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Reel Sisters celebrates Women In Hip Hop and a special magazine issue honoring the music's history and roots

2024-04-02 | Special Screening of Black Love Manifesto directed by Liza Jessie Peterson & Women In Hip Hop Talk


2024-04-02 | Code Read is delighted to announce its upcoming donation of 2,000 new books to students at Canterbury Avenue Elementary on April 3.

New Memoir "I Survived Myself" Offers a Gripping Account of Self-realization and Triumph

2024-04-02 | Peter Chrzanowski's compelling new memoir, "I Survived Myself," describes the author's journey of self-discovery, hardship, and ultimate triumph.

Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show® Lineup For The Week Of April 1, 2024

2024-04-02 | The Authors Show® serves as a resource for authors and allows members to engage in promotion and publicity for marketing purposes. The site offers professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast worldwide.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Rev. Dn. Ellen L. Ekstrom for Expertise in Ministry and Writing

2024-03-28 | Rev. Dn. Ellen L. Ekstrom is noted for her success in the fantasy, historical, and literary genres of fiction and ministry in The Episcopal Church

Garen's Journey - A Story of Perseverance and Determination

2024-03-28 | Announcing the Release of "Garen's Journey" - A Tale of Triumph Over Adversity

The New Book "The Golf Pro Has Heart: Secrets of Couples Still in Love after 50 Years & a Private Look Behind the Curtain of The Professional Golf Tour"

2024-03-28 | Reveals '101 Romantic Ideas' for couples to Ignite Passion and Connection. Unleash the Power of Love with Michael Webb's Expert Tips on Rekindling Romance and Deepening Connections.

Kimberly Boone PhD's book "I Am Unique, Not Weird" Becomes a Best Seller!

2024-03-28 | "I Am Unique, Not Weird" became an international Best Seller on launch day!

Saving Today's Generation Of Girls - Building Resilience And Self Esteem Is The Answer Says Bestselling Author Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

2024-03-28 | In the tradition of authors like Judy Blume, Dr. Holstein pushes the envelope in covering the challenges girls really face, without sugar coating it or downplaying the feelings or passions young girls experience.

Guidance From The Angels Is The Focus Of Angel Inspirations, New Article And Video Series From Bestselling Author Jody Sharpe

2024-03-28 | As a former teacher of special needs children, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. Her award-winning, bestselling books help readers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

Myra Hargrave McIlvain Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2024-03-27 | Myra McIlvain is an exceptional storyteller, author, and lecturer who brings Texas history to life

Connie Balcher Inukai Celebrated for Dedication to Entrepreneurship

2024-03-25 | Connie B. Inukai patented the "Tip 'n Split®" device and created Write Your Selfie®


2024-03-24 | PEACE BE STILL is the highly anticipated sequel to the celebrated production PIECES, which captivated audiences and garnered praise from the revered actress Angela Bassett saying, "PIECES is full of wit, wisdom, and wonderful performances!" 

Combatting Financial Illiteracy: "The Wannabe Investor Blueprint" Revealed during Financial Literacy Month

2024-03-19 | Ann Marie Sabath's groundbreaking book, The Wannabe Investor: 40 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Your First Stock, released to coincide with Financial Literacy Month