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Dallas Clinic Treats Peripheral Neuropathy With Great Success

2020-07-19 | ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic successfully treats patient's severe peripheral neuropathy to get them out of pain and get a better night's sleep.

Knee Bracing for Back and Knee Injuries

2020-07-16 | St. Petersburg clinic is now helping patients recover from back and knee injuries with specialized bracing.

Florida Doctor Uses IV Therapy with Vitamin C to Boost the Immune System

2020-05-15 | Allcare Medical and Injury treats patients with low immune system with Vitamin C IV Therapy

Easing Pain With Spinal Decompression Techniques

2020-04-18 | Local Tarpon Doctor Uses Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Techniques to Help Patients with Their Pain

Advanced Treatments To Help With Auto Injury Pain

2020-04-18 | St Petersburg Chiropractic Office Uses Advanced Treatments to Help Patients Dealing with Auto Accident Injuries

Non-Surgical Innovative Procedures to Help Relieve Neuropathy Symptoms

2020-04-16 | Dallas Doctor Uses Non-Surgical Innovative Procedures to Help Relieve Neuropathy Symptoms with Great Success

BioCure Regenerative Medicine Offers a More Effective Orthopedic Option than Surgery

2020-04-16 | BioCure Regenerative Medicine Offers a More Effective Orthopedic Option than Surgery

Top Injury Doctors Launches New Website Helping Users Find an Auto Accident Doctor Near Them

2020-04-03 | Top Injury Doctors, a comprehensive online directory of personal injury physicians in Florida, just launched a brand new website.

Debunking 5 Myths About Regenerative Medicine

2020-03-19 | We're here to debunk 5 common myths surrounding regenerative medicine, to put to rest any misleading information.

Doctor Travels Outside Of The Country To Learn The Latest In Regenerative Medicine Treatments

2020-03-19 | Dr. Kim K. Chai visits countries outside of the US to seek new information regarding regenerative medicine.

Ambena Inc. Philadelphia PA Announces a Unique Series of Adjustable Devices to Reduce Knee Strain from Knee Flex Activities such as Sporting Activities and Flooring Trades Installers

2020-02-04 | Lightweight, Portable and Compact the Meditation-T and the FlooringKnee-T device are affordable solutions to knee strain problems.

Central Florida and Tampa Bay Area Auto Injury Doctors, Preferred Injury Physicians, Launch Brand New Website

2020-01-24 | Preferred Injury Physicians, an auto injury clinic located throughout Central Florida, launched a newly redesigned website this week.

Elite Spine's Dr. Billy Cheong DC Receives Houston's Top Doctor of 2019 Award

2019-08-03 | Elite Spine Houston's head Chiropractor Dr. Billy Cheong DC has been awarded "Houston's Top Doctor of 2019" making it his second time receiving this award. Dr. Cheong is the only Chiropractor included in the list this year.

Cutting-Edge Technology Accessible for Neuropathy Reversal

2019-07-29 | Low-level Light Therapy Provides a No Drug Approach to a Chronic Condition

Consumers Sit Down with Daria Gunn from Humber Bay Physio Inc.

2019-06-19 | Humber Bay Physio Inc is a company specialized in collaborative multidisciplinary healthcare & BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, servicing the Etobicoke region. Humber Bay Physio Inc wins this year its second Consumer Choice Award.

Study Recently Published Includes Results of Full-Endoscopic Laser Spine Technique In Ambulatory Settings

2019-03-20 | Surgery Technique Produces Life-Changing Results For Patients With Extreme Back Pain

Spine Care Technologies Inc. and Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) Announce Strategic Alliance

2019-03-05 | Spine Care Technologies Inc., announces a strategic alliance with an award-winning global product design and development company headquartered in New York.

Vancouver Consumers Sit Down with Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RAC, RTCMP from Red Tree Wellness Inc.

2019-01-18 | Red Tree Wellness Inc is a company specialized in Acupuncture & Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine, servicing the Vancouver region. Red Tree Wellness Inc wins this year its first Consumer Choice Award.