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Solution to the Global Obesity Epidemic: Cheap, Easy and Safe

2008-06-10 | By 2015, the WHO projects 700 million people will be obese. Obesity stresses the world's healthcare system due to health consequences like Type 2 diabetes & colon cancer. A new book, The Pen and Paper Diet, provides an easy, cheap & safe solution for people to maintain a healthy weight.

Health Care Crisis Looms For Baby Boomers: Fundamental Changes Needed to Avert Crisis.

2008-06-09 | 'Doctor Wild About Health and Healing' audio programs and blog explore integration of natural therapies that promote health, and that may minimize baby boomers' burden on health care.

Isis Cosmetic announces it's completed expansion into the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine area introducing gentler alternatives to liposuction - sculpting your body for summer.

2008-05-30 | Isis Cosmetic of Jacksonville is now offering patients a gentler alternative to liposuction through the use of advanced technology that focuses sound waves and light energy to permanently remove unwanted fat and trouble spots from the body with little or no downtime.

Sound waves making waves in plastic surgery - liposuction technology turns high tech.

2008-05-16 | Isis Cosmetic of Orlando unveils it's use of VASER LipoSelection technology in the Orlando FL area. This technology uses focused sound energy to gently remove fat tissue from the body offering patients a gentler alternative to the traditional form of liposuction.

Latest Anti-Snoring Technology Helps Australians Get More Sleep

2008-05-12 | Snoring has always been a prevalent and even serious problem, but the new anti-snoring product effectively reduces and even stops snoring. Marriages can get back to normal now.

Dr. Aileen Gonzalez, Pharm D presents a new approach to disease and healing

2008-05-06 | PSEMIAMI unveils the REBA test device from Europe to detect and treat the root cause of illnesses

Accomplix Review - Best Buy Supplements Releases Their Annual Review of Weight Loss Supplements

2008-05-03 | Best Buy Supplements releases their 2008 review of Accomplix and other weight loss supplements. The review includes ratings for categories including thermogenic effect, ingredient quality, appetite suppression and weight loss potential.

Gamercize Alternative to Wii Fit on Nintendo's Console

2008-04-29 | Standing around waiting for Wii Fit won't make you healthy but the new Wii Power Stepper from Gamercize can, with an undisputed cardiovascular workout.

Lawrence, NJ's Oldest Pizzeria Debuts New High-End Menu and Decor

2008-04-28 | Candela, Lawrence, NJ's oldest continually operating pizzeria, debuts a new menu this month with myriad gourmet pizzas, pastas and seafood, along with the option to customize nearly every entree under the new Candela by Request Program. Marketing executive Patrick Diogenia developed the new menu.

How to Get a Six Pack Ebook Available Online

2008-04-23 | The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the new fat loss and exercise program available online.

Losers are Winners in the Fat Loss Game - Charts Revealed

2008-04-02 | Take a look at how empty the gym is now compared with January for a good example of how people can lose interest in fitness. Exergaming company Gamercize have, this month, revealed the first ever fat loss gaming charts showing how video games can provide the missing motivation. introduces LIPObind for people worried about fat consumption

2008-04-02 | A new survey has found that two thirds of people worry about the amount of fat they consume each day and in response is introducing LIPObind to help reduce fat absorption

My Ageless Lifestyle - New Lifestyle and natural products website for men and women, aged 40 plus.

2008-03-27 | We specialise in natural products for men and women, aged 40 plus. From anti-aging to multi vitamins, our extensive range caters to your every need, to leave you looking and feeling in tip-top condition - inside and out.

Angie Best launches cosmetic surgery diet and exercise plan with the Harley Medical Group

2008-03-08 | The Harley Medical Group teams up with Angie Best to launch the cosmetic surgery diet and exercise plan to help ensure patients are physically prepared for surgery and heal faster


2008-02-28 | Out of hundreds of participants around the world Tiffany Cole out of St Marys Georgia won the first ever Xooma Challenge! The challenge was a 12 week program designed to assist individuals with their weight loss goals and mindset changes in the process.

"THE WORLD FAMOUS TURBO HERBAL TEA" 13,000 People Join Dr. Millers Holy Tea Club! In 12 short Weeks! FIND OUT WHY?

2007-12-19 | Dr.Miller's Holy Tea was formulated 25 years ago to address the primary causes of disease. The Herbal Tea is now proving to be today's most exquisite, and effective, total body cleanse and today's most fundamental health tonic. WHY BECAUSE ITS PROVEN TO WORK HEALTH STARTS WITH A CLEAN COLON.

Eileen Carey a Proven Winner for Tennessee T-Cakes

2007-11-30 | Tennessee T-Cake Addition Wins Vocalist of the Year from South Bay Music Awards

Bean Farmers Join Fight against Obesity

2007-11-09 | Beans Farmers Join Fight against Obesity with their home Pinto Beans.