New Employees and Free Appraisals Boost Mid Century Sales in Westchester, NY

2012-07-13 | Clarke Auction in Larchmont, NY has an active eye for Mid Century furniture and decor. The addition of a new employee to the Mid Century furniture department and Clarke's continued weekly free appraisals boost Mid Century sales in Westchester, NY.

Another Shopping Tip for Your Upcoming US Shopping Vacation

2012-07-12 | Got a trip planned to visit the US so you can "shop till you drop"? Visiting one of the top three spots - 5th Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, or Sawgrass Mills Mall in South Florida?

Phoenix Auction to be Hosted by Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc., Featuring Confiscated and Forfeited Property

2012-05-31 | Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. is hosting a marathon auction featuring stolen and confiscated property from Phoenix area government agencies and city surplus.

Skip Hire Marketplace Which Utilises Reverse Auctions Proves Successful in Driving Down Costs for Consumers

2012-05-16 | SkipTrips enables anyone needing a skip to submit their skip hire requirements in a matter of seconds and have waste management companies compete for their business.

How Safe is it to Pawn Gold, Diamonds or Other Valuable Assets Online?

2012-05-09 | How safe is the online pawn industry? Who is regulating the online pawn industry? Some things to consider before sending your valuables to an often out of state business.

Mayan 2012 Doomsday Calendar Myths and Facts Explored

2012-04-30 | The Doomsday Mayan 2012 calendar has been investigated and found to be based on old Western Christianity views. What do you think will happen on 21st Dec 2012?