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Phillips Condemns Iranian Cash For Hostages Deal

2023-09-21 | Biden Has Endangered Americans In Dealing With Terrorist Regime

Compassion and connection needed to achieve gender equality and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2023-09-15 | On Monday, September 18th, Footage Foundation begins a campaign calling for prioritization of compassion and connection to accelerate achieving gender equality.

Call for Accountability: Global Petition To Revoke Eduardo Manalo's Appointment as Special Envoy for Overseas Filipinos

2023-09-07 | An Unprecedented Global Movement That Is Raising International Movement And Solidarity Against Religious And Political Corruption

Katja Wiesbrock Donovan has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-08-16 | Katja Wiesbrock Donovan is recognized for her expert leadership of 1014 Inc.

Stop Antisemitism Today: "Work That Matters" Podcast Shines Spotlight on Lesley Israel's Impactful Work with Jewish Causes Worldwide

2023-08-14 | "Work That Matters" episode eight delves deep into Lesley Israel's impactful work with Jewish causes worldwide, combatting antisemitism and promoting understanding.

Explosive Revelations Regarding The Trump / Russia Connection Offered In A Bestselling New Book, From Democracy To Democrazy

2023-08-02 | Elizabeth Graham offers an exclusive and stunning behind the scenes look at Russia that will reshape our thinking about American politics and the future of Democracy in the United States.

Geostrategy.Rs Director General, Dragana Trifkovic: Why don't events in Ukraine concern Russian elite descendants?

2023-07-29 | The news about the Ukrainian elite hiding away from the military conflict is spread by Russian propagandists again. But how is the Russian elite itself doing?

Federal District Judge Awards $321 million to 19 Injured Veterans and 16 of Their Family Members

2023-07-28 | Iran Held Liable for Material Support of Terrorist Groups

Charles Camilleri Announces His 2024 Presidential Candidacy

2023-07-14 | Charles Camilleri is officially announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America as a Democrat.

GTTAC Publishes Counterterrorism Brief on Wagner Group

2023-07-06 | This brief focused on Wagner PMC contains analysis, data, and statics compiled by the Global Terrorism Trends and Analsysis Center (GTTAC).

Terrorism and Armed Conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo Worsening, Details Maryland International Research Firm Brief

2023-06-15 | Report Includes Section on Mineral Exploitation and Conflict in the DRC

Immigration Law Attorney With 20 Years of Experience

2023-06-15 | Virginia's Law Offices of Mathew M Chacko, PC, represents corporate and individual clients in different complex and routine immigration law matters.

Delve Into The Mystery Behind The Attempted Murder Of President Gerald Ford

2023-04-28 | Geri Spieler announces the release of her book, "Housewife Assassin-The Woman Who Tried To Kill President Ford (Diversion Books)," a fascinating glimpse of a turbulent period in American history.

Inter-American Foundation Brings Grassroots Voices to the Cities Summit

2023-04-25 | Indigenous and Native American leaders will take the Summit's main stage

How Was Afghanistan's Past Better Than Today? Ahmadzai Explains

2023-04-21 | Afghanistan's past was better compared to the present states Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, Taleam's CEO. He offers fresh updates on the situation, a voice for peace, and potential benefits for Afghan people. Investigative Journalism: Who is the Investigator?

2023-04-16 | The advent of the Internet began the age of electronic media and information platforms, giving out a huge amount of contradictory information. Center for Geostrategic Studies presents the investigation on one of them - online media Bellingcat

KAILASA Celebrates Vedic New Year - Om Awards conferred to Fifteen (15) statesmen and dignitaries

2023-04-15 | On April 14, 2023 the KAILASA® Om Awards Ceremony was held on the most auspicious celebration of Vedic New Year

The SPH's Presidential Address on Hindu New Year

2023-03-23 | On the 22nd March of 2023, the Holy See of Hinduism, KAILASA, celebrated Ugadi, the Hindu New Year as per the Hindu lunar calendar.