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Revive Energy Mints Boosts any Workout

2009-12-02 | Revive Energy Mints, brought to you by RyLo Products LLC, have become an exceedingly popular energy supplement among a young and active demographic worldwide.

Thermadrol Improves Weight Loss Formula With Addition Of Citrus Aurantium

2009-10-01 | Thermadrol has added Citrus Arantium to help its users lose weight safely and efficiently. This is in addition to the 20 other amazing ingredients Thermadrol contains.

IFBB Professional League Launches IFBBPROGYM.COM with HyperStrike

2009-09-22 | HyperStrike, the leader in online fitness, joins forces with IFBB Pro League, the bodybuilding authority, to develop and introduce the world's first comprehensive interactive online fitness and bodybuilding trainer for beginner to advanced levels.

Online Certificates in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. Fall Registration Now Available!

2009-08-13 | If you have been considering changing your career or pursuing further credentials, now is the perfect time.

New Goal-Tracking Site Encourages Fitness and Health Accountability

2009-07-31 | A leading online fitness, nutrition and training company introduced a goal-setting and tracking program, Goalster, to aid in weight loss and fitness ambitions for active lifestyles.

How Dangerous Is Hydroxycut?

2009-05-30 | In addition to liver damage, the FDA determined that a number of serious illnesses have been associated with Hydroxycut use, including cardiovascular injury, seizures, and severe muscle damage known as rhabdomyolysis.

Hydroxycut Recall Lawyers to open Hydroxycut Injury Information Center for Hydroxycut Injury Lawsuit Claimants

2009-05-24 | Hydroxycut Recall prompts Hydroxycut lawyers to open Lawsuit Information Center for Hydroxycut liver damage Claims, Hydroxycut Rhabdomyolysis Claims and Hydroxycut Death Claims

Dieters Dealt A Body Blow From Recent Labeling Of Hydroxycut As Unsafe For Human Consumption

2009-05-05 | Food Intolerance Testing: Natural Alternative to Hydroxycut?

Houston Fitness Challenge, Changes Lives, Winners Announced

2009-05-01 | Local Houston gym announces winners of Fit Body Challenge - Extreme Makeover, a fitness transformation contest.

T. Dosho Shifferaw, Inventor of Well-Known Fitness Equipment, Files Infringement Suit

2009-03-06 | Knock-Off Product, Ab Rocket, Delivers Shifferaw a Kick in the Stomach

Thousands Start a Fitness Home Business with the National Fitness Company Seen on TV Daily

2009-01-29 | A new fitness home business opportunity was recently introduced that is changing the lives of thousands. Not only are people starting a fitness business from home, but, they are given paying customers from TV to build their new business. It is the latest and greatest health & fitness business idea.

Alberta Boot Camps Biggest Loser Challenge #2 -30 teams will compete for $5000 in Cash and prizes!

2008-08-02 | Alberta Boot Camps Biggest Loser Challenge #2 -30 teams will compete for $5000 in Cash and prizes! Calgary Man Takes Matters into his Own Hands - Boot Camp Style.