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Celiac Disease Provides Clues To Solving Autoimmunity

2009-08-06 | Researcher Alessio Fasano reports new findings in the battle against chronic illnesses, Celiac disease

Insights with host Hugh Downs Produces Program on Heart Health

2009-08-05 | Stories on Heart Health for Consumer and Expert Learning

Survey Compares Aussie and English Barbeque Attitudes

2009-08-04 | AXA PPP healthcare Nutrition and Fitness survey reveals different approaches at the Barbeque Grill

Fresh Start Bariatrics Offers Comprehensive Support for Patients with Psychological Consultation Before Surgery

2009-08-04 | OhioHealth's Fresh Start Bariatrics Program, in Columbus, Ohio, shares why patients receive support and direction from a psychologist before surgery to ensure weight loss safety and success.

Jack Caught Rocking the Boat

2009-08-02 | Hollywood super villain and ladies man, Jack Nicholson, has been caught rocking the boat with a few extra pounds on his latest holiday in the South of France.

New Goal-Tracking Site Encourages Fitness and Health Accountability

2009-07-31 | A leading online fitness, nutrition and training company introduced a goal-setting and tracking program, Goalster, to aid in weight loss and fitness ambitions for active lifestyles.

Why Bacon and Eggs Are Still The Best Breakfast

2009-07-29 | Saturated fats, long considered the demon by the public relations machine of big pharma and industrial food producers, are rising to the fore as a benefit to health, weight loss, long life, and a more satisfying way to eat and live.

Ex-Bodybuilding Champ Reveals Metabolism Secrets

2009-07-28 | ( - Carolyn Hansen, an ex-national bodybuilding champion based in New Zealand has just released a new product, showing others how to improve their metabolism.

Fresh Start Bariatrics Shares Top Tips for Nutritional Health Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

2009-07-28 | Leading weight loss surgery program in Columbus, Ohio, Fresh Start Bariatrics, shares why it provides nutritional support from a registered dietitian, who works directly with every patient to ensure healthy habits before and after surgery. Launches "Journal of Gluten Sensitivity"

2009-07-28 | has launched its newest publication: "Journal of Gluten Sensitivity," edited by Dr. Ron Hoggan. Journal of Gluten Sensitivity offers the most in-depth and accurate information on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and the gluten-free diet.

Brain Injury Survivor Recovers, Releases Novel on Atlantis, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

2009-07-24 | A disabled English Major turns tragedy to blessing: first, by helping others heal themselves and now, through fiction.

Revive Energy Mints Brings On Ms Fitness USA

2009-07-17 | As part of Revive Energy Mints national advertising campaign which includes endorsements by multiple celebrity personalities, they have announced their latest addition, Ms Fitness USA Cara Kokenes Samson.

Milk: Does It Do A Body Good?

2009-07-14 | New study suggests milk good for weight loss. Others disagree.

Bariatric Surgery Program in Columbus, Ohio Proves Success with Weight Loss Statistics

2009-07-09 | OhioHealth Fresh Start Bariatrics at Riverside Methodist Hospital has given many patients a second chance at life and the numbers prove it.

Chubby Celebs Make Obesity The "Norm"

2009-07-05 | Stick thin celebrities have long been held responsible for the pressure on ordinary people to lose weight - now it would seem the tables have turned and fat celebrities are being blamed for the rising obesity epidemic.

Plastic Surgeon Near Vancouver, WA Treating More Post-Weight-Loss Patients

2009-07-04 | Vancouver and Olympia area plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Chung highlights a growing trend toward post-bariatric plastic surgery, and explains why liposuction and Portland area body lift can be crucial to refine body shape after massive weight loss.

Scots Men Get The Issue Of Moobs Off Their Chests In Time For Summer - Male Surgery In Scotland Sees 80 Per Cent Growth

2009-06-17 | Transform Cosmetic Surgery group has revealed that despite the drooping economy Scots men are opting to perk themselves up this summer by booking in for moob removal surgery and finally getting their insecurities off their chests.

Life Transformation and Optimal Living Guru Launches Internet Radio Program

2009-06-13 | Launching in 3 major markets in the U.S. - Atlanta, D.C., and LA - Blogtalk radio presents, "Health, Wellness and Empowered Living with Dr. Andrea Pennington"

Swim Yourself Slim This Summer With AXA PPP Healthcare's Nutrition and Fitness Expert Guide

2009-06-10 | Expert advice on getting the most out of swimming