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Measurement Resources Company Workshop Helps Nonprofits Thrive in Tough Economic Times

2013-08-07 | To help nonprofit agencies overcome today's funding challenges, Ohio-based Measurement Resources Company is hosting the "Achieving Impact and Excellence Two-Day Intensive" on August 14 and 15, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.

Popular Forbes Columnist to Speak at Carlsbad Nuclear Summit

2013-08-06 | Dr. Jim Conca will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming National Nuclear Fuel Cycle Summit, taking place October 14-17, 2013 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Space Station Gets an Attitude Adjustment for Solar Science

2013-07-04 | Solar studies performed on board the space station.

AgilQuest Plugs into Smart Buildings to Turn On Lights, Save Energy and Increase Sustainability

2013-06-20 | By connecting Smart Occupancy to Smart Buildings, the office now automatically turns on building systems as workers arrive and off again when they leave, adjusting to who is and is not at work today.

AgilQuest Introduces Smart Occupancy to Unify Real Estate and Human Capital Strategies

2013-06-12 | Freedom and flexibility for the workforce balanced with workplace savings and management control.

Bill Cromedy of Advantage Contracting Named SBA's Eastern Penn. 2013 Minority Small Business Of The Year

2013-06-07 | SBA's Eastern Pennsylvania Minority Small Business of the Year award winner is selected annually from among nominees located across Pennsylvania's eastern 40 counties.

AgilQuest Corporation Expands Office Space Utilization and Hoteling Software to Android Phones with New OnBoard Mobile App

2013-05-01 | Hot desking and conference room reservation system now accessible from any location with iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

AgilQuest's OnBoard Desk and Conference Room Booking Technology Now Supports Clustering and HA

2013-03-18 | New service assists large and global enterprise IT when adding office space reservation software to high availability infrastructure.

Top Bay Area CPA and Lawyers Team Up to Help Chinese Americans and Other Taxpayers With Unreported Foreign Accounts

2013-02-28 | CPA Gordon Lee and the Mahany & Ertl law firm join forces to help dual nationals, ex pats, green card holders and others with unreported foreign bank and financial accounts.

6 Ways to Reclaim Power from the Federal Government

2013-01-23 | The result of the hotly contested 2012 election seems to have left the country as divided as ever on how to fix the government.

Government Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Reform Could Save Billions of Dollars, Says Author P. Matthew Cauley

2013-01-16 | "Wastebook 2012" itemizes nearly $20 billion worth of pork-barrel projects spread throughout the federal government.

Corcentric Launches an Automation-centric Accounts Payable Blog

2013-01-10 | Corcentric publishes an informational blog site to provide Accounts Payable professionals with the resources and insights on how financial process automation solutions can streamline AP processes, and minimize invoice processing costs.

New Book Calls Into Question FDA's Trustworthiness

2012-12-31 | The book probes deeply into the multiple problems inherent in the current system of testing and monitoring of drugs in the U.S. and offers solutions and precautions that could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

6 Ideas to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff (and Any Future Fiscal Catastrophes)

2012-12-20 | If the automatic mix of tax increases and federal spending cuts kicks in, there seems to be little consensus on what fall-off there might be.

Is The U.S. Dollar Heading for Trouble?

2012-12-13 | Will the U.S. Dollar hold its value? Online articles, TV news casts and other mediums have been predicting the United State's monetary system will collapse in the near future. Should Americans be worried?

Philadelphia Business Owner Billy Cromedy, President of Advantage Contracting, Attends White House Meeting to Discuss President Obama's Budget Plan and Looming Fiscal Cliff's Effects on Small Business

2012-12-06 | Billy Cromedy, President of Advantage Contracting, was selected as one of a small group of minority business leaders from around the country to participate in a meeting at the White House with administration officials on December 4th.

Nicaragua with the Highest Index of FDI-GDP in Latin America in 2011

2012-10-10 | A publication by the Latin Business Chronicle stated that Nicaragua was the country with the highest index of FDI as percentage of its GDP in Latin America in 2011, with a total of 13.3%, followed distantly by Panama with 9.1% and Chile with 7.0%.

Carlsbad Department of Development Supports Thermal Testing at WIPP

2012-09-14 | The Carlsbad Department of Development has joined with other groups in southeastern New Mexico in issuing a call for support for conducting thermal studies at the nearby Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

College Board Rallies for Students in Washington

2012-06-23 | According to an article in The New York Times, College Board was able to rally over 22,000 signatures in Washington where they displayed 857 empty school desks. The signatures were for an online petition that hopes to influence educational policies.