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King Chiropractic Helps Patients in Urbana Understand Sciatica Treatments, Prevention and Symptoms

2014-06-05 | Urbana sciatica doctor offers effective treatment, prevention and information about common symptoms for patients.

Patient Testimonials For Spine Joint And Pain Center Reinforce Patient Confidence

2014-05-18 | Dr. William Newton and Dr. Brenna Green invite patients to share their experience with Spine Joint and Pain Center with other patients-future and current.

Richmond Chiropractor Urges Patients To Not Let Back Pain Ruin Their Day

2014-05-15 | Dr. Scott Shaw, a chiropractor in Richmond, VA, offers tips for back pain prevention for his patients.

Chiropractor in Burke, VA - Dr. Todd P. Sullivan Achieves Certification in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

2014-03-28 | Dr. Todd P. Sullivan of NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness located in Burke, VA is certified in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

Perimeter Spine & Rehabilitation Center Agrees with Figure Skater: Back Surgery is Nothing to Hide From View

2014-03-21 | Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko plans to broadcast his back surgery on television.

Tanya Ormsby Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

2014-03-20 | Ms. Ormsby is an expert in allergy and psychological health problems

Milton Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Inc. Offers Chiropractic Care For Sports Injuries In Quincy

2014-03-15 | Dr. David Smith helps athletes properly recover in Quincy from sports injuries with proper chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care Improves Treatment Of Whiplash For Spring Hill Residents

2014-03-15 | As a chiropractor in Spring Hill, FL, Dr. Ann Marra helps her patients find relief from their whiplash symptoms.

Rainville Health Offers Heel Pain Treatment For Timmins Residents

2014-03-12 | Dr. Patrick Rainville, a chiropodist in Timmins, ON, helps relieve heel pain with available treatment options at Rainville Health.

A Foot And Ankle Centre Offers Online Educational Resources For Patients

2014-02-13 | Dr. Neal Frankel invites his patients to visit his practice's website for in-depth information on an array of important foot and ankle health care topics.

Patient Communication Services Help Clinics Meet Stage II Meaningful Use

2014-01-29 | Help patients find education services by text messaging reminders.

Chiropractor in Burke, VA - Dr. Todd P. Sullivan Announces the Introduction of the LightForce PRO Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

2014-01-22 | NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Burke, VA adds deep tissue laser therapy.

Newbridge Spine & Pain Center Opening in Leesburg, VA

2014-01-14 | Newbridge Spine & Pain Center, one of the Metro Washington D.C. area's leading pain management medical practices, is soon to open a brand new state-of-the-art medical center in Leesburg, Virginia.

Ensil Canada is Launching a New Medical Device: Publicly Traded Companies Are Invited to Acquire This Technology or Partner with Ensil Canada on the Marketing and Distribution of This New Device

2014-01-08 | This new medical device, called Vastusys, is able to help people with mobility issues caused by spinal cord injuries, strokes or muscular disorders.

Chiropractor In Richmond Increases Awareness With Educational Patient Library

2014-01-08 | Dr. Scott Shaw, a chiropractor in Richmond, VA, promotes wellness and lifelong health for his patients through online educational resources.

Bentonville Podiatrist Connects With Patients Through Social Network

2013-12-29 | With the availability of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Dr. Bryan Sheehan, podiatrist in Bentonville, connects with his patients.

Podiatrist In Chicago Has A Revolutionary Approach To Correcting Bunions

2013-12-28 | The Swiss Technique allows Dr. Neal Frankel to get his patients on their feet pain-free.

Have You or Your Child Experienced a Concussion or Neck Injury?

2013-12-19 | NFL legend Jim McMahon knows your pain.

Solutions Office Interiors Releases an Infographic to Help Promote Office Health

2013-12-12 | George Meza, President of Solutions Office Interiors announced today that an infographic created by the company is now available for viewing on the Solutions Office Interiors website.

Soothie Massager Offers Relief to Obamacare Applicants by Reducing the Pain and Stress of Long Online Wait Times

2013-12-09 | Back-massage maker ships "Soothie Smiles" to White House and Senate and drops price to help lower America's tension and loosen Affordable Care Act gridlock