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San Francisco Author Launches the First Literary NFT Auction Highlighting Nilla, An Adorable Shelter Rescue Dog

2021-12-01 | Author Mary Ladd created the Nilla Dog NFT collection, a digital representation and heartwarming true story of an adorable, formerly homeless dog. Ladd is a cancer survivor who collaborated with Anthony Bourdain and has written for Playboy & LitHub.

Stars are Aligning for the Hollywood Apes NFT

2021-12-01 | This massive NFT project supported by NFL and NCAA Athletes and Pro MMA fighter @saintlion predicted to blow up NFT world with mega returns.

Wemade Holds Spectacular Event to Celebrate 100 Days Since Global Launch of MIR 4

2021-11-30 | Event – Divine Dragon's Blessing – will commence on November 30th.

American Coin Tops 500,000 Global Holders

2021-11-26 | Have you ever held GREEN cryptocurrency? When you try American Coin, you will see big differences in low cost, instant speed and huge energy saving! Becoming a holder, enjoy low cost transactions, and make a great profit….

Build a cash stockpile with Purpose

2021-11-20 | Purpose created an app that helps people accomplish goals and adds to their income along the way

Wemade Adds More Dramatic Updates to its 'MIR4' Masterpiece

2021-11-16 | The era of global war begins with the introduction of the 'Bicheon Castle Siege'.

American Coin Tops 200,000 Global Holders

2021-11-12 | Have you ever held GREEN cryptocurrency? When you try American Coin, you will see big differences in low cost, instant speed and huge energy saving! Becoming a holder, enjoy low cost transactions, and make a great profit….

Wemade Introduces New Updates to 'MIR4'

2021-11-02 | 'MIR4' introduces 'Arbalist', a crossbow specialist with destructive powers.

[Pangyo Tech] Bitcoin Exceeded 65 Million Won... Nexon Sighs in Relief

2021-11-01 | Nexon's Japanese subsidiary invested about $100 million (113 billion won) in bitcoin on April 28. The average purchase price was $58,226 (about 65.8 million won), and the number of purchases was 1717.

[Pangyo Tech] NAVER Works Secured over 250k Global Clients and Became the Top Service Provider in Japan for 5 Consecutive Years

2021-11-01 | NAVER Works has caught on in Japan for its similarity and compatibility with the most popular messenger service in Japan, Line. Many businesses began to use the service since last year due to the spread of remote working triggered by COVID-19.

MoneyLine Token has Launched a New Cryptocurrency for Online Sports Betting

2021-11-01 | Moneyline Token a Revolutionary new cryptocurrency for the online sports betting industry is now listed and trading on the Binance Smart Chain

FS Tax Conference 2021: The Future of Tax

2021-10-27 | Hansuke Consulting Limited ("Hansuke") announces over 50 leading personalities will be participating in its Financial Services Tax Conference 2021 ("FSTC21"). The central theme of the conference is "The Future of Tax".

Atlantis Exchange Airdrops $100,000,000 of American Coins for Signups & Referrals Worldwide

2021-10-27 | Any individuals and corporate entities, including for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, will receive the airdropped cryptocurrency IMMEDIATELY without spending any cent on Atlantis Exchange. Why don't you try?

EC-Council Launches a Free Entry-Level Cybersecurity Series, the Essentials Series

2021-10-27 | EC-Council's Academic Division has launched the Essentials Series, making critical cybersecurity education across network defense, ethical hacking, and digital forensics accessible for everyone.

Keep Your Sound Source Safe with NFT Beatsomeone

2021-10-26 | "Music will be more of something to be owned than something to be bought and shared."

Klever collaborates with Nomads Hospitality to unveil its Actionable NFTs for foodies

2021-10-25 | Klever, Inc. is pleased to announce its collaboration with Nomads Hospitality, to launch its actionable NFTs.

Dr. Henry Halladay's 'Learn Learn Learn' Tech Series Unveils New Episodes and New Logo. Will the Hit Podumentary Also Return For a Third Season?

2021-10-25 | Learn Learn Learn, Henry Halladay's acclaimed podumentary, is debuting its highly anticipated sixth episode today, with Q&A review show in tow. Sporting a fresh, new logo and news of a third season renewal, 'Learn' is looking unstoppable right now.

Cryptocurrency Solution for Payment Facilitators

2021-10-21 | United Thinkers develops a cryptocurrency solution for PayFacs's Supernode NFT

2021-10-16 |'s decided to capitalize on the ability and beauty of the NFT and has created a community based on NFT and Supernode NFT